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An Open Letter to Sgt Major Lovell…. March 26, 2015

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SgtMajor RelievedSgt Major Lovell, I am the author of the blog post you reference in your email to 3/2. I am indeed a former enlisted US Marine Sgt. and also a former US Naval Officer. Instead of ‘disgruntled Former Marine’ you can call me “Sir” as you would have when I served….I served honorably as an Infantry Marine, Scout/Sniper, and Reconnaissance Marine and was discharged on a disability.  I am certainly not ‘disgruntled’.  In fact, I earned my own Combat Action Ribbon as a sniper long before you claimed to have earned your own.  I am certainly more than a “blogger”  Please read my bio and my DD214.  If that does not convince you, you can read some of my articles in National Review, The Counter Terrorist, SC Magazine and others.  Or you can listen to my interviews on NPR, NewsMax and other outlets.  Additionally, I have worked with numerous charitable organizations to help Marines and others. Upon becoming aware of your recent statements, I have decided to post your very self serving ‘apology’ for the world to read. After publication of my story, I  invited you, the USMC, and anyone else who questioned my story to contact me directly.  You did not, the USMC did not and instead, you published an apology attempting to discredit me as a simple blogger and disgruntled former Marine. Today I received an email from a Marine who had taken me to task for the blog post.  He vigorously defended YOU only to find you had lied.  His opening statement to me was telling of his own character and the contrast with your statement is clear.  It said: “When a good man is wrong, a good man will admit it. I was wrong,…”  Instead of owning up to your actions, you continue to try to blame others.  I can only thank God that I never had the misfortune of serving under you while I was an enlisted Marine. I have heard numerous stories and your ‘apology’ below simply demonstrates the accuracy of those stories.  You failed to mention to “your” Marines that you had been contacted about the inconsistencies in your story and given the opportunity to correct said inconsistencies. You did not and I posted my article.  If you would like to contact me, I am easy to find. Here is the email from Sgt. Major Lovell to the Marines of 3/2. “I want to apologize up front for how impersonal this email is, but with the Battalion spread to the winds across the planet and the very short turn I’m on, I just didn’t have the means or time to address you all in person. Many, if not all, have heard of the attack on my reputation via social media. Specifically, a former disgruntled Marine took shots at me by grossly misinterpreting my biography from Facebook to a blog site. I didn’t make it hard for them by being lazy in my attention to detail to ensure that all ribbon racks and documentation I possessed were all 100% accurate. As such, I allowed myself to have some info out there that is correct, and some that is not. Because of this, 4th Marine Regiment has lost trust and confidence in me to continue to serve as your SgtMaj, and I have been relieved and will leave island today.

We all wear a uniform that affords certain liberties in our great country. Of those is freedom of speech. It is because of that, I hold no hate in my heart for someone exercising their rights; only extreme hurt. Hurt yes, because my career is now over long before I wanted it to be; hurt yes, because I cannot continue to serve with you and see this Battalion continue to stand out as the Corps’ best; hurt yes, because of the pain my family is now in; but mostly hurt because of those who think the worst of me. For 21 years I’ve made a reputation for myself…some if it by learning from my mistakes…and some of it by working my butt off. At this level it was all about setting an example for the over 1000 men that make up this great Battalion, and the thousands who look upon us as the example. I did not set the appropriate example for you. I’m blessed to have to many standing by me who truly know me and know better than to take a blogger at his word. While I was lazy in my attention to detail, I have never taken credit for something I have not done…ever. I have a hard time taking credit for the stuff I have which is why I’ve never been much of the story teller I guess. Lastly, you have and will continue to hear bad rumors about me. I understand now that Marine Times will pick up this story too. I cannot describe to you the stress that has placed on me. I’ve truly been beaten to the ground and continue to be kicked while I’m down… I need all of you to know that I gave you everything I have and I’m very proud to see what this Battalion has become from where it was. I’ll do my best to try and focus on all the good you have provided me by your efforts. PLEASE, do not let this Battalion slide in any way. You’re on the verge of becoming legends. God Bless you all.”


1. Marine Scout Sniper - March 26, 2015

This apology by the SgtMaj is almost as much of disgrace as the original crime.

2. Hoot - March 26, 2015

How pathetic can he be to try to blame others. This is all just the perfect payback for Marines such as the one he threaten to NJP for having his boots unbloused while on a combat patrol or the one who took his helmet off to adjust his chin strap. It’s people like him who fail to understand the entire Marine Corps is don’t the drill field. He treats good Marines who have done their time and chose to move on as if they should be getting bad conduct discharges. He is the sole reason many Marines wanted out due to his bullshit. He shouldn’t be just relieved of command, HE should given the bad conduct discharged and sent packing. People like him are what ruins the beloved Corps.

Sgt. “Hoot”, Former Marine Scout/Sniper and Reconnaissance Man

Rob - March 27, 2015

Well said.

3. HMLA-367 - March 27, 2015

This guy needs a psychological evaluation immediately as I’m sure he is due several diagnoses. His self-centered and narcissistic rant, which he intends to be an apology, would be a clear indicator of some sort of psychological issue. To even attempt to say this is all due to a lack of attention to detail is pathetic. If I had put a single extra star on my Sea Service Deployment ribbon, I’m of the hope that my peers and leaders would have had me toting fuel sample buckets across the flight line until I puked. Then, I hope they’d have sent me right back for another round. Then, on to to the CO. This guy is pathetic and needs to be gone. I bet, I just bet though, no matter what happens, he’ll be telling his self-serving stories for years to come. We’re going to see this guy on the Stolen Valor Web site someday. Apparently, he just can’t help himself.

4. RedmanSS - March 27, 2015

To introduce myself, I was the Chief Scout of 3/6 SSP during the time then Sgt Lovell was in the platoon, and know of all the issues with his lies from the 3/6 portion of his bio first hand. Those that know of the back story to this story or who were in that platoon know exactly who I am. In fact, it was me who first posted it to “social media” in a private group of Marines and Sailors who served their country not only in the Marine Corps, but in the top cut of the toughest branch of the military. It’s a brotherhood of men who have our own failings, but one failing we always strive to not have is betrayal of our brothers. If we do, we own it and dedicate ourselves to making good for our transgression. That was where SgtMaj Lovell failed and why I called it out. I took no pleasure in doing so, instead feeling heartache and disappointment about the whole matter.

I didn’t need to fact check his embellishments on his bio concerning his service in that Sniper Platoon because I was there and I have a very sharp memory. While I take issue to his claims of operations in Kosovo and Lebanon, both countries we never set one foot in during those deployments, I really took issue with his claims of Honor Graduate of Scout Sniper School. That was an honor held by Sgt Aaron J Pine, a Marine also in our platoon, a friend of SgtMaj Lovell during our service together in that platoon, and a Marine who is no longer with us to defend himself. As such, it is on our shoulders to protect him always. That’s what brothers do.

If by “disgruntled Marine” the SgtMaj means “someone who is upset I dishonored myself, a brother, the Marine Corps and the Scout Sniper community”, then he is very much correct. But we all can plainly see that is not how he feels. Instead he feels attacked, like it’s our fault he was called to the carpet. It’s not social media, Facebook or a blogger that made this go down – it was SgtMaj Lovell who made this happen. It wasn’t laziness in writing an official bio or preparing a uniform, it was deliberate actions to boost his own career and reputation unjustly and was unnecessary in the first place. The words he was looking for were not “disgruntled Marine … misinterpreting”, instead the words he should have used are “whistleblowers speaking the truth”.

I’ve emailed the SgtMaj about this whole situation and have yet to have a response. No ownership of his mistakes, no apologies, simply more conceited behavior on his behalf that he was innocent and taken down unjustly. This story speaks for itself.

Semper Fidelis. It means something to us still, and even after our service to our Country and Corps have been completed, the service to our brothers never ceases.

5. errrv - March 27, 2015

Lying piece of shit. Send him to the brig. Stolen Valor is common but not from a senior enlisted man.

Erv Felker
GySgt USMC (Ret.)

HMLA-367 - March 27, 2015

Gunnyy Felker; my apologies but I incorrectly attributed the comments from RedmanSS to you in my response. I should wear my glasses more often. As it stands, I agree with your comment as well. I’m curious to see how our Corps will disposition this case.

6. blackwind10 - March 27, 2015

Excellent work Marine, 🙂 Ditto on being thankful we never had the misfortune of serving under this clown.

7. Theresa - March 27, 2015

I am disgusted and read the email from Sgt Major Lovell.
Excerpts with my response listed as ** directly underneath.

1. “a former disgruntled Marine took shots at me by grossly misinterpreting my biography from Facebook to a blog site.”
** Bio was published on the USMC 3/2 Website, is this now considered facebook?

2. ” I didn’t make it hard for them by being lazy in my attention to detail to ensure that all ribbon racks and documentation I possessed were all 100% accurate.
** The embellishment referencing Sgt Aaron Pine’s honor was intentional, and disgraceful and dishonorable.

3. “As such, I allowed myself to have some info out there that is correct, and some that is not. “
** Incorrect information – It is called a “lie”.

4. “Of those is freedom of speech. It is because of that, I hold no hate in my heart for someone exercising their rights; only extreme hurt. “
** He is hurt that he was caught and exposed, otherwise the false image would still be going on.

5. “I did not set the appropriate example for you. “
** And continues to do so.

6. “I’m blessed to have many standing by me who truly know me and know better than to take a blogger at his word. “
** Verification. Nobody was “taking a blogger at his word

7. “While I was lazy in my attention to detail, I have never taken credit for something I have not done…ever. “
** See #3-

8. “I’ll do my best to try and focus on all the good you have provided me by your efforts”
** Start by telling the truth and stop attacking the author.

To sum it up: He has stated he lied and continues to do so. He continues to try and blame the author without realizing who the author is.

8. G - March 27, 2015

This really happened thats flipping hosed up TF over …

9. Marine Scout Sniper. 21 years in the Corps. - March 27, 2015

This fucktard is the reason good Marines get out of the Corps.

10. Steve Trubilla (@SteveTrubilla) - March 27, 2015

I am throwing a flag on this. SgtsMaj do not get relieved behind a BS tip. So he did what he did, and there is your bottom line. As for the Sgt then Naval Officer.That wants the SgtMaj to call him Sir. I found this was really important to most former enlisted. It was like they wanted to point out how they were now senior to everyone, and talked down to SNCO’s. Was never a problem or issue to say Sir to those that gave the respect they were getting. Those that did not usually were just addressed by their rank. Someone owes all the Marines and Sailors that has their trust violated an apology. Well I am a retired SgtMaj,for what it is worth, I am sorry for what SgtMaj Lovell did. Semper Fidelis

Chris Mark - March 28, 2015

Steve, my point was not to sound condescending to any Enlisted rather to make a very direct point to the Sgt Major. That is all. quit pro quo for his dishonest and disparaging remark toward me.

Steve Trubilla - March 28, 2016

Chris, I revisited this post and noted your reply. I understand your point. v/r

Chris Mark - March 31, 2016

Thank you Steve

11. Humble Marine - March 28, 2015

Unfortunately, this apology is nothing close to what should have been presented by the SgtMaj. I will be interested to see if the rest of the SgtMaj community will close ranks. I bet this guy stood outside the mainside 7 day store on Camp Lejeune and chewed people out for wearing “shower shoes”. All marines can see through the type of bullshit this guy is pushing. What an embarrassment.

12. Ben - March 30, 2015

The Battalion is on “the verge of becoming legends”? Think the Betio Bastards were a legend already tagged in WWII not because he was taking them somewhere, or is he taking credit for that as well.

13. Jesus Perez - March 30, 2015

I was deeply disappointed when finding this story on your site. Lovell worked for me as my 3rd Hat down at Parris Island. He came down to P.I as a GySgt, which doesn’t normally happen. But, it does and in this case 2 times. I was a Sergeant “Heavy” with a GySgt Senior and 3rd Hat both 1st full platoon. The man was barely an average Drill Instructor. But, as a Marine I was astonished of his career. We all know as Marines when you meet Marines that are on another level, this was him. I knew he would be a SgtMaj but needed the check in the box. But, there was always something that didn’t sit right with me.
At this time, I can see that his true colors came out, it is sad that he made it to the top. It is the old philosophy , just cause you crease your cammies, spit shine everything, and haircut on Monday your hot shit, even turds can be sprayed gold. I don’t wish this type of attention on any Marine, as it hurts as a whole. But, nor do I want a dead Marine’s valor taken from the work he or she put in.
his attempt to an apology seemed a lot like Brian Williams, smoke and mirrors, but no real ownership or apology. As a SgtMaj, you live and die by attention to detail. Think about all the decisions he made that impacted those under his charge. He has tarnished the Corps, the Rank and those Marines that have served with him.

14. Ed Stull SGT USMC Nam 66-69 - January 24, 2016

Right on Jesus. While it is true that imperfect men get somehow elevated to high rank, they are still held to a higher standard. It was my decision not to be a career Marine as a result of the tolerance within the Corps for this insanity. True leadership has utmost personal integrity 24-7. A little sleep, a little slumber….

15. Jeff - June 9, 2016

Is there a status update on Lovell. I’m curious what the Marine Corps did with him.

CarolinaGirl - July 10, 2016

He’s no longer a Marine, though he still calls himself one. At one time, had a leadership roll at his church and probably still does. Apparently, no one at the church ever called him to task, which is a real shame.

Chris Mark - July 11, 2016

That is pretty common. While he lied, he still served his country honorably and I wish him no harm.

Jeff - July 11, 2016

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what happened. Once a Marine always a Marine. Semper Fi, Sir.

16. Jonathan Pine e - August 28, 2016

Mr. Mark,
I can’t remember if I reached out to you after this came out, but if not, thank you sir. I am Sgt Aaron Pine’s brother. I was just going through pictures of Aaron while he was overseas. God, they looked so young. Anyway, a few of the pics has Lovell in them, with his arm around my brother’s shoulder. I saw that, and then remembered that he spoke at Aaron’s memorial service, and immediately saw red. I went back and read your blog and then subsequently the articles that followed.
I want to thank you, and thank the Marines of 3/6 that set the record straight about my brother’s Scout Sniper Honor Graduation.
My parents and I were there for the graduation ceremony. I was probably 14 at the time, and was never so proud of my big brother as I was that day. I remember when he had leave during the school he made me help him make his ghillie suit! So much burlap…..I thought we’d never finish.
I’m grateful for Lovell’s service. But I’m more grateful for Marines like you, and the Marines Aaron served with, that still protect his honor. Thank you, sir.
-Jonathan Pine

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