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Chris Mark in the National Review (Smearing Snipers) July 2, 2015

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Someone called me out for ‘not finishing SEAL training’ (I was injured and discharged on a disability)..I am still proud to be able to say I was an Active duty Marine Corps Scout/Sniper and Recon Marine…BUDS didn’t work out as I was hurt but at least I got a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) as a Marine…;)

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COBRAI was asked to write a review of the movie American Sniper.  The National Review asked for a ‘sniper’s’ perspective on the movie.  I asked if I could write a larger piece on how snipers are maligned as ‘hate filled killers’ and ‘murderers’.  I am excited that I was given the opportunity to tell a story that is not often told.  I am grateful to the National Review for providing the opportunity to give insight into the dangerous job of being a sniper.   The name o the article is “Smearing Snipers; What Many Americans Don’t Get About Our Warrior Elite”  If you are so inclined, please consider donating to the R&S Foundation.   We are a group of volunteer former Reconnaissance Marines and Scout Snipers who work to support our brothers in need.  You can donate here.  Thank you for anything you can give!…

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