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Autocracy, Anocracy, & Democracy – “Verbal Masterba(bleep!)…”

Election season in the US is always interesting.  Passions run high and people are quick to proclaim their positions on government and politics.  Unfortunately, as many will likely agree, election season also gives voice to many who should probably remain … Continue reading

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“Boo!” – October 2012 issue of TransactionWorld

I (Chris) am finally back in the US after traveling for the past two months.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out October’s issue of TransactionWorld and read articles by Chris Mark (Security Economics) and Heather Mark … Continue reading

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Beating an Old Drum

It’s the end of what has already been a tough year for data security.  And the news just got worse.  South Carolina has announced that its Department of Revenue suffered a major breach.  The breach is so massive, in fact that more … Continue reading

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Mobile Privacy

Smartphones have changed the way we interact with our world.   They’ve introduced a new level of convenience, but they’ve also introduced a new potential threat to our privacy.    As consumers, we should be informed about the choices that … Continue reading

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Privacy, Social Media, and Legislation

This week marks the opening of a new chapter in the rocky marriage of privacy and social media.  California has passed two laws related to the protection of privacy on social media platform. In SB1349, the state prohibits public or private … Continue reading

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