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To my Brothers and Sisters in Arms November 17, 2016

Posted by Chris Mark in Uncategorized.

Grave9As we get into the holiday season we are reminded of how much pain our brothers and sisters have endured.  Two days ago my wife asked me why I was crying in my sleep.  I was unaware I was crying but I am not embarrassed by this..I simply could not remember…I believe it is probably due to the knowledge that this time of year brings both happiness and sadness.  I know we will lose some brothers and sisters to suicide.  It truly pains me. and I struggle.

If you are struggling…please reach out to someone.  You can ping me…you can reach out to a number of folks…just..reach out.  I have been there…almost all vets  have been where you are today.  Trust me…it gets better. PLEASE talk to someone before you do anything….My house is open…if you need a place to ‘hang’ for the holidays I have  big house and I am always open to having people over.  Hit me up.  Whatever you do…don’t give up and just reach out!..please….


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