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Chris Mark in September 2013 – SC Magazine (Interview and Article)

In the August, 2013 edition of Secure Computing Magazine (SC Magazine), I have an interview and article included.  The interview is for the cover story called “Beyond the Checkbox; PCI DSS” and the article is called “Understanding Parallax and Convergence to … Continue reading

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Update on Blogging and New Articles in TransactionWorld

I want to apologize for not blogging as frequently.  My new job has me hopping at the moment and I am writing extensively for AT&T’s Networking Exchange Blog.  You can check out my blog posts at AT&T’s Networking Exchange Blog … Continue reading

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Chris Mark’s Article in “The Counter Terrorist Magazine”

I received my copy of February/March 2013 International edition of The Counter Terrorist Magazine and imagine my surprise when I am the cover article!  I have written for a number of publications but I have to say my favorite is … Continue reading

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“The War God’s Face Has Become Indistinct” – Unrestricted Warfare

While doing some research for a project recently some of my military friends pointed me to a document I had never read called Unrestricted Warfare.  In reading the document, I was shocked at what it contained.  In 1999, two Chinese … Continue reading

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Beating an Old Drum

It’s the end of what has already been a tough year for data security.  And the news just got worse.  South Carolina has announced that its Department of Revenue suffered a major breach.  The breach is so massive, in fact that more … Continue reading

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