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Tanzanian Army Arrests 7 in Attempted Pirate Attack October 6, 2011

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An article on Oct. 5th, 2011 states that the Tanzanian army arrested 7 pirates after a failed hijacking of an oil exploration ship.  The army arrested the 7 after an attempted hijacking of the oil exploration ship.  The pirates reportedly had 16 rounds of sub-machine gun ammunition and pain killers. According to Tanzanian authorities: “Our navy men opened fire in the air as a warning but the pirates did not surrender and instead fired directly at the soldiers. There was exchange of fire, the pirates were overpowered, and decided to surrender by throwing their weapons in the sea and raised up their arms,” Col. Mgawe said.

The interesting aspect of this story is that the pirates did not flee and instead chose to exchange fire with the soldiers.  This once again demonstrates the increasing violence of Somali pirates and their willingness to accept greater risk in their attempts to hijack ships.


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