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Nexus Security Calls for Investigation into Maritime Pirate Shooting April 20, 2012

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In a recent press release, Nexus Consulting Group’s Founder and President calls for the recently released video of armed security firing on pirates to be investigated.   You can view the video here.  It appears to be an American company firing on a Somali boat.  As stated by Mr. Doherty:  “As president of Nexus Consulting, a leading provider of armed security teams in the defense of mariners against Somali pirates, I would like to personally note that though we are operating quite regularly conducting anti-piracy missions, the team in this video is not a Nexus team,”  Nexus also provides some valuable vetting questions for those considering maritime security.As an aid to ship owners, Nexus is offering ten simple questions that should help vet any potential security firm they may consider to utilize:

1. Does the security company protect any vessels from their own flag state?

2. Where is their insurance valid?

3. How do they export their weapons?

4. Has the security firm changed names recently?

5. What was their stance on armed details just a year ago?

6. What flag-states have cleared the firm for work?

7. What weapons do they utilize?

8. Do they retreat to the citadel when the bullets start to fly?

9. What P&I clubs have vetted them?

10. Finally, and most important, ask for prior CSO’s from firms they have covered and contact them.

I would also add that a thorough review of the company should be undertaken.  Recently, a company began publicizing that they were SAMI audited when, in fact, they were little more than a member of the organization.


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