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A Marine Sniper’s Review of the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) January 2, 2016

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RPRAs a former US Marine Sniper I still enjoy the science and craft required for long range shooting.  While my days of sniping are well behind me, shooting at 1000+ yards still gets my blood flowing.  I have numerous rifles chambered in everything from the .416 Ruger to 8mms, .308s, .270s. 300 WM etc.  Here is my review of the new RPR.  At the 2015 ShotShow Ruger released it’s newest rifle the Ruger Precision Rifle.  Chambered in the venerable .308 Winchester as well as the .243 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor the rifle was designed from the ground up for precision.  It shares numerous parts with the AR15 platform and comes with a 20MOA rail for long range shooting.  After some research I decided to purchase an RPR.  Imagine my surprise when I found that they were listed for $1,100!…some dealers were selling them for as little as $995! Considering this is a rifle that can shoot 1/2 MOA out of the box, I had to get one!  While I was raised as a sniper on the .308 (7.62×51 for you military types) I asked some of my sniper friends what they felt.  It was nearly unanimous opinion that the 6.5 Creedmoor was ballistically superior to the .308.  For a very short moment I felt like I was committing sacrilege by buying a 6.5 over the classic 7.62.  A little research showed that the 6.5 is a much better round.  High ballistic coefficient, and great sectional density.  While a medium velocity round at about 2700FPS for the 140 grain it still retains 18% more energy at 1,000 yards than the heavier 175 Grain .308!  It also drops less and has less drift.  Overall, the .308 is simply out matched by the 6.5 Creedmoor.  Congrats to Hornady on building a great long range round.

My 6.5 CM RPR arrived and I mounted Vortex PST 6×24 x 50 FFP glass with an MRAD reticle using some Vortex medium height Tactical 30mm Rings. Because no self respecting HOG would ever leave a firearm in stock form and risk ridicule from his brothers I added a JP Enterprises Muzzle Brake (the barrel is pre-threaded for either a can or a brake…nice feature) and a Bipod and Rubberized pistol grip with palm shelf.

I bought some Hornady Match ammo in 140 Grain AMAX and headed to the range over Christmas holiday.  The first 40 rounds or so were OK…shooting about 1 MOA. Not bad considering the barrel was not broken in. Brought my lovely wife to the range (she loves long range shooting and we are sharing the boom stick) and she was putting 1 MOA groups out to 300 yards.  Very good day at the range!  Recoil was very manageable even though the brake had not been installed.

Today I headed to our local range.  Conditions were cold.  15 degrees with a slight (5 mph) full value wind at 9 O’Clock.  I zeroed the RPR at 200 then spend some time just shooting groups.  After I a few sub MOA groups I felt pretty good with the rifle and moved on to long range.  The ammo had the ballistic info out to 500 yards so I just made the scope adjustments and proceeded to ring steel round after round for the next 20 rounds out to 500 yards.  I broke out my ballistic calculator..did a few calculations (Marine Corps Math…using all my fingers and toes) and then shot out to the longest gong to 812 yards.  From 400-800 the incline increased to about 15 degrees so that had to be accounted for.  I heard someone describe this rifle as “Boringly Accurate”.  I would say that is not an inaccurate statement.  That rifle, in the right hands, can flat out shoot!  Going to the max 812 yards that my range would allow was easy with the RPR.  Keep in mind that I have still put less than 120 rounds through this rifle.  It is still not completely broken in and I am not nearly as comfortable as I am with my 700SPS (over 3,000 rounds through it).

Here is my recommendation for those wanting to shoot long range.  BUY THIS RIFLE!…for the price you simply cannot beat the value. The features (threaded barrel, use of universal mags, AR parts, adjustable trigger (down to only 2.5 lbs however), Picatinny rails) make this a great rifle.  I would recommend the 6.5 and a brake.  Also, a great rifle requires great glass.  Do NOT buy this rifle and put cheap glass on it.  You will NOT get the benefit of the rifle.  While there are many great scope companies (Nightforce, Steiner, Leupold, Schmidt & Bender, Burris (they do have good ones))..for the price, I think Vortex is the way to go.  You can get 95% of the performance for 50% of the price.  They also have an unlimited, no questions asked, lifetime warranty!.  Simply cannot beat it.


1. RDJ - March 16, 2016

I bought the .308. It may be true that the CM is a good round but I’m from the old Army and I couldn’t abandon an old friend.
I put the same Vortex that you did only in MOA. So far I have only had time to zero it at 100 yards. The rifle printed a .33 grouping so, so far I’m happy. The plans are for my RPR to take me out to a mile this summer. I’ll let you know how it does.

Chris Mark - March 16, 2016

Man…308 is still a great round! While the 6.5 has better ballistics I really miss the punch of the .308 and the ring when it hits ;)…you will love that rifle! I found that it really takes (in my case) about 200 rounds to get the barrel broken in…after 200 rounds that baby was really hitting!…if you are already hitting .33 that is a fine shooting long gun!…do you reload?

david fruin - May 21, 2016

at 100yds .308 lapua scenar 167grn 43grns vihtavouri under .5 inch group ruger precision rifle really pleased with this rifle

Terry - February 22, 2017

Is the barrel shorter for the 308 20 inches or there’s a common 26 to

2. Peter Wierenga - March 19, 2016

Any thoughts about getting that kind of accuracy out of the 243? I thought I read that the 243 has even better ballistic coefficient than the 6.5 Creedmoor. The downside being that you have to handload to get all the benefit.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2016

Great question. I have to be honest aside from hunting with a .243 I don’t know much. I have read they are very, very accurate (6mm) but the issue is that off the shelf ammo is very limited. I would believe if you handloaded you could get every bit as much accuracy. Keep in mind you will burn the barrel quicker as it is a much hotter round. I have heard that a couple thousand rounds at .243 and the barrels are getting less accurate.

Brad - June 30, 2016

I’ve hunted deer in OK and TX for 37 years with .243 rifles…it’s by far my favorite caliber. It’s fast, super accurate and you can reach way out there and tag one if needed. I prefer Winchester 70 and Rem 700 models.

Chris Mark - June 30, 2016
    First 3 deer I ever shot were taken with a .243. Thanks for posting!
3. Darren - May 2, 2016

ery happy I found this article! I have an RPR in .308 I’m currently setting up. I’ve got the bipod on ‘er now, and the scope is in the mail. I actually ordered the same Vortex model, but with an MOA EBR 2C reticle. I was wondering about ring height. I want the Vortex tactical rings also. I’d like to know how much clearance the medium rings gave and if it ended up being a good height for a proper cheek weld. Would you recommend going to the high rings instead?

Chris Mark - May 2, 2016

Honestly, I have the mediums and with a scope cover it touches the barrel. Generally, use the lowest rings that give you space from the barrel and allow you to maintain a good cheek weld. With the RPR’s stock coming with a fully adjustable comb, I think high rings would work fine. Keep in mind the Vortex has a 50mm objective. That is a big scope!. I hope you enjoy the rifle! Thank you for writing…

Carl - May 9, 2016

Darren, I went with the Vortex Precision High (1.45″) rings and couldn’t be happier. I don’t like when my caps touch, I feel it can throw of the set of the glass.

Chris Mark - May 9, 2016

Thanks carl! Good advice. My caps are on the barrell. I do think like it. I may go higher rings.

4. Dave McGrew - May 3, 2016

Which bipod did you mount on the rifle? Just got my Ruger Precision 6..5 Creedmoor and am wanting insight to what matches best. Thanks!

Chris Mark - May 11, 2016

I use a Sinclair tactical but will likely change it. I don’t like the ‘canting’ ability. Nice bi-pod but will likely move on to something more stable. I may be moving on to the BP09. Looks cool and connects to the outside rails. I would need to add some rails but I am going to try it…http://www.amazon.com/Sniper-BP09-Adjustable-Picatinny-Precision/dp/B011EWY9KE

5. Cary Kieffer - May 12, 2016

Gmorn Brother, we have similar backgrounds and it sounds like toy collections as well. I just bought mine yesterday, with the Vortex as usual too, I went with the EBR 2c reticle. I have a set of Talley rings around here somewhere I am going to use. Anywho, I went 7.62….I realize the 6.5 has its merits but I am afraid someday the anti gunners will win…this country isn’t getting any better. I saw a poll yesterday that 25% of the military will vote for the Hildebeast….just great. In the event the anti 2nd amendment idiots ever win and somehow stop ammo or gun supply for good I think the 6.5 will be hard to come by…where the 7.62 is pretty much eternal and should be easier to get my hands on if my considerable stashed supply runs out. That was my reasoning behind the choice. Back to the rifle, it’s amazing it comes as “ready to go” as it does with the price tag I paid. I can’t wait to start playing with this baby. Nice review and Semper fi.

Chris Mark - May 12, 2016

Thank you brother! Semper Fi~ You will love the rifle!

6. Gary Feece - May 13, 2016

Just shot my 6.5 w/burris veracity 4X20. Rifle shot as well as my Steyr SSG after 1000 rounds. It can only get better. Due to the anti gunners I buy ammo in VERY large bulk and reload. Its worth peace of mind. I am prior Army and retired DOD. Take care and great shooting. Pray for this country during this election.

7. Tim Votaw - May 22, 2016

Hi, Chris. Great run-down. Another 8541 here (0317 now, I’m told). Grew up on a Model 70 ’06, told a lotta hunting tales in front of my gunny; next thing, I’m on a helo to school in Danang, RVN. Came back to the company 10 days later packing…yeah, you guessed it.

Anyhow, over the years, did like a lot of us and gathered up a few pieces in 5.56 and 7.62’s, both kind. Mostly for ‘practical’ use. Then, when the RPR came out, I got that old Jones, and like you, I swallowed hard, apologized to the 308’s in the safe for jumping ship, and sprung for the 6.5. Just got it, and started the transformation of a few improvement bits like the grip, LRI bolt shroud, a Vortex Razor 5-20×50 ffp (becuz the PST 6×24 ffp mrad is way out on backorder), Atlas bipod (great unit but costs a bit unless you get a blem, which I can then recommend, over a Harris). Starting with Hornaday’s Amax rounds, but have my name in on some Prime, a new producer with good feedback. This platform has me digging out the reloading gear, too. Anyhow, as it comes together and I anticipate a range day, I can tell the old juices are still there. Glad I found this blog, and as always, Semper Fi. Oh, and please keep filing those range reports. This is a great, American-made rifle for the coin.

Chris Mark - May 22, 2016

Semper Fi Brother! Thanks for the comments. Yup..they moved the 8541 to 0317 in the early 2000’s, I believe. Great to have another HOG reading!

8. John B Williams - June 4, 2016

I purchased the updated Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5CM…only difference I see is a muzzlebrake at the end. I know they say has a shorter handgaurd and a bolt guard. I did purchase the vortex scope you mentioned above.

I am new to long range shooting and plan on eventually reloading but I want to purchase some factory ammo and all the websites say Hornady AMAX 140gr but they have been discontinued. I have not been able to find any other recommendations.

Do you have any suggestions for comparable factory loads?

Chris Mark - June 4, 2016

Let me do some research..I am just getting used to reloading for the 6.5

Chris Mark - June 4, 2016
9. bufanator - June 4, 2016

I am new to long range shooting and just purchased the new model of the Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor and mounted the Vortex scope you listed above.

Before I just start buying ammo I was trying to find recommended factory loads and pretty much everything I read points to Hornady AMAX 140gr. Though that ammo is discontinued and I cannot get a hold of it. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you for your service and thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have,

Chris Mark - June 4, 2016

The AMAX is discontinued because it has been replaced by better ammo!…Look for the Hornady ELD..it is the AMAX with updated plastic…doesn’t melt at high speed…Same design but with better design!..I shoot ELD…very good bullets..just like AMAX but instead of red it is now maroon 😉

10. Alex Stottle - June 9, 2016

Here is a question for you. I purchased the same rifle in 6.5CM along with the Viper 6-24-50 PST scope with an MRAD reticle, matched medium rings. However after zeroing at 200 yds it took all of the shims I received with the scope to achieve zero stop. I now only have 1.75 turns left in elevation adjustment. With that being said I am shooting the Winchester match grade ammo in 140grhp.
Any idea on why there is so little adjustment left on the unit?

Chris Mark - June 19, 2017

Sorry for the delay. Sounds like taller rings are in order..or more shims. It sounds strange but that is all I can figure. Maybe another reader has more insight…mine mounted fine with Vortex Medium rings and no shims…had great elevation all the way to 1K+

11. Pat S. - June 16, 2016

Gents, I got my hands on the RPR last July and have run it out past 1100 yds here in VA. I topped mine with a Vortex 4-16 FFP for awhile and then put a Leupold MK4 on it with the TS-32X1 reticle. H4350 is probably the best powder, but it is HARD to find…probably due to the 6.5 Creedmoor popularity. So, I went with 42.0 RL17 (Hornady book max load), 140 Sierra MatchKing in Hornady brass seated to 2.810″. That length feeds well in the Magpul mags. This is a very consistent load chrony’d at about 2820 FPS with zero pressure signs. I managed to get a one hole group at 100 yds with this load that I mic’d at .24″ center to center. BTW I use the SMK since they don’t have any polymer which can melt at distance. Haven’t tried the new ELD yet.

12. Rich Hanner - June 21, 2016

Good read. The only thing I have a hard time agreeing with is the Vortex. Yes, they are a good scope, but a comparable Leupold MK4 isn’t twice the price. I’d spend the extra $300.

Chris Mark - July 19, 2016

Good point. I like Leupold and probably am using out dated pricing. Thanks for the info..

13. Jeff Ellis - July 24, 2016

Great review. I bought the 6.5. What brake did you use? Thank you.

14. Dan - July 31, 2016

Didn’t know ex marines make so much money they can afford 6.5 creedmor ammo… 🙂 This is why most go for 308 – it’s 3-5 times cheaper

Pink helicopter - September 11, 2016
15. Jeff Phillips - August 13, 2016

No such thing as an ex Marine. My contract with the USMC ended in 1997, but I AM a MARINE and I will die a MARINE! Semper Fi!

Now that I have Dan straightened out, I have ordered the RPR in 308. I just could not bring myself to purchase the 6.5CM. I agree that it is a ballisticly superior round, but I’m already setup with thousands of 308 rounds and reloading supplies.

Chris Mark - August 17, 2016

Honestly, I like the feel of the .308 better. The 6.5 flies better but it is expensive. For the money, if you are set, I think the .308 is a good bet!

Travis - August 23, 2016

I’m waiting for the .308 version to come in stock a we speak. I’m new to long range shooting and found this article very informative. Unfortunately I can’t afford a 1500 dollar scope :/

I have a $400 Burris 1×6 I had for my AR that I’ve since sold. As a new shooter I’m more interested in shooting well at ranges such as 100-500 yards. Is a 1000+ dollar scope the only way? I can sell my car or something haha

Either way great info thanks man.

Chris Mark - August 23, 2016

Travis, you are doing it right! Look man…shooting is a game of diminishing returns. With that rifle and a $300 scope you can ding to 800 all day long and 1000 with a bit of practice. To get to 1500+ or to shoot really tight groups at longer ranger or to shoot fast..you spend more. The VAST majority of people will NEVER use their rifles to do that. I have a $350 Nikon on my 700SSP. I shoot that little dude to 800 yards like it is nothing. For anything under 500…truth be told…a decent fixed 10 power Nikon, Burris etc. would be perfect. The increase in price is really attributed to variable mag, First Fixed Plane focus (don’t ask)…and the quality of the optics. At very long ranges it is important. At 500..you are fine. I used to shoot with a fixed 10 power Unertyl out to 1K. Get a decent fixed power scope of 10X…decide if you want Mils or MOA. Honestly I like Mils better..much easier to use. Then spend a bit on getting some good brass and learning to reload. A set of dies, a scale, and a hand press for a long gun will run you about $130…you can reload for about 1/2 the cost of factory ammo and it will be 20-30% more accurate…The .308 is a great round! Remember…”it is not the dope on the gun..it is the dope behind the gun”…spend some quality range time on fundamentals..it will pay off in spades!

Cary Kieffer - August 23, 2016

I agree with the author’s recommendation of the Nikon. However, if your budget constraints are even tighter go ahead and look at this Weaver. (Link below) I have a couple of these I’ve been using for 7 or 8 years. I use them every time I get a new toy that I need to save cash for a Vortex or now Sig’s Tango 4’s. They have both been fantastic. Good luck and congrats. You’ll love your RPR.


PS. I see them cheaper on ebay quite often.

16. grant covey - August 14, 2016

I went with 308 just getting started but also put the vortex on with the high mounts. any sugestions for a newer long distance shooter.

17. Randy - August 26, 2016

I just bought this rifle in .308 a couple of weeks ago, put the brake and a Vortex 4-16×50 on it. After zeroing in at 200 yards and with only 120 rounds through the rifle, and being new to long range shooting, was putting lead down range in .5 groupings. Very happy with the new addition to the family. Thanks for the post, good info.

18. Henry Brosnaham - August 31, 2016

Semper fi Brother! Great poop! I’ve got 300 RDS thru my RPR .243 with factory 100 gr and its a tack driver to 600 yds. Waiting on 105 gr reloads to bust out to 1000! Keep up the good info.:)

19. Megan - September 25, 2016

Hey there. I’m picking up my 308 version of this rifle and want to be sure I have a carry case. Can you, or anybody else, tell me the length when the stock is folded and a barrel with the hybrid muzzle break? Thanks in advance. Semper fi. M

20. marineforlife - September 25, 2016

Thought he might know hat he was talking about until he brought up Vortex.The Pst Is a POS.

Chris Mark - September 26, 2016

So because you believe Vortex PST is a POS you decide that “I” don’t know what I am talking about? No doubt you are some POG. Go home.

Cary Kieffer - September 26, 2016

Geez thanks for the valuable info! When I put 5 68gr Hornadys this weekend into a .351 inch group with a PST on top, 5 175 Sierra’s into a ragged hole with this articles exact scope and 10 of my hand loaded 50 gr zmax into a nickel sized hole ALSO with a 1-4x Viper PST ON TOP out of my 10.5 inch SBR I guess I’m just lucky I managed to hit the paper…..unless you want to post some actual facts….like Vortex’s awesome fn warranty which they do back up or how you get almost all the highest level performance at half and sometimes a third of the price….You got some mind blowing news for us let’s hear it…but don’t come on here with a blanket bullshit statement like that with nothing to back it up. That PST on my shortie has been there 2.5 years with 8000 down range and I have YET to need to rezero…. Good day then.

10or45 - October 3, 2016

The Crossfire Vortexes are the low end. Anyone that calls a PST a POS is an idiot.

21. Larry Syverson - October 9, 2016

I’ve had the .308 caliber version since August of 2015. I’m with a gun club that is blessed with a 1000 yard range. This gun, with its 20″ barrel will NOT shoot at 1000 yards. I could hold groups at 800 yards and keep them in a space the size of a small dinner plate. 900 yards, I hit the target maybe 2 or three times. 1000 yards… over 20 shots and never hit paper. At 900 the guys in the pit reported that I was subsonic. This is a “stop shooting immediately” condition at our range. Basically the bullet could be going anywhere at that point. I’ve tried numerous loads, including the new ELD Match bullets… still won’t do 1000 yards. If you want to shoot at these distances, don’t buy a .308 caliber model. You will be very disappointed. Shorter ranges… it works fine. I can get about 1 MOA consistently at 100 yards, so its good enough for most anything a person might encounter. But lets face it, this isn’t a hunting rifle.. One nice thing I noticed is that it is pretty insensitive to heat. Even after 20-25 rounds it keeps pretty much the same group and the barrel only gets comfortably warm. I bought my son a Rem 700 LTR for his birthday and it’ll put the RPR to shame, right out of the box. (Think of a Rem 700 with a 1″ OD, 20″ long fluted barrel) He can easily hold a 3 inch group at 300 yards with factory match ammo. And the only reason I say 3″ is with a 5 shot group, he’ll have three holes touching and a couple of “flyers”, that put it out at a 3″ circle. I can’t match that. I can maybe do 4″… maybe. Neither of these guns has more that 150 rounds through them, yet. So they should both improve with time. His can be used as a hunting rifle… mine can’t, unless I want to employ a gun bearer. 🙂 I’m pretty confident I could do 1000 yards with a 28″ barrel in .308 but why bother buying a longer. heavier barrel, when it would make much more sense just to change calibers and get all of the advantages of the Creedmore round. As soon as I can find a good replacement barrel in 6.5 Creedmore I am planning to rebarrel it. BTW, I found that the best grouping is with a relatively light load of IMR 4064 powder. These are my experiences to date, take them for what they are worth.

Chris Mark - October 10, 2016

I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I politely disagree with the 1000 yard comment. A .308 firing 168SMK is only losing about 70fps from a 24 inch to a 20 inch barrel. It does not go ‘subsonic’ until after 1000 yards. The idea of a bullet ‘going anywhere’ once it is subsonic is patently false. I am surprised your range thinks this. Do they prohibit sub-sonic ammo? We had to qualify at 1,000 yards in the USMC with a .308 shooting 173gn ammo. It will do it. Here is a study a guy did a couple of years ago. It mimics other studies around .308s. http://rifleshooter.com/2014/12/308-winchester-7-62x51mm-nato-barrel-length-versus-velocity-28-to-16-5/

22. Larry Syverson - October 10, 2016

You weren’t in the target pit… so don’t tell me it wasn’t subsonic. Trust me, these guys know the difference. They were on the radios within just a few shots. I’ve looked everywhere on the net regarding 1000 yd. shooting with a .308 and I’ve never found a single report of anyone shooting at 1000 yrs. with a 20″ barrel and hitting anything. If you can find one, send me the link. If you have a load that will work, let me know also… I’d love to get this thing 1000 yd. capable.

I’ve used 168 gr. SMKs… with 40.3 gr. of 4064 which gives me 2398 fps avg. 800 yds. they work fine. 900 yds. you can barely hit the paper. 1000 yds. forget it.

I’m just saying, if you want an RPR for use as a target rifle, forget the .308 version. You can do at least as well with a Rem 700 in the proper form and you can even take it hunting. Or better yet, get a different caliber. Google reviews of anyone using it and you will see it delivers, at best, OK accuracy in .308 form. Take if from someone that actually owns one… Just trying to save you some hard earned money.

Chris Mark - October 10, 2016

I own several 700s and an rpr…i own 308s…300s…6.5s…and about 10 other calibers. I have shot 1k with a 20 inch barell. Subsonic does not mean inaccurate…debating super vs sub is irrelevant. How could they tell from the pits if it was sub? I have pulled more than my share of targets. Regardless….the difference between 24 and 20 inches is irrelevant from 800 to 1k. I am travelling but will send my load. I am getting almost 2750 from my 20 inch sps shooting 165 amax….i do load hot…not a big deal. No offense but most shooters are only ok with accuracy. I have shot under 3/8ths at 100 with my 6.5 rpr…it is accuate.

23. Clearnce - October 21, 2016

Thank you sir, would you suggest a place to start learning long range shooting? I will be purchasing this rifle soon and it will be my first long range gun (handgun guy).

Chris Mark - October 24, 2016

I would suggest taking a class. While you can read books on the concepts to estimate range, call wind etc. there is nothing like having a solid shooter watch you shoot and giving you pointers. Head out to any long range and watch the good shooters. I go to ranges often and will give tips if asked. The primary attributes of good long range shoot are 1) sight alignment and sight picture 2) natural body position and point of aim 3) trigger control 4) breath control. Remember…shooting well is shooting consistently. Any fool can hit a bullseye by luck once in a while. I don’t know if they still do this but the first day I showed up at USCM sniper school they had us shoot at 25 yards with a .22 40x. If we could not hold a 1/2 group we went home. The instructors did not care where the group was..just that we could shoot a consistent group. They said “if you cannot group with this rifle, we cannot teach you to shoot”. Fundamentals are fundamentals. Shooting 25 yards with a .22 requires the same fundamentals as shooting 1K with a .308. Now..at longer ranges you deal with more environmental issues so the fundamentals are even more important. The other thing I will say is…”learn your rifle”. if you shoot once per year..you will not really know the rifle. Put rounds down range. I have two types of ammo I shoot. Trash ammo for short range and ‘drillls’ and my ‘match ammo’ for long range, precision shooting. I hand load all my precision ammo but will buy trash ammo (not bad ammo but less expensive than what i reload) and shoot 100+ rounds a session. Just me. You have to shoot a lot to get good..

Paul Hillar - November 10, 2016

Looking for a long range shooting class? May I suggest Hollands Long Range Shooting School (Holland Precision) in Powers OR. About $2000.00 and 4 days of intense instruction and TONS of information. I am a Gunsmith here in CA., Darrell Holland is one of my instructors and I use quite a few items that he produces. He is a Master Gunsmith and builds custom long range rifles, and most are in .308. I think you’ll find him very personable, he’s great to talk to. You will need at least 100 rounds a day. They will send you info on class dates. 541-439-5155. Keep shooting!

John B Williams - November 12, 2016

A little late but I know some pro shooters that go do K&M Precision Rifle Training. I am planning on going to the Basic LRP Course myself next year. Not sure what part of the country you are in but this maybe more in your area.


bufanator - November 12, 2016

Sorry posted this under another post sorry.

I know a few pro shooters who like K&M Precision Rifle Training.

Plan on taking a course next year.

24. Paul - October 31, 2016

Dear Chris

I have been wanting to purchase a popular alternative, but they are more than three times the price of the Ruger. Fully appreciating your sentiments towards the .308, based on my own military training, my first notion was also to opt for that. However, my order was in for a 6 mm before I even read your review, and I feel a lot more comfy now having made that decision. Thanks for the information and providing that comfort. Having shot Bianchi, IPSC, Police pistol and every other conceivable handgun discipline, I finally decided that the running around was no longer fun (fact is I am getting old for that nonsense!) and after hunting Wildebeest and Gemsbok with an old second world war .303, I decided to treat myself and get the RPR. Thanks and regards.

Dr Paul Nel
South Africa

Chris Mark - November 11, 2016

The 6mm is a great round! I think you will be very happy with the RPR. On that note, I love your country! I have had a chance to visit and fell in love with South Africa. Thanks for commenting.

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[…] January, 2016 I purchased a Ruger RPR and wrote a review that has had nearly 200,o00 readers.  Given the interest and the holiday season I thought I would […]

26. JPW@toolsforliberty - December 5, 2016

I realize I am a little late to this article, but I would like to second your final comments on Vortex being one of the best glass values you can find. However, there is another outstanding value brand that needs some recognition as they are not nearly as well marketed and lack the brand recognition. This is simply a personal preference and I realize others might disagree, but for my eyes, I prefer the SWFA SS land SS HD line’s over the Vortex PST and Razor line’s respectively. I say, “my eyes” because I have an astigmatism and whether it’s the way I perceive it or it’s the actual glass, the SWFA’s have a sharper clearer image all the way to the edges. In fact, I first purchased the vortex viper PST 1-4x for an AR, then I bought the Vortex Razor 6-24x FFP w/ Illum. MRAD Reticle and married if with my custom long range 700 Bolt Gun 7mm rem. mag. However, after personally experiencing SWFA’s SS HD 6-24x FFP illum. MilQuad Reticle, I was shocked. I was a Vortex junkie and had that shattered in that instant. For a little less than the Razor, I could have had a scope that is every bit as robust and has the exact same warranty coverage as vortex with their no questions asked policy. As outstanding as the Razor line is (and I had the gen. 1. and if the Gen 2 line), and it truly is an outstanding scope. For me and my eyes, I made the decision to sell my Razor HD and Buy the SWFA SS HD. As you can imagine, I didn’t have any problems selling the Vortex (although, looking back, I should have kept it for another platform). I waited for BlackFriday as that is the only day that I recall SWFA has any promotions all year long. I ended up purchasing 2 scopes as they had a ridiculous price on buying both the 1-6x SS HD FFP illum. MRAD turrets and their MilQuad Ret. (similar to mil-dot, but with diamonds instead of dots). That scope was the icing on top of the 6-24x SS HD that was part of the (I believe it was a Buy 1 get 1 half off). Well, I was every bit as impressed with the 1-6x SS HD FFP w/illum. MilQuad Ret. and MRAD turrets that I pulled the 1-4x Vortex PST which was an SFP scope. It was a no brainer. I sold the PST! it was so weird how a single side by side comparison so easily flipped my allegiance. I also had another AR that had a sparc on it, that is gone now too as it was replaced with a trijicon MRO. This is not a bash or a put down on Vortex! I agree that they are an outstanding value with very good glass to boot. I recommend them to people all the time as I know folks that are not “gun guys” won’t know the SWFA, but may have heard of Vortex if they hunt. The lack of a massive marketing dept. makes those that don’t know to hesitate on the SWFA’s. Both are extremely capable and are an outstanding value when compared to the Schmidt&Bender’s of the world and you’ll get 95% of what the S&B brings you. Yes, both SWFA’s SS HD and Vortex Razor line’s are expensive, but the Vortex PST and SWFA SS line’s are still excellent glass even without them being HD. If price is a major limiting factor than the absolute best value on the scope market you can find in my opinion is the SWFA SS straight 10x scope with the MilQuad Reticle. It’s only $299 and every bit as good a glass (IMO) as you’ll find in SWFA’s US Optics Straight 10x counterpart without the $1500 price tag. Even if you want HD glass the SWFA SS HD straight 10x is only $799. You’ll get a much more robust build with oversized knurled turrets and HD glass (which really pays off early in the morning and at twilight).
Yea, I’m a long time getting to the Ruger Precision Rifle. It’s on my bucket list, but when I finally pony up I’ll get the 6.5 model and marry the SWFA SS HD straight 10x to it! I’ve only held it and worked the action in a store. Simply said, just like the two glass companies I discussed, either like he the perfect compliment to this rifle as they are both outstanding value’s for the money!

Chris Mark - December 6, 2016

Thank you for the info! I have not shot an SWFA and I am going to look into them now! Great info. The new RPR looks like a sexy boom stick! Upgraded from the version 1 I have…

27. 18B_dave - December 6, 2016

Hi Chris
Thanks for all the valuable info I just pulled the trigger on the .308 I was going back and forth on the 6.5 vs .308 and only chose the .308 due to ammo availability in the event the sht hits the fan. There will be more AR10 ammo easier to access off the back of a Humvee lol. I am considering mounting the Vortex Viper in 6.5-20×50 PA what are your thoughts thanks.

28. John Roach - December 7, 2016

Loved your article on the RPR in 6.5 creedmore,I already had one in a Browning abolt but had not shot it any,ran across a smokin hot deal on one at a local gun show,truly can’t wait to shoot them both,thanks for your sharing your experience with everyone and thanks so much for your services in the Marine Corp

29. scott hyde - January 14, 2017

Thanks for the dialogue. It seems like there are quite a few folks that like the Ruger rifles. I recently got the American Rifle in a 308 I am new to both, the 308 and Ruger. I wanted a reliable deer/hog hunting rifle that was good out to 500 yards ? Not that I would shoot that far, just thought it might be fun to be able to ? I put a Nikon 3.5 x 14 x 50 SF IR on it, which is what I had on my 30;06. Seems like a nice set up. I have no idea what round to get. For 30:06 a 180 grain Remington core lok was the best round I shoot through it ! Is there a best round in 308. i have started with a 178 gr Hornaday precision Hunter XLD, 168 gr Browning BXC and a 150 gr Remington core lok. I would be interested to know what other bullet I should try !


30. A Marine Sniper’s Review of the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) January 2, 2016 | RPR Web - February 18, 2017

[…] Click here to view original web page at globalriskinfo.com […]

31. Robert Clement - February 24, 2017

Thanks for the information I’m looking for a new rifle for some distance shooting and hunting

32. SSgt Herrington - March 10, 2017

Can’t wait to get my hands on the RPR in 6.5 Creedmore with the Vortex Razor glass. Taught Division Schools MTU at Pendleton for 3 years and got a lot of my skills from then Gunny Booker at Scout/ Sniper school next door to MTU. As a 16 award rifle/pistol expert I feel I can take advantage of this seemingly great weapon. Can’t wait because I really enjoy ringing steel at 1,000+. My results are to soon follow. I own the piston SR556 and am overwhelmed by its performance with over 5,000 rounds without a single malfunction cept a broken firing pin at around 2,500 rounds. Semper Fi.

Rod wark - May 12, 2017

Sir, by chance would you know Master Gunny Sgt H. Harrison?

He is with the rifle club at Pendleton ?

Chris Mark - June 19, 2017

I do not. My apologies.

33. Chip D - March 24, 2017

I felt the same way about buying the 6.5 Creedmore instead of .308, but I have been very happy with Mine. I got the Burris scope. Good write up.

34. Danny - April 3, 2017

When I seen this rifle I feel in love with it so after doing some research I bought the 2nd generation I see reveiws of the bolt shroud being plastic mine is anodized aluminum with a comp on the barrel I did change the grip to a Wilson combat and changed the bolt knob even though there was nothing wrong with it the only thing I didnt like was how hard the bolt opened so I took the bolt apart rounded the cam lobes just a little on it and polished it now it operates smooth and the little bigger knob its perfect as far as build everything is right hand guard centered, trigger very light comp clocked in the right spot and this gun will absolutely will shoot got the 308 just because 308 ammo is everywhere considered the 6.5 but realistically not everyone has ammo oh forgot the safety is a little tight going to polish it see if that helps just haven’t done it yet mounted a Nikon m-308 scope, harris bipod it does what I need. I am happy with the results thinking of taking it to a gun smith a putting a 11 degree on the barrel just to get a little more accuracy out of it but its shooting tight groups already so still debating about degreeing the barrel, for the money this is a good buy, the hand guard and bolt knob is just cosmetics not really going to make it shoot better just have a better feel and look better overall this rifle is awesome and everyone that shoots it loves it does have a little weight to it but its made for bench or prone shooting or a shooting stick and for those that ask about the trigger it is adjustable but came super light you barely touch it and bang, I’ve done nothing to the trigger cause I am happy with it the poundage is between 2.5 and 3 pounds I hope this helps anyone with questions.

35. Gene Baldwin - April 9, 2017

This was a great review! Very helpfull. But I would like to comment on one thing. Everything you said about the 6.5 Ammo is true, but I don’t want people to discount the .308. The .308 is just as good at 500 and 1000 yds, and the cost savings will allow shoulders more time at the range.

36. Dan Wineinger - May 8, 2017

I am getting ready to purchase the Ruger RPR and after reading your blog and all of the comments, mine will be in .308. I had considered 7-08, 140 Hornady ELD but so far I have not seen one.
I am no Sniper, but trained on the beach ranges at Fort Ord by
Inf instructors, fresh from 1Cav, RVN. Rifles were M14’s we battered every day and used std peep sights to 350 meters prone &kneeling. Some shooters with prior marksmanship traing left targets w 3shots the size of a dime! I still believe the Marines had better shooters because of the better training. When I arrived in country, Chu Lai, it was mostly Marines and some fella named “Hathcock” scaring the VC half to death….
I recall in the late 70’s/80’s the thousand yard national matches were. won by a .308, edging out the previous years winner and his .300 Win Mag. I still like my M1A’s, one with a 2 1/2-10 Nightforce and the other a 4-14 Vortex milrad. Still working that “millrad” thing.
There is still a lot of great glass out there without spending 2-5000.00 bucks. Like Chris said earlier, fundamentals and practice with a purpose. Learn from each shot, hit or miss. As I have grown older, not so gracefully, I admit to slacking off a bit. Get snap caps and dry fire working the fundamentals. It will pay off.
Thanks for the article on the Ruger Precision rifle. Semper Fi Marine from an old dog…

37. James Gibbons - May 9, 2017

I have done a little shooting in the suck myself the precision and preditor in 6.5 Creedmoor are great shooters.
Simper phi

38. Georgiaoutlaw - June 13, 2017

Got Nikon prostaff5 2.5-10-50 ruger American 308 150gr federal power shock Bullet all I’ve touched with it been dead in ther tracks it’s a blue box cheap bullet but performs for me flawlessly 308 & 3006 I just love it & the price isn’t bad either

39. Tom USAF ret. - June 23, 2017

Very informative thread. I enjoyed reading it all.
Just bought a RPR in 6.5 CM. Been reading on scopes for weeks.
It wanting to make any big mistakes, it is hard for me to choose.
Looking at
Burris extreme tactical XTR II 5x25x50
Leupold VX 3i 6.5x20x50
Vortex viper gen ll 5x25x50
I am leaning towards the Burris. If there are any opinions on that scope, I would like to hear them.
I ordered some rings today, and plan on putting a Weaver grand slam
tactical 3x10x40 that I had planned in putting on my SR556.
I hope to be able to check out the RPR with that scope until I figure
out which one to buy.
This thread has been going for a long time .. any updates on the rifle
or scopes ….

Paul - August 6, 2017

Am in the same boat, researching scopes. Both your your choices are good ones, but don’t do anything until you have also considered ‘Nightforce’. Goof luck and I eould br interested in knowing your final selection.


40. Jim Turvey. - July 30, 2017

I love this rifle test. I have just joined my local rifle club (Civil Service Shooting Club) and after 3 months probation can get my firearms certificate. Your review of this rifle has made it my choice. Hopefully I can buy one over here in Scotland. Thank you.

41. Drew - August 1, 2017

My brothers, father and I just got our RPR 6.5’s at my NRA banquet this last February. Didn’t get to shoot it once…until now. We just got back from Lucid Optics’ range out in Riverton, WY where Jason Wilson (Owner/CEO and LR shooting champ) gave us a one-day tutorial on lr shooting. We all have the Lucid L5 6-24×50 scopes and I have no complaints whatsoever, without even considering the low cost of them. I’m no avid shooter, but enjoy my “toys”. I don’t believe I have ever shot more than 50 rnds at a time at no more than 100 yards max. Within 2 hours of shooting, zeroed in at 100 yards AND in 9-10 mph crosswinds, I was hitting 12×12 targets out to 800 yards, and 4-600 yards consistently. We were using Hornady 140gr, but remember again, I am no sniper. This RPR 6.5 is absolutely amazing. Coupled with such a fine scope (Lucid L5), it’s unmatched in my novice opinion.
To give credit and accolade where it is due, Jason Wilson (and his crew) of Lucid Optics has one hell of a training session. In one day they took my non-long range shooting butt and had me out to 1000 yards in less than 150 rounds. Furthermore, to give even more credit to his training, I took his 338 Lapua (fit for him) with the same Lucid L5 scope and hit the 1760-yard target in 15 mph crosswind on the first round!
One other credit I can give is to their L5 scope. At under $400, this bad boy is now my favorite and we just ordered another for our RPR 308’s. I plan to buy at least a couple more for other rifles in my safe, but I don’t see why I would ever pay a penny more or go with any other brand. I may even sell what I have and make Lucid the only brand you’ll find at my house!
Chris – great article! I’ve passed it around to my family and friends and we’ve all appreciated the info and your responses to others (including the hilarious banter between you and “subsonic” man above). I encourage you to give Jason a call and check out his L5 scope. Knowing what kind of word-of-mouth advertising he would get from you, and dropping my name with him – Drew McConnell, Iowa NRA), I’m sure you’d even get a great(er) deal. Office number: 307-463-2633.
Thanks again, my RPR-brother…and thank you for your service!

42. Jason K Jensen - September 9, 2017

Great article. I enjoyed reading from an experienced shooter and I patterned my RPR to match many of the components used or I followed the specs otherwise. I found it extremely helpful since I had no prior experience. I installed a Harris 6-9 bipod and used a KonusPro-F30 8-32x56mm scope. Thanks!

43. James C. Brady - October 2, 2017

Chris, thanks for serving first off, I just bought my RPR a couple of weeks ago….well traded for it actually….it is chambered in 6.5 C and is a G2. I have some experience shooting long range (with a pistol) and a little with rifle. My Father-in-Law was one of the founding members of the VTARNG pistol/rifle team and was very helpful in teaching me exactly what you mentioned…..basics and fundamentals. My RPR came with the hybrid brake and a lower key mod rail which I have mounted a Harris bipod. My choice in glass was the Nikon black x1000 4-16×50 with xMOA. I have hunted/shot with Burris, Zeiss, Leupold and Nikon, I have also checked the pricing on UTG, SIG, Vortex, Nightforce and the Nikon for the price (548) just made a lot of sense….plus the thing is loaded with great features and it came with a sunshade, this thing looks incredible on the rifle. I’m going to start out with Federal Fusion 140 factory….to see what that does….then probably move to Hornady.
This thread has given me more info to go on and I hope to be busting steel soon and will hopefully tell you all my results after all I’ve heard some boys in Texas are hitting at 1600…don’t know about that.
Again thanks for the info and keep sending down range.

44. yorgerg snikenj - December 21, 2017

Hey folks the new 6mm Creedmoor RPR model is even better. Hornady 108gr ELD Match is 1/2 MOA out of the box. And it has gentleman’s recoil. Self spotting is a big benefit. I can watch my round hit without getting my glasses banged. Makes round to round shooting even more fun. For the money I use the Millett LRS-1 scope, real value.

45. Larry Bland - December 30, 2017

This was a great review. I have the same rifle and about the same scope. Unfortunately we do not have very many long range facilities. Several of us with long range rifles are eager to get to a 500 to 1000 yard range to test out our rifles and our shooting ability.

46. Rick Park - January 15, 2018

I love that this dialog is continuing on this great rifle for several years now! I will take the honor of dragging the talks into 2018.

I also purchased the RPR, a Gen 2 version in 308. This purchase is intended for law enforcement purposes, so my needs and considerations are different from many here. Suffice to say that I won’t be spending a whole lot of my time on the 1000 yard range. I added a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 x 56 scope with slightly higher Unimount rings to accommodate the objective not touching anything below. I feel the additional light gathering ability will be worth the height tradeoff. The glass is clear and bright, and will aid greatly in observation or identification. Roughly bore-sighted in the front yard, and was about 2 minutes low and 1 left on first shot at 100. Quick adjustment to the scope, and it wasn’t long until single ragged hole 5-shot groups started appearing. I’ve only got 80 or so rounds fired, but it’s apparent that the man/rifle/round/scope combo is coming together! More work to be done, and I have heard the best accuracy comes after the first 100-150 rounds, so I am looking forward to what will be possible.

Ruger is to be commended for making such a fine rifle, with this level of customization possible, and with a better trigger than I have ever seen on anything in this price range. Having started out on Ruger guns many decades ago, the RPR now shares an honored place with my old Super Blackhawk and several 10-22s. I bet this rifle becomes as much a standard in gun circles as have both of those old faithful friends.

47. Robert Vincent.USN - February 15, 2018

Let us know what you pick for a replacement barrel.currently I’m experimenting with our reloads.re.different powder and bullet wieghts.140 to 147 grn . shoot me a pm if your interested in our load development.Semper Fi.thank you for your service brother in arms

48. George Quinney - March 3, 2018

Could have done without the Filler Content. You told me very little about the actual rifle. I want to know overal weight, is the trigger adjustable, if not what’s the weight, describe felt recoil
How well did your PST work with the rifle, compare it to your SPS Tactical
What degree is the throw on the bolt manipulate and is it quicker than your Remington, have you shot any PRS or F class matches. If so rate the performane. Nothing personal……
I was an infantry Marine for 16 years
From 97 to 2013
Also served with 3/5 and 1/5 and 2/4
Was in Ramadi in 2005 with 1/5 STA
Shot for State of Arizona rifle team
Arizona national guard rue team
HQ Base Camp Pendleton file team
WFTBN Rifle team

Chris Mark - March 5, 2018

Overall weight is found in the recoil? Obviously..none. Who the hell gives a ‘F’ about throw bolt degree? Seriously man…if you were so put off by the review, you should have quit reading. I don’t shoot any matches as I find them a waste of time and filled with people who talk shit. Nothing personal.

49. Ron Ochse - April 6, 2018

Great review all…great job to Chris for his Blog. Don’t have the Ruger (RPR) but found all the info aforementioned good insight into the rifle/capabilities. Do have a 6.5 Creedmoor precision and two good T/C .308 hunting rifles with various Leupold scopes in VX line. Will say that the 6.5 Creedmoor round is far more accurate at long range in hunting than my .308’s (over 500 yds I notice the accuracy node in the 6.5 increases for hunting purposes). Pisses me off as I really enjoy shooting my .308’s but they don’t have the accuracy as the 6.5 Creedmoor does.
I shot my first 7.62 (.308) round in USMC in 1970 with the M-14, grew to like it a lot. Shot a 242 out of 250 on my first KD course. Iron sights out to 500 yds. Accuracy of 7.62 (.308) was great…then! Didn’t care for 5.56 rds of M-16 at all when we switched over from the M-14’s in the mid 70’s. Loved, the 7.62 (.308) through and through. Hate to admit it though, that it is not as accurate as the newer sleeker rds coming out now as the 6mm/6.5mm’s are. That’s progress I guess, like it or not.

Also, I don’t shoot matches, just hunt. Enjoyed reading all the comments…good stuff all! Semper Fi (Marine Vet 31 and 1/2 years), Hang in there all, and good shooting, Ron

50. Mike Marohnic - October 15, 2018

Good morning, I put together a gen 3 RPR in 6.5 this year with Nightforce NXS 5.5x22x56 optics. Zeroed at 100 yards in 5 rounds, 2 at 50 and 3 at 100. In one word this rifle is awesome. Using Hornady 140 gr ELD match 5/16″ one hole groups are possible, actually amazing is a better word.
In order for me to use the 1000 yard range I had to qualify with a 5 shot sub MOA group. I presented the RSO with a .375 one hole group in my first 5 shots that morning. Then I moved over to the 300 yard side. Placing shots on a 6″ steel was not even a challenge. Then I spied through the scope some clay pigeons on the berm behind the steel laying at an angle which presented a even smaller target. Exploded all 3 of them in one shot each. I just sat there dumbfounded.
A few days ago I had the chance to use the 1000 yard range. Entered the data into Strelok Pro and put shots on a 14″ steel. I’ve never shot anything with this kind of accuracy, it truly is inspiring. The Nightforce optics are just super clear and extremely well made, a darn good choice in my opinion. And the RPR is just a work of art as well. The trigger pull comes at around 2.5 from the factory is just great. I have nothing but praise for the RPR in the stock factory offering.
I am currently reloading and using the 140 gr ELD match bullet with Hornady brass and H4350 powder. In the process of documenting different powder weights and bullet jump to lands. I’ll report back when I settle in on a round that can at least equal the Hornady Match ammo. And I’m getting close!

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