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Chris Mark

A former military member, Chris Mark joined the civilian ranks in 2000 and has since become and a recognized information security and risk expert.  He is the former founder and CEO of the two companies and has worked for both MasterCard and Visa on their information security programs.  Chris has conducted payment security and risk management globally on behalf of Visa and other card brands.

Chris is a former enlisted US Marine and US Navy Officer.  He is a qualified Marine Infantryman (0311), Scout/Sniper (8541) and Reconnaissance Marine (8654) and a former Reconnaissance Instructor. Chris is a combat veteran of Operation Continue Hope and has attended numerous military training courses including: Basic Infantryman, Scout/Sniper, Urban Sniper, Basic Reconnaissance, Urban Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Airborne, Pathfinder, Navy Scuba, HRST Master, and Security Forces.

Chris holds a CISSP, CIPP, CPISM/A, is a Visa Accredited EMV Consultant, and holds numerous technical certifications.  He also holds MBA and BA degrees and is pursuing a DSc (Doctor of Science) in CyberSecurity.  Chris has published over 20 articles on risk, risk management, and information security is a frequent pubic speaker on the topic and has trained over 10,000 people in 10 countries on information security.  He has been interviewed on NPR, NewsMax and quoted on regional NBC, and Foxnews networks.

Heather Mark

Dr. Heather Mark, Ph.D., CISSP, CIPP, CEPP specializes regulatory compliance, privacy and data security issues within the payments industry. She received a doctorate in Public Administration and Public Policy at Auburn University, where she also taught courses in Political Economy and American Government. She wrote a monthly article in Transaction World on data security issues facing the payment services industry. Dr. Mark founded an information security company which was acquired in late 2003. She has served on the Electronic Transaction Association’s Government Relations Committee. Dr. Mark has consulted with many companies on the issue of PCI DSS compliance, and positioning their products and services relative to the compliance obligations of the Payment Services Industry.   She is currently the Senior Vice President of Market Strategy at ProPay, Inc.

You can find her privacy blog here.



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