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Chris Mark in September 2013 – SC Magazine (Interview and Article)

In the August, 2013 edition of Secure Computing Magazine (SC Magazine), I have an interview and article included.  The interview is for the cover story called “Beyond the Checkbox; PCI DSS” and the article is called “Understanding Parallax and Convergence to … Continue reading

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Update on Blogging and New Articles in TransactionWorld

I want to apologize for not blogging as frequently.  My new job has me hopping at the moment and I am writing extensively for AT&T’s Networking Exchange Blog.  You can check out my blog posts at AT&T’s Networking Exchange Blog … Continue reading

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Beating an Old Drum

It’s the end of what has already been a tough year for data security.  And the news just got worse.  South Carolina has announced that its Department of Revenue suffered a major breach.  The breach is so massive, in fact that more … Continue reading

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EMV: Payment Security Endzone?

As I’m buckling down for another fun-filled day of college football, I’m drawn to compare the GameDay set to some of the panels I’ve recently seen.  As Kirk, Lee, and the gang try to determine the best strategies for each … Continue reading

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Because I Said So

Last week, Democratic leaders made some minor news when they sent a letter to President Obama suggesting that he issue an executive order on Cybersecurity.  Their position is that, since Congress seems to be at loggerheads over the issue, the … Continue reading

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