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SAMI Accredidation?…Check before you believe… April 30, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in Industry News, Laws and Leglslation, Piracy & Maritime Security.
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I am recently back from speaking an an anti-piracy event in Hamburg, Germany.  Overall, it was a good conference but I was struck by one particular company that was strongly advertising that they were SAMI Accredited.  I thought this claim merited some investigation and it would allow me to understand what, exactly, it means to be SAMI Accredited. First…here is the list of accredited PSMCs through SAMI. The Security Administration for the Maritime Industry or SAMI is a: a global organisation representing companies working in maritime security and related industries. SAMI has introduced a level of compliance and scrutiny to ensure that the maritime industry can easily identify reputable private maritime security companies. SAMI provides reassurance, guidance, and minimum quality and standards in the delivery of maritime security where none has existed before. The SAMI Standard has been established as the international benchmark for standards within the industry. The Association is an international non -governmental organisation (NGO), which exists to facilitate clear dialogue and a common standards framework in the delivery of maritime security products to the shipping community.”  As a membership organization anyone that is a signatory on the ICOC can join SAMI as a ‘member’.  This does not mean you are accredited.  After joining SAMI a company may then volunteer to participate in the 3 step SAMI Accreditation Programme.  According to the SAMI website: The SAMI Accreditation Programme  means that companies, as well as being members of SAMI, will also be certified once they successfully pass through the formal accreditation programme. Throughout the membership there will be companies who will be at various stages of the process – and all will be working towards full SAMI accredited status.”

Long and  short..being a member is NOT being accredited.


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