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“I Drive Your Truck” – Medal of Honor Recipient; Jared C. Monti November 7, 2013

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MontiLast night I was watching the Country Music Awards and they referenced one of my favorite songs; “I drive your truck” sung by Lee Bice.  I always thought it was the work of fiction about a man’s brother or best friend.  I was shocked when I learned that the song was actually written about a Soldier that died trying to save his men and who was subsequently awarded the Medal of Honor.  Jared C. Monti is a true American Hero.

The song is absolutely gripping and certainly appropriate as we approach both Veterans Day and the US Marine Corps birthday.  I think of my own friends that I have lost in service to our country and am reminded of the sacrifices of not only those who have given the ultimate sacrifice but of those who care for those who have willingly given all they have.  As we approach Veterans Day, please remember those who have served and those who have sacrificed.  Please take the time to read the President’s remarks during SFC Monti’s Medal of Honor ceremony.  This gives some degree of insight into what a hero truly is.  Semper Fidelis Brother and God speed…


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