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And you are a Sniper! and You are a Sniper!…EVERYONE is a SNIPER! February 21, 2015

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1marSSSchool (1)With the impending release of American Sniper, many of us in the Marine Sniper community cringed knowing that it would spawn a new group of posers and Stolen Valor idiots claiming to be snipers.  Well…we weren’t wrong.  Our secret Facebook pages (yes, we have ‘secret’ pages) have been filling up with stories of people claiming to be Marine Snipers (no doubt our Army, and Navy brothers are having the same issues).  Even Marines who legitimately served as Marines have been caught fraudulently claiming ‘sniper’ status.  We have caught Disabled Surfers, CEOs, and Bikers making the claims.  Here are some things you can ask and how you can quickly confirm if someone is legitimately a Marine Scout/Sniper or a poser..

  1. EVERY Marine Scout Sniper has graduated from, at a minimum, Marine Scout/Sniper School.  Some people are creative and will say things “attended Marine Sniper School”..etc.  Bottom line, if they have NOT graduated from Marine Scout/Sniper School they are NOT a sniper.  I don’t care if they have killed 3 people in one shot from over a mile away…no Scout/Sniper School…NO sniper.
  2. Being a member of a Scout/Sniper platoon or STA Platoon does not make one a Scout/Sniper.  There are numerous members of the unit that have not graduated from Scout/Sniper School.
  3. In addition to claiming ‘sniper’ or Recon/Ninja/SEAL/Delta/MARSOC status…we have a laundry list of posers now claiming ‘combat’ status.

There is a reservist running around who has graduated from Sniper school..but he is a reservist that has never seen combat or any overseas duty.  All of his pictures are from Sniper School but there is nothing from being ‘in theater’.  This is a dead giveaway.  Nothing wrong with being a ‘reserve rat’ but he is now claiming to be a combat vet…when asked his missions were soooo top secret that he cannot disclose.  Which brings me to some points/questions you can use to quickly ascertain their status.

If someone is claiming Scout/Sniper you should ask the following questions:

  1. “From what schoolhouse did you graduate and what was your class number?”  If they don’t know or refuse to answer…BINGO…they are a liar.  Every Scout/Sniper knows their class number and where they attended.
  2. “Which units did you serve with?”  Again, if they can’t/don’t answer…BINGO!  Poser!
  3. “Do you have a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR)?” For those claiming combat. If they say “Yes” ask “From where and when?”..If they claim that they were with some supersecret ninja unit, they are lying.

The last point relates the above.  When confronted I have found that 99% of posers will dig their heels in, double down, and become more intransigent.  In many cases, posers will say things like: “My DD214 does not show all of my schools or combat because I was doing classified missions.”…or…”My DD214 is classified.”….or…..”I can’t share my records with anyone because they are top secret..” or some other BS.

These excuses are all nonsense.  Any actual SEAL, SF, Scout/Sniper, MARSOC, Ranger, PJ, CCT, etc. is able to demonstrate that they are a member of the community.    Here is one of my own DD214’s  (I have 2 from split service) so you can see what they look like and where awards, schools, etc. are listed.  More importantly to show to posers that their DD214 will show the schools and combat..

Beware, many posers will take pictures from the Internet and claim to have ‘served with these men’ or…’this is my platoon’.  The Marine Reconnaissance Community and Scout/Sniper community is VERY small.  If someone is an actual sniper or recon Marine…someone will know them.

Finally, if you have a question about a suspected Poser…leave a comment on this page with your email and I will push the name through the “God Book’ and the community to see if they are actually a Scout/Sniper.


1. Dan Wareham - February 22, 2015

Damn.. I hate liars like these people. I am proud of what I did in the Air Force. I didn’t fly jets, I fixed them. If you served and you feel the need to inflate your service record, you are an epic fail. You had your chance and either failed, or failed to take it. Be proud of what you did do, that’s more than what a majority of the people in this country, including those who supposedly lead us, have done.

Chris Mark - February 22, 2015

I agree! It takes an entire team to win the battles…

2. Tyler - February 23, 2015

So just curious, what do you call Air Force personnel who went through CPEC OR NADM and are m24 certed or 107 certed and stalked and shot and got smoked for 25 straight days with a max of 2 hrs if that of sleep per night? And have an SEI

Chris Mark - February 23, 2015

That is a fair question. I am not familiar enough with CPEC to make an educated statement . The purpose of the article was not to all out other service rather to call out those who have no right to call themselves Marine Snipers.

3. Cochise (the name Otto gave me...) - March 27, 2015

This is great Chris. I never knew you personally but I served in the 3/6 SSP after you left. I knew some of your old cohorts like Otto H., Ben A., Chris G., Mark B., Bruce P., etc… and of course Jak and Bill C.- they were my peers for a couple of years (should we call them “Dr.” now??). Honestly I liked it better before the ‘movie’ came out- back before it was ‘cool’ to be a sniper.

I checked out your DD 214 from your Sgt. Major Lovell post (a Marine who I personally knew and served with), and your DD 214 is indeed impressive! However, in some degree of fairness, a DD 214 doesn’t always tell the whole story. I looked at mine and noticed that SS school, is not listed under “Military Education”. I also attended the SOTG Reconnaissance & Surveillance Course, Urban Sniper Course, SOTG Cold Weather Orientation Course, and JOTC Ft. Sherman Panama (Army School). These school are listed in my SRB under under “Military and Civilian Occupational Specialties, Schools, Tests, and Correspondence Courses” and in my MCTES Basic Individual Record, but missing from the 214. I’m not worried about it, I’m so far removed from that world now that none it matters one tiny bit, but in all fairness, as I stated before, a 214 doesn’t always tell the entire story. It does however list my 2 MOS’s (0331 and 8541).

I probably should have been better about double checking paper work at my EAS! And I don’t bring this up to defend posers! I’ve seen pictures of FB of 3/6 guys who were in line companies wearing “Marine Sniper” t-shirts- made me choke on my Copenhagen and I called them out. It’s a disease, some type of personality defect that drives people to embellish I suppose.

Semper Fi! And I dig your blog, keep up the good work!

Chris Mark - March 27, 2015

thank you! Man..you are bringing up some memories with those names!…I agree DD214’s can have errors but an Active Duty SGT Major should have his SRB in line…

tycote - March 28, 2015

Absolutely! The Sgt. Major was dead wrong and deserved to be called out given all the circumstances. The community polices it’s own ranks. We had each others 6 then and we do now. Semper Fi!

4. Gman - May 13, 2015

Agree totally! I was in STA 1/9 1982-1986, was a sniper and team leader. now all these years later I’m catching up with buddies that were in our platoon and it seems as though we were all snipers??? I didn’t remember everyone going to school? I didn’t serve in Combat…I was trained, able and ready if Ron or George would have pulled the trigger…didn’t happen..didn’t go. A guy asked me just the other day what I did in the Corps..I normally tell them I was a cook but I was at a gun store and looking at a few things so I told him..”I hate to say this after the ‘movie” but I was a sniper”…feel like a douche saying that now…like you said, everyone who ever thought about being in the military is now a sniper

J. Saunders - February 10, 2017

Gman, I was in STA 1/9 from 87 to my EAS mid 88. I was on the 87 WestPac onboard the USS Duluth (sp?). I was proud to be a part of STA and 1/9 but I did not attend sniper school nor do I claim to be a sniper. I’m sure we had some buddies who overlapped our time in 1/9. I kept in touch for many years but have since lost track of them,. You might remember serving with Rickets, Snakebite, Guirrelo, Mason, Teasdale, and Muddy. I would love to reconnect with them if you have any info. Semper Fi.

John Allen - May 20, 2017

Gman…what class and school did you attend? 1/9er myself…just wondering if i knew you. Devildawg

Chris Mark - May 21, 2017

I was 3/93 Stone Bay…I am an (sadly to say now;) an old timer…still shot the A2…

5. Kevin keffer - July 20, 2015

Can you please help me find my records I went to Stone Bay sniper school in 1985 or the beginning of 1986 This is 30 years ago and my memory sucks.
Sergeant Smith was instructor at the time
I was also with 1/6 STA platoon. I remember Cronin and Isaac also in 1/6 STA. scout sniper school was not listed on my DD 214 I had a graduation certificate but I was in a house fire back in the 90s.
If you can help verify me I would appreciate anything you can do I’m sorry my memory is so bad and that I didn’t keep better records or follow up on my DD 214. I am 49 and I’m not trying to Pretend that I went through scout sniper school in my days the MOS was 8541 and I had The M40A1
Thanks for any help that you may you may be able to give me

Chris Mark - July 20, 2015

Hello Kevin,
I just sent your request to about 1,000 folks in the Scout/Sniper Community. Bunch of instructors, as well. I will let you know as soon as I hear back…

Semper Fi!

Kevin Hunt - September 27, 2017

This is for Kevin Keffer:
If you went to SS Basic at Stone Bay, have a records pull done for your SRB (Contact your local or any Veterans Organization for assistance). I taught there from 89-9, and I would bet my bottom dollar that JD Smith sent your completion letter to your unit, 1/6 would have inputted it as a completion etc in your SRB and awarded the MOS. He should have been the Chief Instructor when you were at the course. FYI, JD was killed in a POV accident in the early 90’s and it was a great loss for all that knew him. The school symbol that he hand made still hangs in Saigon Sams across from the Air Station. Need any help, email me at kevin.l.hunt3@gmail.com and I’ll talk you through it. Take care and the best of luck in getting this squared away.

6. Dani Phillips - August 10, 2015

I need to know if a person is lying about their service. When asked why they won’t obtain their dd214 they respond with “I don’t need to prove anything to anyone”. Please help. Thank you!

Chris Mark - August 10, 2015

They are lying. That is the common refrain among people who lie about their service. You can ask what class # they were in..I can check it very quickly if you get a class number. If not..shoot me the name and I can check it against the ‘god book’ that has everyone listed.

Kevin keffer - August 10, 2015

I know I went to SS school in 1987 At Stone Bay
And I don’t have any proof that I know of, the school is not listed on my DD 214 and I no longer have my certificate which is given to us when we graduated it was destroyed in a house fire in the 90s
My point is not everyone can prove they went to SS school but that doesn’t mean that they are a liar
Just my opinion

Chris Mark - August 10, 2015

You are right but 99% of people that don’t have evidence do, in fact, lie about it. I see it every day.

Vincent J Tosto - January 14, 2017

I sent a request in to verify someone who’s built a reputation off ofnclaoming to be a sniper but I can’t find the response…..I can be reached directly at vincentjtosto@gmail.com

Chris Mark - January 15, 2017

Sorry man…been superbusy. Can you give me some more info? Age of the guy? Says he was a Marine?

Vincent J Tosto - January 15, 2017

Claims Quantico 03/90
Age: between 41 and 46 now.
Name: John “Sniper” Brown
Current city: Rochester, NY

Chris Mark - January 15, 2017

Easy day. Stand by I am putting it out to the group now..

7. Rob Calvert - September 16, 2015

His name is paul coy or Toni coy he goes by both. He’s 40 years old and claims to be a marine cook who reclassify as a sniper.. Any info would be great thanks

Chris Mark - September 17, 2015

If I hear the ‘cook’ who became a ‘sniper’ story one more time my head will explode! 😉 I can tell you with 100% confidence that he is lying. To qualify to be a Marine Sniper you MUST be an grunt (03) or MARSOC to attend Scout Sniper School. A ‘cook’ cannot ‘reclassify’ as a Sniper. The first time I heard this story was in 1994 in Camp Lejeune. I wonder if it is the same guy? http://www.marines.com/being-a-marine/roles-in-the-corps/ground-combat-element/scout-sniper

Rob - September 17, 2015

Thanks for the information pal.. Now he claims to have been covert with no records. What a tool, needs a beating honestly for taking credit for what he hasn’t done

Chris Mark - September 17, 2015

Yup…every ‘sniper’ is a ‘black ops’ ninja that has a ‘classified’ DD214…they don’t exist. Complete BS…Scout/Sniper school is NOT classified and many people (including SEALs, SF, Rangers etc.) go through it. Anyone who claims their DD214 is ‘classified’ is 99.999(niner) full of shit…that guy is full of shit. If he wants to debate..ask him to email me directly and I will make him famous…tell him to look up SgtMajor Lovell.

Chris Mark - September 17, 2015

BTW…I am sorry I didn’t tell you this…did you know I am actually ‘BatMan’? No kidding. It is ‘classified’ but no shit..that is me…I am Bat Man..and…maybe Spiderman…

8. Kelly - September 19, 2015

I’m sure my BF is lying about being a ss

9. Anon - November 18, 2015

I would mention that I agree with most of this, but I honestly don’t remember my class number. I went through Stone Bay when Quinlan was the chief instructor and Wolf was my personal instructor. I don’t even remember who the honor grad was, but I know it wasn’t me or anyone from my platoon. Luckily for me, as I can see by some other posts, it is listed in my DD214. Funny thing is, being in the civilian world for a few years now, I rarely ever tell people I don’t know very well that I was a SS. A lot of civilians don’t care and it’s a claim that has been tainted by so many would be’s that it doesn’t even raise an eyebrow on most. I was infantry, that’s good enough.

10. freddie trisler - January 11, 2016

I need a name ran.

Chris Mark - January 24, 2016

Just got this. Please email me at cmark435@gmail.com

11. Clint baird - January 13, 2016

I have a name to pass by you.

Chris Mark - January 13, 2016

send it to my email…cmark435(at)gmail.com

12. Niki Gryte - January 19, 2016

My roommate named Charles Tuttle has claimed he was a sniper back in the day. However he will say he shot this weapon or that weapon, but then tell others its classified and that he cant say. He also claims that he shot enemies from over 2 miles away etc. I just want to know if he is lying and if so i want him to face his lies bc his stories are very far fetched and hes been claiming sniper status for years, even saying that most of his sniper unit are dead, except for just a couple.

Chris Mark - January 19, 2016

Hello Niki. I put his name into the BDC (secret group of Snipers/Recon Marines) and we will run him through the God Book. I can tell you right now he is lying however. The “its classified” is the biggest give away. The other ‘big giveaway’ is the “2 mile shot”. THE longest sniper shot IN HISTORY is 2700 yards (less than 2 miles). Finally, the “my unit all died…but I didn’t” is a classic tell. Here are two basic questions you can ask him: “Where did you go to SSS and what was your class #?”…there have only been 4 places to go to SSS…Stone Bay, Quantico, Pendleton and Hawaii (for a time). If he doesn’t say one of those 4 and can’t recall his SSS class # he is lying. (we know this already). Ask him unit he served with and where he deployed. If you really want to yank his chain tell him to Google me and say that I am personally inviting him to be a part of the BDC group. We have almost 2,000 Scout/Snipers and Recon Marines in the group. The sniper community is extremely small and everyone knows everyone. Trust me..he will back out of the offer. I am running his name now.

13. David Durham - January 24, 2016

I have got to say i have read your stories and find them lacking,because sometimes the dd-214 does not tell the whole story and i have had to put up with people like you sling you shit around and putting me down and giving me a have time because even though i had the pic of me in the unit and at freedom hill it did not matter for over 43 years until i finally was able to get Sen Ted Nelson office involved in doing a search for my records from my 1st enlistment,which is where i saw all my combat in viet nam with 1 st Recon Bn.Sometimes there is a real reason why they dont have it on their dd-214 When i Reenlisted after my 1st 3 years of service they cut me a new record at the some time i was transferred to another duty station, they left out all of my combat history ops and awars

,I started trying to get the records corrected while i was on active duty,but they could not find them and even today they are not on my dd-215 they are on my dd-215so before you burn someone at the stake you had best make dam sure you know what you are doing is true-NOT A POSER DAVID DURHAM Semper Fi.

Chris Mark - January 24, 2016

I thank you for your service. Certainly 43 years ago DD214’s had many more mistakes as they were all hand typed etc. I can tell you now that it is exceedingly rare. I am damn sure before I ‘burn someone at the stake’. Do not blame “people like me” who try to maintain the integrity of the MOS by exposing those who lie about their service. While you may have had yours own records corrected, it is rare that people’s records are not accurate in the modern age.


14. Rob Sarra - February 20, 2016

Thanks so much for posting this. I attended 1st Division Scout Sniper Course in January of 2002 after indoc to STA 2/1. I will be the first one to say in conversation that I “rocked out” of school, but am still proud to have volunteered and been selected to attend such a prestigious course. It was quite a while ago, and as time has gone by, I cannot recall the class number I was in. As far as Instructors, 1st Sgt Skyles was the SNCOIC, and Calen Wojick was one of our lead instructors. My chief scout at 2/1 was Rob Reidsma. Any assistance you could give me in getting the class number would be appreciated..

15. Msernestine - February 22, 2016

Hi there.
Id like to check a name please. The person has PTSD and I just wanna check it so I can support him as a friend…and take away any doubts in my head….thanks.

Msernestine - February 22, 2016

I believe most of what he says and that he has been a marine but there are inconsistencies that make me need to check properly.

Chris Mark - February 22, 2016

please send the name to cmark435@gmail.com

Msernestine - February 25, 2016

Hiya…sent an email…:)

16. Terri - March 22, 2016

need some assistance

Chris Mark - March 22, 2016

Shoot me an email. Cmark435@gmail.com

17. vince447 - April 30, 2016

As to number 1 on the list,class numbers can give a liar away QUICKLY. For instance,after watching Don Shirley’s videos if someone says they graduated class number 500..well,they’re lying as that class number won’t be graduating for SEVERAL years. Anyways,what are some REAL graduating class numbers for USMC scout sniper courses? I see phonies everywhere who were either a sniper or a Navy SEAL…lol. I’m just a humble Radio Operator who was in Iraq from the time the invasion kicked off in March of 2003 till a few months after the war was declared “over” by Bush. I do have a CAR and a few other accolades but I’ll never say I was something I wasn’t. Anyways, there’s a guy at a local bar I go to I just started talking to. He definitely was a marine of some MOS cause I can tell by his jargon but I seriously doubt he was a scout sniper as he claims. He says he graduated the school in Quantico V.A in 2001. What class number range would he roughly be? I wanna shut this sucker down if I can. Again,I’m almost positive he WAS A marine but was likely just a POG who left after his 4yrs as a lcpl,lol…he gets tons of free drinks and offers for this and that. So I’d love to shut down this Stolen Valor a-hole

Chris Mark - May 2, 2016

I don’t know if they still do it this way (but I will check)..but it used to be the class number in the year..soo..I was 3/93 Stone Bay (3rd Class of 1993 in Stone Bay). Ask him where he went to school and the #. We can check quickly if you have a name.

vince447 - May 18, 2016

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I couldn’t hold it in and called him out. Asked him some simple ballistic info even a POG would know,lol. He up and left the place cussing me and never came back. So you graduated from “Stone Bay”? Never even heard of that location. It’s easy when dealing with a marine phony cuz we only have a handful of bases. The other branches have TONS of bases so it’s easier to pull something out of thier ass,lol. Anyways, I’m a big fan of any phony exposer…so I tip my “cover” to you and keep doing what u do!

18. Amy - May 13, 2016

I recently met a man who claims he was a “marine sniper” and was part of “special forces”. He claims he left the service 8 years ago. Originally he introduced himself with one name, but today said he was forced to live under that name by the military, for protection because he was a sniper. He supposedly gave me his “real name” today, but there is no relatable information that I can find under either name. I’m 99% sure he is a liar and maybe crazy, but to be fair I wanted to know if there would ever be a reason for the military to force a former sniper to live under an assumed name. Thank you.

Chris Mark - May 14, 2016

WOW! That is one whopper! Sorry Amy, this guy is lying to you 100% (110%?)..the military has ZERO to do with you once you are out and nobody (not even US Gov’t ) can force an individual to live under an assumed name. When we see these guys lying it is always the tip of the iceberg. This guy is full of crap.

19. Greg Simpson - May 14, 2016

Can you look into someone for me. I would prefer to not say his name here. If you can email me I can give you his name and some of his claims. Thanks

Chris Mark - May 16, 2016

Shoot me an email at cmark435@gmail.com

20. Greg Carothers - May 17, 2016

A former Marine Todd Blum from Lavergne,TN that served late 80’s to mid 90’s claims to be a Scout/Sniper.I have a hard time believing ths t is true.He made the claim in court.If it is true my profound apologies.

21. Jason Arballo - May 29, 2016

I have a buddy who is claiming to be a scout sniper. He is 21 years old and served 1 1/2 years prior to being discharged. His name is mickenzy Morrison, or Mack morrison. I’m a six year veteran and this buddy of mine is claiming ALOT of credentials to land jobs and contracting gigs. Just want to know if he is full of shit. Only reason I’m curious is because I’m looking for a range instructor and he claims he is a Marine Scout Sniper.

Chris Mark - June 1, 2016

I will check but it sounds like BS…1.5 years and was a sniper? AND claiming credentials? WOW..

22. Michael - May 31, 2016

Samuel Whitman. lives in austin tx. Served in the army (now disabled, medically discharged) I believe he was an army sniper, (according to wife) How do I know/find out for sure? I’m a vet.
I want to throw him and his sniper buddies a nice party, I just want to make sure they’re legitimate.


Chris Mark - June 1, 2016

Sorry man..I don’t know how to look up Army snipers. May want to contact the sniper school at Ft. Benning.

23. Casey Osborn - June 9, 2016

I think that’s the worst way to dishonor our vets is by pretending to be one. Our vets have fought and some made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. I wasn’t allowed to serve due to HS sports injury. But I have, and always will support our men and women in uniform. My wife is a vet. She was a medic in the Air Force. Thank all of you for your service to this great nation. God Bless.

24. Javier Padilla Jr. - June 17, 2016

Thank you for doing that shit I’m tired of seeing idiots say they have been in combat and schools that I went to but don’t have the effects of combat I’m 41 and dying of panic disorders can’t eat can’t sleep can’t adapt to life I need help but pride has stop me I don’t hurt no one or myself because of God and family but I’ll tell you if I here bullshit it’s going to happen .

25. John whaley - June 21, 2016

Chris mark! I need your help! This post is a little older but hopefully you get it and email me, I have someone I word with who has been talking about he was a gunny l, a scout sniper recon marine and I had his dd214 pulled, then 3 days later he comes into work with one that a few of us suspect is a fake.
Please email me so I can explain the situation and I’m sure you can help! Thanks!

26. Michael - July 22, 2016

James Wilson claims marine sniper and can’t talk about anything he’s done because it’s classified.
My email

Chris Mark - July 25, 2016

Yup…that is the key to bullshit..the “classified” argument.

27. Joseph - October 11, 2016

I would like to check on validity of someone’s claim they are a Marine Scout Sniper. This guy says his records are classified and yet doesn’t know that a 308 is a rifle round. How can I send you his name without making it public.

Thank you for your time.

Chris Mark - October 11, 2016

Shoot me an email at cmark435@gmail.com. I can tell you right now they are not a sniper. The ‘classified’ is a dead give away. The 308 part is the next 😉

28. David Nix - October 19, 2016

Check on a Tim Goodbread please. I’m looking to hire him and want to make sure he is not full of shit. Which i suspect he is. Thank you. He claims to be a marine sniper. Also a drill instructor.

Chris Mark - October 20, 2016

Will do…

29. Sam Strasser - November 15, 2016

I am a register nurse and former navy nuclear mm3. I have a suspected poser at work named Kevan Holland, who claims to be a former marine sniper. He shows all the girls at work pictures of his “sniper kit”, consisting of a matching civilian at-15 and a glock 19 in desert tan. I have no doubt in my mind that this man is a total liar, but I need this nonsense to stop. He won’t produce a dd-214, and I’m just tired of hearing it every day I go to work.

Chris Mark - November 16, 2016

He is a poser 😉 Already checked for you. Tell him he has been found out. I will ping him directly if you shoot me his email..or I can find it…tell that boy to quit telling fibs!!

30. Jeffrey Nourigat - November 17, 2016

A man ” my boss” constantly bragging about being a sniper and how he can take anyone down physically no matter their size. I have never met a military man that seems like he has to brag about himself so much. I know lots of great military people that don’t brag at all because they don’t like talking about it. My Boss’s name is Jose Flores and he lives in Michigan if that helps. He smokes pot all day because he has a medical weed card for ptsd. He makes me drvery him everywhere and wanna know that he is not a liar. Nothing g bothers me more than someone lying about a serious service many good men have done and died for. If you can please let me know. My e-mail is jeffsfloors4you@yahoo.com. If you need more info let me know so I can find what you need. My name is Jeff Nourigat. Thanks much and Thank You for your service!

31. Alan Prager - December 1, 2016

I know a former active duty Marine who claims to be a Scout Sniper. I’m only aware of his duties as a 1371 combat engineer. Id like to know if he’s full of shit or not. Seems disgraceful to claim to be something you’re not. It’s not only disrespectful to the men who truly earned the title and serve(d) with honor, but it also is like shitting on the actual duty in which you did serve.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Mark - December 1, 2016

Send me some more info at my email cmark435@gmail.com I can tell you based on his primary MOS it sounds like he is full of shit. Only Infantry, Intel and Recon can go to Sniper School in the USMC. Send his name and estimated years and I will confirm..

Russell - May 5, 2017

When I was assigned to 7th Motor T Bn. at Camp Pendleton, I was getting temporary orders to go on West Pac with MSSG13 but I had to do a pft and qualify on the rifle range to be deployable. When I qualified I believe I shot a 287 ( i have slept alot since then) but it was only 1 off the battalion record at the time. The 1st Sgt told me that when I got back he was going to recommend me to attend SSS if I wanted. I was looking forward to it. Got to attend JEST in the Philippines and on our way to Korea, Saddam invaded Kuwait and they turned us around and we stopped in the P.I. again loaded more cargo and steamed to the Persian Gulf. Long story short we were deployed way longer than expected. and I never got back to the 7th MTBN to get that recommendation. Unless the 1st Sgt was blowing smoke, which it wouldn’t have been the first Marine to do that, I think others can attend under special circumstances. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Chris Mark - June 19, 2017

I would have to check with others more knowledgeable than me but…I think he could have recommended you but I don’t know if it would have been accepted. Back then the max rifle score was 250..more l likely you shot a 237/250.

32. Maria - January 29, 2017

I believe my New roommate is a fraud. Will this text be shown to the public, because I do not need any trouble? I am a female that does not carry, and he does.

33. coollynne - January 30, 2017

Mr. Chris Mark, my address may64day@hotmail.com, I sent an e-mail yesterday. Can you PLEASE contact me.

34. Rich Hozjan - February 12, 2017

Check out Gary Plant in Washington state…

35. torrence - February 27, 2017

There is a girl that is dating a friend of mine who said she joined at 15 and became a sniper she served overseas on the border of iraq they made her get shots to stop her period, which in return caused her to get cancer she got shot in the heart and the bullet wasn’t able to be removed which caused her 7 heart attacks and she had to get a pacemaker then she stated that her whole team got blown up and only two survived her and her friend who lost his arm…She was then shipped to Germany where she almost died and had an honourable discharge at age 19. She is now 24 I spoke with my aunt and mother in law who both are veterans and say her story doesn’t add up she has terrible eyesight and says she always has. She has no scars whatsoever. And constantly talks about it even when it’s off topic. I’ve caught her in many other lies, and I just don’t know what to believe. What do you guys think? If someone could verify for me that would be great! Thank you for your time!

Chris Mark - February 27, 2017

Hello. Waste of time checking on this girl. She is 100% lying. Can’t join at 15…they don’t make women get shots to stop their periods and until recently women could not serve as snipers in the US Military….certainly not 9 years ago. Funny thing happens when people get shot in heart…they die. The bullet does not stop…it usually punches right through. Her whole story is BS.

torrence - February 27, 2017

Thank you! I figured as much! I just wanted to make sure. I’m pretty good at telling if someone is lying but I didn’t want to call her out on it until verified!

36. Mike - March 29, 2017

I have a guy that say’s he’s a Marine Scout Sniper/ did work as or with SEAL. Also mentioned Marsoc. Has not produced medals or dd214. I would like to know.

37. Chuck Wilhere - April 5, 2017

How do we nail these idiots. There’s one in Greenup county, KY, named James Scott Reese who claims to be a “special forces, marine sniper.” That’s not even an MOS or a designation. I know. I’m a Marine.
So, how do we embarrass these jack asses?

Chuck Wilhere - April 5, 2017

Want to include that the MOS is 0317 Scout Sniper, formerly billeted as 8541.
There are no special forces in the Marine Corps either. It’s called MARSOC

38. Jason - August 24, 2017

I know a guy who has split service from Marines to Navy and claims he was not only a scout sniper, but a recon scout sniper. He was in the Marines back in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Any way to verify outside of confronting him?

Chris Mark - October 14, 2017

Get his hame and send to me if you don’t want to confront him. I have split service between USMC and US Navy…not super uncommon…

39. Ralph rausch - September 5, 2017

My sister brought home a guy who claims to be a sniper in the army. He is now 45. His full real name is William edwin harris. I did a back ground search on him and found out he pled guilty to rape of a 13 year girl and 15 year old girl. He goes by the name Eddie harris and is from tennessee. If you put his real full name in Google it comes up first thing is court doc.
Thank you..he is a disgrace even if he is a real snipper which I doubt. He don’t seem smart enough.

40. Jimmy Craig - September 21, 2017

John W Roth is claiming to be a SS. Talks a ton of trash and has gotten benefits at work because of his claims. Can you check the God Book and respond?

41. Kevin Hunt - September 25, 2017

This is for Kevin Keffer:
If you went to SS Basic at Stone Bay, have a records pull done for your SRB (Contact your local or any Veterans Organization for assistance). I taught there from 89-9, and I would bet my bottom dollar that JD Smith sent your completion letter to your unit, 1/6 would have inputted it as a completion etc in your SRB and awarded the MOS. He should have been the Chief Instructor when you were at the course. FYI, JD was killed in a POV accident in the early 90’s and it was a great loss for all that knew him. The school symbol that he hand made still hangs in Saigon Sams across from the Air Station. Need any help, email me at kevin.l.hunt3@gmail.com and I’ll talk you through it. Take care and the best of luck in getting this squared away.

42. Russ Payne - October 10, 2017

I’m curious about the surfers..I was with Dragons platoon 3/3 during gulf war.. After Gulf War I was fAPed out to be a lifeguard on the beach at Kbay..I learned to surf and post alot in Facebook about how much I loved it..Are people claiming to be surfing snipers.. LOL..I hated being a grunt and I always thought you STA guys were way out in left field but y’all were badass..I promise I’m real..Shitty Grunt but a great lifeguard.I went to school as an 0352 and got the green weenie from hell by ending up in 3/3.LOL

43. Edmund Sparks - October 16, 2017

class 2-98, Camp pendleton……Feb 1998 verified…Ed Sparks…

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