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Recon Marines & Snipers on the News (Chris Clark) February 13, 2015

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Chris ClarkWith the release of Holly Wood Blockbuster American Sniper a number of Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Scout Snipers (including me) have been asked to comment, debate, and be interviewed about the movie and its portrayal of snipers.  I am very proud to see my brothers in arms representing our group with such intelligent, articulate points.  Here are a few of the recent videos.

Chris Clark, founder of the Veterns’ Service Initiative RedStone Project and former Reconnaissance Marine debating on Al Jazeera


1. Cory Justin Schneider - February 13, 2015

American sniper shows the war from the perspective of a person who actually fought it. I like many other veterans joined to help/protect the weak and to kill people who are of pure evil. The reality is most of the people we fought over seas where paid money to do things they normally wouldn’t do and some continued to do it for more money. Others hated us for being there for destroying their homes. The ones that really fought us the hardest were the terrorists groups and the snipers from other countries. What people here in sheltered America don’t understand is that if we weren’t their they would have focused their time here I. The states rather than on an occupying force just as the movie stated. Anyone in a combat arms MOS knows what it is like over there and we all know what it’s like to go from a hero to a zero when you come home. The soldiers friends didn’t kill them selves because of what they did, it was most likely because of what they couldn’t do. Survivors guilt or even just not achieving goals or promotions or being as successful as they were I the military will destroy any veterans will to be here. I like many others have had ongoing issues with ptsd. The government knows it and they have done very little to make sure people get help and when so eine kills themselves it definitely could have been prevented. That movie showed me that civilians can now see a small glimpse of what ptsd of like not just how a hero killed people but how a hero stood up to protect others and give his all for something he knew and believed mattered which was taking lives to save lives. Something that we could be doing in Iraq right now to help the very people I protected and stood post with in my two tours to Iraq. I wonder to this day why we haven’t tried to help the Iraqi’s after we knew ISIS was doing the damage they have been doing. I just have to hope the Iraqi soldiers I served with haven’t been bound and shot in the head by some those cowards. Because in my tours in every country that I have served in I like many others cared for those people. If I wasn’t to be made a terrorist by leaving this country to help the kurdish protect people in what ever cities they occupy I would have gladly left to do so just like many other vets. We gave blood, sweat, tears, and some even gave their souls to what we did. But I can assure you that that movie a sure least let’s you people see what our problems are when we come home. Sorry for the rant/venting that I typed this is on my cell phone. Have a good day.

Cory J. Schneider formerly (Sgt. USMC)

2. Chris Mark - February 13, 2015

Cory, Thank you for your service brother!..I also want to thank you for leaving a well thought, passionate comment! Semper Fi!!

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