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Bill Cook…Kopfjager, Brewer, Gentleman April 11, 2016

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WillCookAn old friend of mine with whom I served as a Marine Scout/Sniper (and attended Scout/Sniper School) is now a professional brewer.  Bill (handsome man on the right 😉 has served time as a Marine Scout/Sniper, completed a Master’s degree or two, speaks several languages and spent 15 years or so traveling some of the most dangerous parts of the Earth while working with various 3 letter organizations.  He is a true Renaissance Man.  Bill is also a hard core Metal Head.  We are not talking about Winger or even Metallica, or Anthrax…Bill is a REAL Metal Head!…he has a new article in BrewHeads where he reviews a Bloody Roots Brown Ale.  Take a read!  If you are a fan of either 1) Beer (who isn’t?) or 2) Metal or 3) Either of both..you need to get introduced to BrewHeads!!


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