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A Lesson on Losing by Dominick Cruz – Former Bantamweight UFC Champion January 20, 2017

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In light of the responses to the recent presidential election and the bombardment of media commentary and celebrities acting like petulant children who lost at a game of checkers, I felt it was appropriate to post a very insightful interview by a classy fighter.  Dominick Cruz has been a top tier fighter for over 10 years and was a two time bantamweight UFC champion until his recent loss.  During the interview Dominick showed immense class when asked about his loss.  This is a lesson for us all and for our children.  As Mr. Cruz so eloquently states: “Loss is part of life.  If you don’t have loss you don’t grow. This (losing) isn’t tough…this is life.” 


1. john Crouch - January 20, 2017

Interesting you would compare the presidency to a game of checkers or even to a MMA match. It effects a lot more people than that. Its important. Cruz wants to be back on top and you seem to have been to glued to Fox to notice that many many people that lost this election have already started the struggle to get back on top. Stray away from Fox a little and notice what is happening tomorrow. It looks to be a big statement by the majority who do not agree with the current people in power.

Chris Mark - January 20, 2017

As you clearly are busy reading the “liberal’s playbook on how to talk to conservatives” (step 1..try to insult their intellect…..step 2..reference Foxnews repeatedly to demonstrate how much more enlightened you are than the troglodytes on the right..blah blah blah)and have left your ability to comprehend reading on an 8th grade level on the sideline let me explain. 1) I did not compare the presidency to either MMA or checkers. I compared the whining, crying and tantrums of those on the left to those of a petulant child who has lost a game of checkers. 2) I see nothing more than sore losers who are bitching, rioting, and assaulting people after they lost the election. Cruz made a very solid speech on how to win with grace and lose with dignity. Something the left seems to have forgotten. I am guessing people like you have now started to really ‘climb back on top’? Yeah…OK. The ‘progressive’ platform has cost the Democrats the House, the Senate, the Presidency and over 1,000 state seats. It is a long climb to the top…good luck hero. The ‘majority’? Step 3 in the ‘playbook’…imply that the President is not legitimate or that the majority does not agree. Please take a civics class. The ‘majority’ does not matter. We have an electoral college to prevent a tyranny of the majority. Tomorrow or in short order..we will have a new Supreme Court Justice who will shift the balance to the right. ObamaCare will be gutted… the progressive platform will be gutted and Obama’s legacy will be in shambles. If the Left had actually done more than have celebs try to convince people to vote for Hillary (and try to convince the Electors to be faithless) you would not need to struggle back to get to the top. Remember to “Keep American Great!”…bye, bye now…

John Crouch - January 21, 2017

Sorry to have triggered you Chris. I wish I knew the playbook you were talking about. I might be better at talking with you. If you are insulted by me implying that you get your news from Fox News the so be it. I never said that Trump was illegitimate but how on gods green can a birther complain and whine about the left not accepting Trump as legitimate! Unbelievable.

I liked the video you posted. It pretty much summarizes my feeling of the situation and I don’t speak for all the left just myself. Cruz starts out being brave about his defeat but toward he does admit that it has not sunk in yet. He says he is still a factor and very much wants to get back on top. Remember the democrats were in the same position as the Republicans are now just 8 years ago. My will be to have the same outcome but with a stronger Democratic Party. I think that there is a good chance that defeat Trump in 4 years because his victory was very slim (less than 100,000 votes in the key states) and when you have a defeat like this you learn a lot.

Chris Mark - January 21, 2017

I am not a birther. I have never disputed Obama’s birth or nationality. I am not triggered and do not trigger. I am willing to discuss and debate with anyone who has a rational point to make in a polite manner. This latest comments (with a couple of exceptions) is polite and rational. IF the left learns anything then I agree the Democratic party should come out stronger. Unfortunately for them, I do not see that happening. The same vitriol and the same leadership.

2. John Crouch - January 21, 2017

Chris I was certain that in a previous comment somewhere on this site you said you were a birther. This might have a sarcastic remark to another commenter and I did not realize as such. If you are not I sincerely apologize.
I believe you are correct, if the Democratic Party does not change its ways they will not be successful. I actually think Trumps election is a blessing in disguise for them. Russell Brand has an excellent take on the Trump election and Brexit. My hope is a little more “left” of the Democratic Party but we can discuss that at another time.

Now I have question for you about the woman’s March today if you would care to answer. My take, and I did participate, is that it was trying to send a message to not mess with Women’s rights particularly abortion and healthcare. I think this is a healthy Democratic message to the president and Congress. Fox is portraying it as an anti-Trump protest. How do you see it? Does it fit into your “checkers sore loser” scenario?

Chris Mark - January 22, 2017

Interviews with people at the march have said it is ‘anti trump’ My comments were more directed toward the Hollywood elite and those who are not simply ‘protesting’ but are whining and crying after the fact. Protest is good…protest is healthy…burning cars and beating people for disagreeing with you is not healthy nor appropriate. It is interesting to note that 42% if women and 53% of white women voted for Trump. The marches do NOT represent all women nor do they represent the only issues important to all women. I find it to be a bit infantilizing to reduce women’s concerns to simply ‘reproductive rights’. Are women not concerned about national security? The economy? Education? (insert your own)?…Make not mistake..this march is not a movement. It is simply catharsis. When people like Linda Sarsour is heading the march…and Angela Davis..you do have to question the basis of the march.

John Crouch - January 22, 2017

We are pretty much in agreement here and I really wish the celebrities would stay out of it.

Chris Mark - January 22, 2017

They didn’t help Hillary and they are not helping the cause. Honestly, Scarlett Johansenn (SP) was polite, direct, and on point. Ashley Judd was vulgar and offensive and Madonna was the same. We need more debate, discourse and discussion and less nonsense like what the celebs are pushing. Too much division..

3. Rusty Johnson - January 23, 2017

Very good video. This is not at all a comparison of the Presidential election to an MMA fight or anything else. This is simply a lesson on how to lose with grace and dignity that all of us could use from time to time. The liberal left is certainly an example of being a poor looser but we have many others being constantly paraded around for example Cam Newton’s Super Bowl press conference, Hope Solo, and many others. I can only imagine the childish antics had Hilary Clinton won the election.

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