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“PTSD and Addiction”- by John Poitevent March 8, 2016

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BWR-Logo-NEW-PNGFor those suffering with PTSD and addiction, a good  friend of mine at Behavior Wellness and Recovery wrote a very good article on the subject.  Please take the time to read and share if you know someone who would benefit from this information.  As someone who has scores of friends suffering from PTSD I can say that substance abuse and addiction are pervasive within the community.  Please share!  If you need help, please contact BWR at 866.986.3414


1. Adine Hamlin - March 8, 2016

You not only have my permission 2 print my opinion, I fervently hope you will. Having PTSD myself after coming home 2 find my sister had shot herself in the head with my handgun, and being abused and almost arrested by the NYC police I deeply sympathize with our soldiers. I didn’t like being on medication and turned 2 good, but I realize not everyone can do that and the level of PTSD experienced by our soldiers is far beyond what I experienced. The philosophy of leave no man behind is bullshit. If you every saw the movie “Behind Enemy Lines,” of reading about the soldiers left behind and slaughtered in a remote outpost in Afghanistan you know that is a line of crap. I really the open letter and was one of the individuals who replied. I think Sarah Palin and her disgusting family are an embarrassment 2 the American people and her suggestion that her worthless son had PTSD is an insult 2 our brave soldiers. I love my country, but as far as I’m concerned this government has left all its soldiers behind. Millions of Americans had 2 petition 2 bring our courageous war dogs home. Why! Are they not soldiers! Did they not save many lives many times over. Did you know the Muslim soldiers were so afraid of our war dogs a bounty was put on their heads. Did you know when our military stopped using horses-those brave courages animals that servered us unwaveringly- they shot them! There was a movie made about it. The idea of a homeless veteran is vile beyond imagination and completely unacceptable. Our military should be getting the finest medical and psychiatric treatment available. Our government should be ashamed of how it has not only left our veterans behind, it has abandoned them. Unfortunately the Democrats and Republicans lack the grace 2 live up 2 and admit their shameful behavior and are 2 busy fighting with each other 4 fighting with each our 4 superiority 2 worry about the welfare of this great nation let alone the welfare of our veterans who have sacrificed every and get relegated 2 obscurity.

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