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Republican, Democrat, or Independent? January 24, 2016

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HeadshotChris2013_COMPI wrote an open letter to Sarah Palin two days ago and it has since generated almost 400,000 views.  While most of the comments have been polite and even somewhat spirited at times there are a few folks who have taken to name calling and insults.  For likely the first time in my life I was called a Democratic Socialist for not supporting Sarah Palin!  Here is my view.  I am an American.  I vote on issues but consider myself a Republican.  I am socially more liberal than most in the party but fiscally conservative and am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

I believe our system has become so divisive that debate and discourse have given away to name calling and insults.  My letter to Mrs. Palin was intended to shed light on a serious condition.  I would have written the same letter to a Democrat. In fact, you can see my latest post is one in which I comment on Michelle Obama.  I believe that our leaders should be held accountable.  I have written articles for the National Review and been interviewed on NewsMax.  I suspect most would classify me as a Republican

Michelle Obama; It is about Inquiry and Discourse…not Conformity January 22, 2016

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MO“The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.”– Jim Hightower (progressive political activist)

In November 2014 First Lady, Michelle Obama, had the opportunity to speak to a group of young people in Baltimore, Maryland. She followed up her speech with an appearance on TVOne. As the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama had an opportunity to encourage these young people to achieve their dreams! Here is a person that as a young woman from the South Side of Chicago went to Princeton then Harvard law school!  She was an intern for Barrack Obama and married the man who later became President of the United States!.  This is a woman who should be encouraging our young people to “shoot for the stars!”.   Unfortunately she does not.  Instead of taking her opportunity to encourage those young people to better themselves, seek higher goals, become educated, think, act, activate, create, question authority, question the status quo, argue, debate, change, serve, fight, study, work, and sacrifice as she clearly had to do to get to her status in life, she instead took an opportunity to use her significant influence to deride those young people by telling them to simply ‘CONFORM’.  She said:  “It’s not about the person on the ballot — it’s about you. And for most of the people that we’re talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, regardless of who said what or did this. That shouldn’t even come into the equation.” Really? “..who said what or did this..” should NOT come into the equation?  The most disturbing comment is when she says: “..for most of the people we are talking to…”.   I am certainly curious as to whom she is referring when she says “…most of the people we are talking to…”?  She was a young black woman from an economically depressed area of Chicago.  What is the difference between Michelle Obama and “…most of the people she is talking to…” in this situation?  Maybe they are not blessed with the innate intelligence to allow them to graduate Salutatorian and then go on to Princeton and Harvard? stead of encouraging those young people (mostly Blacks) to “make a change!”…”argue for change!”…”demand a change!” by bettering themselves and by hard work, effort, and questioning authority and the status quo (as all young people have done throughout history)..she tells them to CONFORM.  If she was speaking to the Princeton Black Student Union would she have been so bold as to tell those young people to not think, not question but simply…”…a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, regardless of who said what or did this.” Michelle Obama’s comments are distasteful and certainly condescending to propose that: “...most of the people to whom (we) are talking to…” are not sophisticated enough to evaluate the various positions.  That they are not intelligent or educated enough to understand the nuances of the various arguments.  That they are too simple to make up their own minds and should simply be directed that:“….a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, regardless of who said what or did this. That shouldn’t even come into the equation.”  Michelle Obama’s comments are offensive and off base.  We should never simply dictate a party for which a person should vote.  We should always take opportunity to encourage our young people to question, debate, and fight for change.  I am personally disgusted but, unfortunately, not surprised.
To whomever Ms. Obama was referring when she said: “…..a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, regardless of who said what or did this.”  She is wrong.  Conformity is NEVER the answer.  Seek your truth, ask the questions, argue, fight and determine what YOU think is right.  Rarely, if ever, will you find that a ‘party line’ is the answer.  “Never seek acceptance through conformity rather seek respect through inquiry and discourse.”– Chris Mark; 2016





An Open Letter to Sarah Palin January 21, 2016

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Dear Mrs. Palin,

I am a former US Marine and US Navy Officer with a Combat Action Ribbon as well as service connected disabilities. I am also a Republican.  I have also served with, and am friends with, dozens of combat veterans who suffer daily from various injuries and wounds to include PTSD.  I recently read your comments related to PTSD in which you attempted to excuse your son’s arrest on domestic abuse charges and firearm charges by referencing his supposed PTSD.   Based upon your previous comments I am not surprised that you would choose to use this very serious condition as a political football and, once again, attempt to divert blame from your own family’s abhorrent, violent behavior.

In 2014 your entire family was involved in a late night ‘drunken brawl’ at a party in which Track Palin (the accused domestic abuser) was involved in a bloody fight.  While you publicly stated how proud you were at your children’s violent actions, maybe this should have been a sign that Track has a problem.  It is certainly curious that you did not feel the need to reference his supposed PTSD in this situation and instead stated: “…my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar!”  Maybe, instead of encouraging Track’s violence, you should have taken the opportunity to get him help.  Maybe, instead of being the result of PTSD, your son was simply trying to uphold the stated Palin family values and “…make your heart soar” by abusing a woman.

PTSD is stigmatized in the media and not well understood by the general public.  An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide every day in the United States.  This is nearly 8,000 veterans who take their lives every year.  Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) stated: “Every day in the United States, 22 veterans succumb to suicide — losing their personal battle to invisible wounds of war.”   Veterans who have willingly given so much in service to their country should not have to bear the burden of being further stigmatized by your ignorant and foolish statements.

While I do not propose to speak for all veterans, I am clearly not alone in my views regarding your unfortunate statements.  They were unfortunate for the many veterans who face further disdain and discrimination based upon your inaccurate and ignorant portrayal of those who suffer with PTSD as well as the causes of the condition.

While I would personally prefer that you simply avoid public life and simply fade away,  if you insist on trying to use your “celebrity status” for a cause, please educate yourself on the facts of PTSD and try to help veterans by using your significant influence in a more productive, and less political manner.  There are a number of veteran’s organizations to which you can donate time, money and energy to make a difference. Two organizations you may want to consider is the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation and the Recon & Sniper Foundation.


Chris Mark


Into Infamy: A Marine Sniper’s War – Book Review January 14, 2016

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IntoInfamyIn 2012 a video was released that showed US Marine Snipers urinating on dead Taliban fighters.  This 30 second video changed the lives of numerous Marines and was met with “outrage” from the Commandant of the Marine Corps as well as the Sgt Major of the Marine Corps (who was also a Sniper). One of those Marines, Sgt. Rob Richards died in 2015.  Into Infamy is book written by the very platoon commander who was also one of those profiled in the video.  Joe Chamblin is a combat veteran US Marine Sniper.  This book does not talk about the event but talks about the tour that these Marines served in Afghanistan. Most people likely cannot imagine the courage, skill and training it takes to operate as a Marine Sniper.  This book is as raw as it gets.  You will understand first hand what these Marines dealt with on a daily basis and the toll it took on them physically, emotionally, and psychologically.   This book gives a first hand account of the violence and carnage of warfare and the atrocities committed by the Taliban.  For those who rush to judgement on these Marines…read this book. I would challenge any reader to honestly believe they may not have done the same thing.  This book is NOT an attempt to justify any actions and doesn’t spend any time on the actual event.  When you read about the war they were fighting it becomes much more real and understandable how the actions could happen.  Overall….4.5 out of 5 stars!  You can buy at www.IntoInfamy.com or on Amazon.com.

If you can..please help a Veteran in Need. January 12, 2016

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Source: If you can..please help a Veteran in Need.


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