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1. tim - November 6, 2013

Semper Fi brother…

2. Andrew Cottle - January 24, 2016

Mr. Mark,
It is extremely encouraging to me to read your extremely on point and lucid letter to Ms. Palin. In an age that seems to be marked by who can yell the loudest and hurl the most insults, your letter was thoughtful and well considered. I think that there are still many of us, both Democrats and Republicans, who believe in dialog, civil discourse and being informed before we speak. Sadly, it appears that some those who are most visible in public life, speak with a callous indifference, staggering ignorance and lack of sensitivity to the many issues being faced by both the less fortunate in our society and those who have sacrificed so much to preserve our way of life. I applaud your effort to inject some sanity into what, at times, seems like madness.

Chris Mark - January 24, 2016

Thank you for the kind words! I cannot agree enough. The divisiveness in our nation is troubling. We should be able to respectfully disagree.

3. Allen Vaught - January 24, 2016

Well written letter my friend. Allen Vaught.

Chris Mark - January 24, 2016

Allen! Great to hear from you old friend! Thanks for the kind words! I hope you are well!

4. dcmdrealtor - January 24, 2016

What an incredible letter. I appreciate you bringing this to the forefront and allowing people to see first-hand that people such as Mrs. Palin should never make light of this. Her son has violent tendencies and should have had an intervention long ago when the previous incident occurred. It is ashamed and embarrassing that she is blaming her son’s violent tendencies on PTSD which completely undermines the struggle that our men and women in uniform go through when they come home from being on the battle field and try to get help for that very issue.

Very well written, very proud of your service, and keep fighting the good fight. No matter what your party affiliation, this letter his a nerve across party lines.

You da man!!!

5. peter abbott - January 25, 2016

so……you use your blog to whine and complain about damage you received from joining a voluntary military. It makes you feel better to attack another family & their issues.. Thank you for your service. your post service whine bagging is less than honorable.

Chris Mark - January 25, 2016

Is that what you read? Please go back to school…get a basic education then re-read my post. Their issues? Track Palin punched a woman in the face and they blame PTSD? I notice you have little interest in the woman punched in the face. (mic drop…go home)…like that? Try again kid.

6. Brandi - February 10, 2016

My father (special forces in the Air Force) and stepfather (amphibious recon, USMC) served and discharged honorably from the service. They didn’t abuse their families. They are good men.

Soldiers and vets who brutalize and terrorize others should be treated as criminals. Serving in the armed forces is not a golden ticket out of abiding by the law and respecting the rights and safety of others. If they were to behave in that manner while serving overseas, they’d probably be charged with war crimes and it would be an international incident, if the military didn’t try to cover it up.

I married a man who was quite charming at first, an army vet who later CHOSE to terrorize me and make me fear for my son’s life and mine. He has blamed it on PTSD and the entire legal system has bought it-hook, line and sinker, despite proof that that his anger issues were present prior to his service.

I escaped the relationship, but that’s only the first part of the struggle, it gets more violent and dangerous when one chooses to leave.This man has since threatened to kidnap my son and he’s vowed to “destroy” me. This man held my six week old son upside down and caused him to vomit, all the while taunting me that he was going to do it as I begged him not to. He has waved a loaded gun in my face as he was screaming he was going to kill himself, he’s slammed my head and neck in the front door of my house when I tried to run away from him, he’s restrained me (slammed me up against walls, he has sat on my chest and pinned me to the floor, crushing the air out of my lungs), he’s backhanded me, shoved me down, pulled me out of bed by my ankles and run me off the road in our vehicles. He’s ambushed me at my work. He’s threatened to burn my house down. He has threatened to cause police shoot outs and he has hidden guns from police twice as they tried to take him into custody.

I have his admissions to the kidnapping threats and the admissions to the violence and threats recorded in phone calls – all recordings were given to the authorities. I’ve been granted a restraining order, but only some officers enforce it and many judges throw out the charges – because he’s a veteran.

I believe this man won’t stop until he kills me. I am well on my way to becoming an addition to the ranks of a painfully ignored statistic. My son has been abused and is in danger of harm, he can’t defend himself. This permissive attitude has got to stop. Please continue to defend victims of domestic violence at the hands of military members. No more excuses.

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