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Indian Navy Ignores Pleas During Pirate Attack June 17, 2011

Posted by Chris Mark in Piracy & Maritime Security.
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According to NDTV the MV Suez, a ship and her crew that were held captive for nine months by Somali pirates came under attack again almost immediately after being released.  The called for help to thwart the pirate attack and was ignored by the Indian navy and it was the Pakistani Navy’s PNS Babar that had to support the Suez.  Earlier the Indian government had stated that the responsibility for security fell to the ships.  The owners of the ship told NDTV yesterday that they had approached the Indian government for help. In an email to NDTV, a senior company official said, “I’ve contacted the (Indian) Navy, but there’s no response. I have called them so many times.” He says Indian officials advised him to “call the NATO hot line and ask if they have any war ship in this area for escort.”

This sad situation further illustrates the lack of coordination and effectiveness of the coalition efforts to protect merchant vessels and further highlights the need for ship owners to take responsibility for security of their vessels.


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