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Stolen Valor in a Small Town.. “DD214-Recon, Scout/Sniper…and…Now ;)” February 7, 2020

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COBRAUpdate Again!…I have been contacted by someone with a text from the person in question who has offered his “DOD Number”..so I can “check on him”.  Well..all I have asked for is the person’s DD214. I have already requested from the US Archives.  My belief is he never served in ANY capacity but I may be wrong and get an actually DD214. 

The post below was originally written in 2012 when I first began investigating Stolen Valor.  Recently, I had a particularly interesting story come to light. While the Supreme Court has upheld that Stolen Valor(United States v Alverez) is constitutional free right to speech under the 1st Amendment..it does not mean we cannot expose them.  It is also a crime for those who fabricate military honors to defraud others through those efforts.

I was contacted by a few people in a small Kentucky  town called Stanford, KY.  It has a population of about 3,500.  I lived in Kentucky as a child.  Beautiful place, and fine people.  There is, apparently, one individual who is making outlandish claims about being a Marine Sniper.  Some of what I have heard from those who know him (we will just call him Mick T for now) is that he is a “Ghost” (I don’t know where this originated but it is a common statement among valor thieves).  Claims to have “over 200 confirmed kills”…”best friend with Chris Kyle”…”records are all sealed” BS, BS, and more BS. He is, by accounts, profiting from his fraudulent claims.  Lies.

I have personally reached out to this person for clarification on his claims.  Instead of answer the simple question “Have you ever claimed to be a sniper”…he decided the best defense was a good offense and began disparaging me. Well..this has only happened about 50 times in the last 10 years.  Read the post below from 2012.  It includes my DD214(my last one..I have an earlier one, as well).  BTW>.that is a pic of me on the left..

So..YES….I am a real, legit, Marine Sniper..unlike Mick T.  I am a real, qualified Recon Marine.  I have worked Stolen Valor for years and will continue to pursue this case.  I have not published the organization to which he is a president out of a request from members.

I will continue to update this post as I gain more information.  It is troublesome when someone steals valor to promote themselves.  I invite “Mick T” to contact me (3rd request) to resolve this.  Guarantee, I hear nothing but crickets.  It really makes my white hackles….get raised when someone lies about their service like this.


Strangely, someone has been doing a number of searches on subjects such as “chris mark USMC fraud”, “chris mark military fraud”, “chris mark no sniper” and various other topics.  How do I know this?  Good question! I use the standard WordPress analytics plus Google Analytics!  For those companies wondering the value of Google, this should demonstrate that at the very least, you can see what people are trying to find on you!…but…I digress.  To assuage the person, or persons fears that I was not in the military or was somehow fabricating my experience, I have attached the single ‘God like’ document that shows one’s military experience.  The  mysterious, yet reliable DD214!  This is available to any US citizen in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). yup..you can request a DD214 on me, your grandfather, your dad, or the president (if he had served).  You can get an FOIA on anyone who has served.  Simply go to archives.gov and check it out!…The picture attached is me, in 1995 with 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company in Hawaii during our June 1995 amphibious operations. I am top row first on the right while AP is bottom row, second from right.  This happens to be the same month that Scott O’Grady was rescued from Bosnia after being shot down in his F16.  Look closely, and you may recognize some faces 😉

It should be noted that I was on active duty twice…once with the USMC and then with the USN as an officer.  This DD214 is my second…it shows the schools and awards but not my units (like 3/6 STA) while enlisted.  That is a separate DD214…


1. Amelia Pearn - January 15, 2016

You have a gentleman in this photo (fifth person from the left, bottom row) who looks similar to a John Doe from NYC (1997) that I’ve been blogging about. I’m curious, do you know if the gentleman in your photo is still around?

2. Tom Martin - February 7, 2020

On behalf of America,thanks for your servise. I m sorry that you have to deal with rotton people like mike. I am very well known in rooster world,i promice i will expose him for being a fraud.Its a shame that you guys and gals have to hear someone try to prosper of your service,again,thanks to ALL True Servise people

Chris Mark - February 7, 2020

Thank you Tom! It is always unfortunate when people lie about their backgrounds in such a way. It is really unfortunate when they take advantage of people with their lies. Thanks for reading!!

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