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Scout Snipers & Recon Marines on The News (Earl Catagnus Jr) February 13, 2015

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EarlWith the release of Holly Wood Blockbuster American Sniper a number of Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Scout Snipers (including me) have been asked to comment, debate, and be interviewed about the movie and its portrayal of snipers.  I am very proud to see my brothers in arms representing our group with such intelligent, articulate points.  Here are a few of the recent videos.

Earl Catagnus, Jr.  Assistant Professor of History and Military Studies at Valley Forge Military and Academy College , and former Marine Scout Sniper, speaking on the Melissa Harris Perry Show.


1. TJ - March 24, 2015

Ill tell you his role……one of the best I have heard…….”As a sniper your goal is to completely demoralize the enemy,” ~ An unamed Corporal that served in FALLOUJA, Iraq.
Snipers are a certainly a tool at any commanders disposal. If I was walking into a villiage with a bunch of unknowns or known possible insurgents I would hope for snipers providing overwatch and keeping those crosshairs up…..if you read enough about them and meet a few of them you learn that its not all glitz and glamour, they play a major role in battle, recon, protection and elimination of targets. As a young Marine I thought I wanted to do it….after some introduction to it……, I then thought differently. We were at peace then….but I thought …… I may have to place a set of crosshairs on a human being and put a bullet through his chest ……. I decided it was not for me. I believe somone has to do it….~Semper Fi

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