Mark Consulting Group, Inc.

The Mark Consulting Group was founded to provide expert, professional consulting, information services, and training to clients of all sizes.  Mark Consulting has deep experience as business owners, executives, consultants, and researchers.  Some of the services Mark Consulting Group can provide include:

  • Risk Management Consulting & Modelling
  • Information Assurance & CyberSecurity
  • Privacy & Regulatory Compliance Consulting (PCI DSS, GLBA, SB1386, etc.)
  • Content Development (Whitepapers, datasheets, blog posts, website content, and more)
  • Market and/or competitive research
  • Product Development & Suppor
  • Marketing & Branding Support
  • Professional Speaking
  • In House Training on Data Security, Privacy, and Regulatory Compliance issus

What are Information Services?  Quite simply, information service include all forms of writing, market analysis, competitive & business intelligence, product positioning, and consulting.

Mark Consulting can provide expert, outsourced information services as well as strategic consulting to your company.  If you have a need to demonstrate expertise through the publication of articles, whitepapers, blogs, public speaking, training, or other media, Mark Consulting can help.  Numerous companies today take advantage of our “ghostwriting” content development services.

Call us today:        (800) 258-0305       or email us: info(at)

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