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Global Risk Info is a blog managed by Chris Mark.  It is intended to discuss various security and risk management topics.  Chris Mark is the owner of Mark Consulting Group. You can read his bio on the company website here or at this link.


1. Glen MacDonald - January 17, 2015

Great information. Ooorah

2. Sally Lampson Kanehe - January 24, 2016

I sincerely thank you for sharing this online, Mark. You’ve said it very well and I fully concur. Best to you! Sally L. K.

3. JD LITTELL - January 26, 2016

thanks for takin’ her to task……….i could not agree with you…..more!
Warm Regards,
Co-Chair, v4v-mi.org
101ST ABN (AASLT), 160TH AVN SOAR, “Night Stalkers/Phoenix Flight”, “Wings of Destiny!”, For Buddy…(2/08/70)…and Terry (12-26-12) who lived it! Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses! H.A.L.O!, 5th SF GRP, “De Oppresso Liber” (To Liberate the Oppressed!), MACV-SOG, “Death From Above, Shut Up and Jump!”
VFW, American Legion, v4v-mi.org (co-chair, founder).

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