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Sharon Helman- The latest VA Criminal suported by Obama June 2, 2016

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SharonHelmanUntil today likely few knew the name Sharon Helman.  Let me provide some background.  Ms. Helman was the director of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Phoenix.  This is the same hospital in which 40 (FORTY) Veterans died waiting for services.  As a reminder the Phoenix VA was caught manufacturing lists to show reduced wait times so that administrators would get their bonuses.  Ms. Helmen is even more deplorable.  She was FIRED when it was discovered she was taking “gifts” from vendors and lobbyists.  On May 16th, 2016 a judge sentenced Ms. Helman to probation for refusing to report gifts from vendors..these gifts totaled thousands of dollars and included a car. Keep in mind that 40 vets died under her watch while she was lining her pockets.  In the wake of this scandal Congress passed the Veterans Choice and Accountability Act of 2014. Part of the Act enables the government to fire people like Ms. Helman who act egregiously.  During her hearing Ms. Helman provided the following statement:

“Serving veterans was truly my life’s passion, and I am proud of my work. I should have disclosed the gifts I received from a personal friend, but I did not. That was a betrayal. …”

No doubt that 40 vets who died appreciate her commitment and “life’s passion”.  The fact she is “proud of her work” is horrifying.  I am reminded of another quote by a person who worked in medicine: “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”– Joseph Mengele

Today it was announced that President Obama’s latest Attorney General, Loretta Lynch is refusing to uphold a clause in the act that would allow the firing of people like Ms. Helman. Now Ms. Helman is suing to get her JOB BACK.  That is right…this person who allowed 40 veterans to die while lining her pockets with tens of thousands of dollars may now be reinstated to her position as director of the Phoenix VA.  A convicted criminal who allowed veterans to die.  While I would expect most people with a sense of decency would simply fade away, someone who is indifferent to the deaths of 40 Vets clearly has no decency.  I am reminded of another VA representative, Robin Paul, who mocked Veteran suicides.

This is simply the latest slap in the face to vets by the Obama administration.  National Security Advisor Susan Rice claimed that turncoat Bowe Bergdahl had served with “Honor and Distinction” and President Obama welcomed his parents to the Whitehouse. At the same time a Special Forces Soldier who defended a boy against rape is being forced out of the US Army!   Let us not forget the current Secretary of Veterans Affairs who not only lied about his own military service and mocked a member of Congress who is also a veteran but then had the audacity to compare waits at the VA to “lines at Disneyland”.

Veterans do not ask for much but they deserve much more than is being provided by this administration.  General George Washington said: “A Nation is judged by how it treats its veteran.”- This administration treats veterans with contempt.


1. Tim - February 18, 2017

actuality they were many more than 40 deaths caused by this lying witch

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