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Dr. Janina Dallas Bans Army Vet Parent from Daughter’s School November 5, 2013

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DallasPrincipalAs a Marine and Navy veteran who supports the 2nd Amendment, I am particularly disturbed by this story.  Dr. Janina Dallas, who is principal McBean Elementary School in Georgia, has banned a student’s mother from the school because the mother is 1) an Army vet and 2) has a concealed weapons permit.  According to news reports, the Principal said that she was ‘scared’ of the parent for the reasons above and actually had a ‘no trespassing order’ filed against the mother.  It is beyond the pale to believe that a principal who was named the “high performance principal” by the Georgia DOE would take such actions against a law abiding citizen and a veteran.  SHAME on the school and SHAME on Ms. Dallas!   You can email Ms. Dallas directly here: dallaja@rcboe.org or call the school and voice your opinion by calling this number: 706-592-3723


1. Stephen Taylor - November 7, 2013

Chris, i just sent Ms. Dallas an email. I hope many others voice their opinions. If people like her are entrusted with the education of children, i fear for the future of the Republic. Hope you’re well. Good post.

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