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“One Adam Twelve, One Adam Twelve…”: Security Theater & Doggies Doo June 11, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in security theater.
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Chris’ Dog BO

Today on Yahoo News Canada is a story in which it is claimed that Jerusalem such a problem with dog poop that they are enacting a program in which they will match offending doggy doo against a master DNA database.   According to a statement from the Jerusalem municipality: “The municipality pilot project calls for establishment of a database of dog DNA to allow us to reduce the soiling of pavements, parks and public spaces,”  In short, the city plans on DNA profiling 70-80% of the 11,000 dogs that live in Jerusalem and then, if there is a “pile” of DNA on the sidewalk, someone will pick it up, send to a lab, test it, and then the owner of the offending pooch will be fined $193.  This plan is so ridiculous that it does not merit much discussion but…for the sake of this blog let me use an example from a previous post. (more…)

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