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Please Support Charles Kinsey by Donating July 25, 2016

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CharlesMr. Charles Kinsey is a therapist for special needs adults who was trying to help an Autistic man when he (Mr. Kinsey) was shot by a Miami Police Officer.  I reached out to Mr. Kinsey’s family and they provided the link to his official GoFundMe Page!.

As the father of an Autistic son I know first hand how difficult of a job therapists have and I also know that people do NOT work in this field without passion for the job and a love of people and those they help.  Working with special needs people day in and day out is a tremendously difficult job.

Watching Mr. Kinsey with his hands raised and knowing he was trying to protect the man by telling the police officer that the man only had a “toy truck” and not a gun truly confirms my belief in Mr. Kinsey.

Please consider donating to Mr. Kinsey.  In addition to hospital bills he will have legal bills and other bills.  If nothing else, it may help him heal knowing that people do care and respect those who work in such a difficult field.

Thanks!  Here is the OFFICIAL GoFundMe page!


1. douggoyen - August 1, 2016

Since you closed down comments on Khan, I’m posting here. You seem like an intelligent person based on your comments and replies. Someone trashes you, you trash them back – understood.

The Khan family endured a great sacrifice. The loss of their son gives them the right to say whatever they want about their son, and how they feel that they as his parents are being treated by any politician (whether anyone thinks their perception is a correct perception or not). No need to drag that family through the mud. Trump is getting himself in trouble over that. People supporting the Trump cause need to show Trump an example of how to react.

Wouldn’t it have been better for Trump (and those supporting him) to thank that family for their service and sacrifice, and promise to do better towards our service families in the future, and close the book on this. Instead, people are digging in their heels, and choosing to fight against any perceived slight against Trump. Reminds me of what they say about Scientologists (how Scientologists say to hit back twice as hard as they have been hit – cultlike behavior). Cults behave like that, not Christians – especially towards service families who’s children died in service of this country. Wouldn’t it be better to release a statement somewhat to the effect of the following, and then shut it down about the Khan family from here on out?:

“Khan family, no words can ever express how much we appreciate your son’s sacrifice. This is our attempt to express our gratitude to you and all service families of those lost in the line of duty. Your family’s heartbreaking sacrifice of your beloved son for our great country is something for which every American should give thanks. Even though we may differ on politics, we agree that no American hero that has given the ultimate price for the freedom of his country, nor their family that raised that person to be such a hero, should ever be spoken of harshly regarding their feelings about how they perceive they are being treated by a politician or political party – regardless of side.

You as parents and your son are part of what is great about this country. A true melting pot of diverse people who have come together to be known as “Americans”.

We do not hold anything against good, patriotic, family loving, and American loving patriots in this country, regardless of religion. We welcome all such people with open arms. We will work hard to clear up any misconceptions about our political views.

Our intent has been for our comments to be directed towards those who wish to harm our country. In the heat of debate, some have twisted the meaning of our words (even some on our own side, which is extremely unfortunate). We appologize for any poor treatment or words that have been spoken. We acknowledge we are imperfect children of God who sometimes make mistakes. We will strive to do a better job communicating our position in the future, and demand that all people respect families such as yours, whether they be Muslim, Budist, Hindu, Christian, or any other.

Forgive us for any way you may have perceived that we have harmed you, and thank you for your son’s service and sacrifice, and your sacrifice as parents. No words can ever state how much our country owes your son, and how much we owe parents like you for the sacrifices you have made, for the freedom and prosperity we all enjoy in this, the greatest country on Earth.”

If DT gave a statement like that to the Khan’s, and if DT will shut his mouth about trying to defend himself for every little perceived slight, and focus on the big picture, instead of picking fights every time he feels someone was negative about him, he could make the election season interesting at least. Otherwise, he’s going to take down the Republican ship.

(Off topic: I’m on the other side because I just don’t see Trump changing. Too much stuff is coming out about Trump. Its like a tidal wave lately that looks very bad. His replies just make it all worse. I’ll keep an open mind in case I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look good for him).

Back on topic – The tactic of attacking American heroes and their families needs to stop, I don’t care what the politics.

Chris Mark - August 1, 2016

after reflecting on some comments..i think i could have expressed the sacrifice part better. my own experience was different but you and others have made valid points

2. Don Juan - August 2, 2016

I’m just very concerned about the future of America under a Trump administration. Hillary is not ideal either, but Trump’s immature character and impulsive temperament make him totally unfit for the US Presidency
I believe that is getting difficult for many of his supporters to continue defending him as he continues saying inappropriate things and acting in such a self-destructive way.

Those Republican leaders that keep defending him are doing it only for the sake of their party. Other support him for their greater dislike of Hillary. I also believe most supporters support him out of ignorance, fear or bigotry. You can see this when you go to the comments section of conservative media sites like Breitbart News and Washington Times. You can find a lot of the right wing hateful comments similar to the ones you got from the left in your Open Letter to the Khans.
I hope this political turmoil will pass and more sane times will return.

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