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www.TheresaMark.com (Yes…it is my sister…and a former Marine ;) May 9, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in News.
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A bit off topic but relevant….My sister, Theresa Mark, has been leading our bumbling group of former Marines (Theresa is a former Marine, as well), and other folks at Warriors4Charity.  We all discovered very early that she is very effective, and capable at charity work and does it for no other reason then to help others. (she does not get paid).  If you get a chance, check out her website and if you are looking for a cause to support, consider one she is helping.  If you need help with fundraising, contact Theresa directly.  Before anyone asks….YES…she is my older sister and YES…she joined the Marines before me.  She was a Staff Sgt, when I was a lowly Lance Corporal.  I followed my sister into the Marines…I am very proud of her and her service.  You can read fun facts about Female Marines here.  The first being Lucy Brewer aboard the USS Constitution in 1812 (ship is still in Boston Harbor, by the way).   As a side note, my sister in law is also a Marine Corps Officer (Captain)…OohRahhh!


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