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Global Risk Info is a blog managed by Chris Mark.  It is intended to discuss various security and risk management topics.  Chris Mark is the owner of Mark Consulting Group. You can read his bio on the company website here or at this link.


1. Glen MacDonald - January 17, 2015

Great information. Ooorah

2. Sally Lampson Kanehe - January 24, 2016

I sincerely thank you for sharing this online, Mark. You’ve said it very well and I fully concur. Best to you! Sally L. K.

3. JD LITTELL - January 26, 2016

thanks for takin’ her to task……….i could not agree with you…..more!
Warm Regards,
Co-Chair, v4v-mi.org
101ST ABN (AASLT), 160TH AVN SOAR, “Night Stalkers/Phoenix Flight”, “Wings of Destiny!”, For Buddy…(2/08/70)…and Terry (12-26-12) who lived it! Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses! H.A.L.O!, 5th SF GRP, “De Oppresso Liber” (To Liberate the Oppressed!), MACV-SOG, “Death From Above, Shut Up and Jump!”
VFW, American Legion, v4v-mi.org (co-chair, founder).

4. Betty - July 31, 2016

I love your response to the DNC and Mr.Khan very thoughtful and perfectly articulated! Thank you so much for your service and I hold you and all service men and women in the highest esteem, it is despicable how the DNC has disrespected our military , I remember four years ago the DNC booing God, not once, not twice but three times! It’s like they are from another world, completely alien so tired of the lies, deceit and manipulation.
I will probably repost daily this one response uou made, you should run for office! God Bless You and wife and family!

5. A real vet - August 1, 2016

I can spot a coward who never saw combat from a mile away. Trump is a draft dodging, POW insulting ass who now mocks Gold Star parents. Your article is wrong in every way and you have no honor, don’t drop the “I was a Marine” bullshit when you are a coward. Only a coward would support Trump you peace time pussy.

Chris Mark - August 1, 2016

Hey there jackass do a search for my DD214. What did you ever do? Nothing..eat donuts as a f’n pog. A “real vet” who hides behind a pseudonym? Sure…clown.

6. Kenneth Clark - August 2, 2016

As a combat veteran I am a bit dismayed at your remarks about Mr Khan.

1) Arlington Cemetery is full of my fallen brothers who had no choice and paid with the ultimate sacrifice because of the draft.

2) Captain Khan was done with his tour of duty, but through no fault of his own was still in country, Why??? I will cover that.

3) To hold HRC responsible for the deaths of 3 private contractors and Ambassador Stevens ( Although Stevens mother and sister hold the GOP congress at fault for embassy budget cuts) is deplorable. That means you must hold Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld in worse regard. You should also be pushing for war crimes against them. They hold soldiers in utter disdain. Why well very simply they covered up Saudi involvement in 9/11. We know due to the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report. The same Saudis who to this day fund terrorists. Fund ISIS. Fund those that wish to harm Americans. Yet Bush choose Iraq. So when you say the DNC holds soldiers or us with little regard, I believe you need to fall back on that and reexamine the facts. Remember Stop Gap

4) Trump has made a mockery of us. He blamed soldiers for stealing from Iraq on more then one occasion, pvt’s btw. He ridiculed McCain’s service record ( His politics are open for discussion, not his service). Now the Khan Family. It’s been less then a year. That was less then a year.

I thank you for being a brother in arms but you are a bit misguided.

Chris Mark - August 3, 2016

Mr. Clark,
I appreciate the reasoned, rational response. I recently posted a new blog post apologizing about my views on sacrifice. I read these comments and realize I was wrong.

Thanks again!


7. lori kleist - August 3, 2016

I thank you Chris for your open letter. Our military and police force has been degraded by the Dem’s all too often. I am very sorrowful for the Khan’s and the sacrifice that their son made for our country but I feel that they used his death to further their own agenda. Why do they hate Trump so much? Why do they want to help Hillary to be president when she has fed us with lies to the worst degree. It is just a horrible nightmare and it seems the Dem’s are leading the pack down a deep down hill spiral.

8. Huma Abedino - September 7, 2016

Get to the polls and save what’s left of America by voting for Donald Trump!

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