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“There I was bro!”…a rant about Military Fakers, Poseurs, and Frauds June 7, 2012

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Sometimes I hear a story that compels me to comment on this blog even thought it is not related to risk or security.  America’s Got Talent contestant Timmy Poe stuttered his way through his interview and brought tears to many eyes with his claims of being ‘wounded’ in combat and being a decorated war veteran with a Bronze Star.  Well, wasn’t it a surprise to learn he has apparently lied about his combat experience, wounds, and decoration?  In short..no combat, no Purple Heart and no Bronze Star.  C’mon man!  There is no shame in service of any sort.  If you are a cook…own it.  If you are a cop…own it.  If you were a medic…OWN IT.

I have now worked for two different people who claimed military honors that they fabricated. Few things are more frustrating than listening to someone you work for spin BS tales of heroics.  For some reason some people feel the need to compensate for their (ahem)…shortcomings by fabricating stories of heroics.  It always has the same story…Purple Heart AND Bronze Star / Silver Star / Navy Cross.  Additionally, most of these ‘heroes’ were some form of SpecOps ninjas. One was a SEAL one was a CAG (Delta) ninja guru. In most cases these guys survived under incredible odds..”There I was bro..in the (stuff)..hand to hand..”

One night many moons ago, my wife was having some drinks with friends.  Some idiot walks up and starts trying to chat with her.  He proceeds to tell her he was with some super ninja Army unit and had gone to BUDS (SEAL training).  It just so happened that I was in BUDS at that time and the class this idiot was supposed to have attended was one at which a friend had attended.  Heather gave him a chance to come clean but he continued on with his BS story.  She finally had to call a friend of mine who got on the phone and put the kid in his place.

If you see these people report them.  It is disrespectful to those who served honorably and certainly disrespectful to those who have been wounded or killed in combat to have morons taking credit for being combat vets.  Here is where you can start…www.thisainthell.us ; www.stolenvalor.com ; www.reportstolenvalor.org


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