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Articles by Brad Carr- 2nd Force Reconnaissance Commanding Officer March 14, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in Risk & Risk Management, weapons and tactics.
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I received a call from an old friend last night.  I served with Brad Carr years ago when we were both young, enlisted Marines.  Brad is the former CO of 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company and served with Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. has recently completed a Command course and his Masters Degree in Military Science.  As we were rehashing old days, he sent me a few articles he had published.  I am republishing (with his permission) his articles here because they are interesting reading.  Additionally, they should assuage any concerns that Marines are simply knuckle dragging meat-heads 😉  Congrats to Major Carr on his accomplishments!


1. Gaelle François - March 26, 2012

Sorry I met an American Marine in France a few years ago and I would like if it’s the same Brad Carr. My name is Gaelle François. If you have any contact with him could you give him my email address thank you.

Chris Mark - March 27, 2012

I just spoke to Brad and he confirmed he did meet you. I have provided your email to Brad.

Thanks for the ping…

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