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NFAC’s “Grandmaster Jay”- John Jay Fitzgerald Johnson (2016 Presidential Candidate) August 4, 2020

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Grandmaster Jay

NFAC leader Grandmaster Jay – Real name? John Jay Fitzgerald Johnson

UPDATE (at end..WOW!)

Over the past two weeks of riots I have had my inbox and social media inundated with videos of someone apparently trying to teach weapons handling to people of something called the NFAC (see below).  As someone who still practices shooting regularly I watched the videos.

Initially, I believed them to be parody until I saw an interview and realized this person is actually serious about the effort… If you are interested here are some some videos.  Video 1, Video 2.  I should also point out that these ‘Expert shooters’ shot three of their own members by accident during the Louisville march.

I was curious as to the identity of this person who uses the moniker Grandmaster Jay.  It appears he is the leader of NFAC.  So..what is NFAC?   It is an acronym for the “Not F@@king Around Coalition”.  According to their leader…”Grandmaster Jay” (not to be confused with the rapper)...“We are a Black militia. We aren’t protesters, we aren’t demonstrators. We don’t come to sing, we don’t come to chant. That’s not what we do.”  The leader also Stated that the United States should give the state of Texas to African Americans so that they can create an Ethnostate. He further stated that the group is comprised of “ex military shooters.”  In fact, he stated “we are all expert shooters”.  This is what brought this person to my attention.

A bit of research seems to point to a man named John Fitzgerald Johnson.  A bit more research seems to point to a gentleman by a man of the same name and VERY similar appearance and voice who ran (obviously unsuccessfully) for president of the United States in 2016.  Here is his Facebook Page when he ran as an independent ‘candidate’ for US President.  Here is is actual candidate website.  Here is his updated Facebook page called “The Real Grandmaster Jay” Here is his Youtube channel, as well.  What is curious is who John Fitzerald Johnson went from “Only WE can fix us” to a radical who demands the state of Texas to create an ethnostate?  As he stated:

“The solution is very simple. We follow the declaration of liberation, declaring every African American descendent of slavery a political prisoner here in the United States who were affected by the Portuguese slave trade and then after that the United States has a choice either carve us a piece of land out here, we will take Texas, and let us do our own thing or don’t stop us when we exit this body here and go somewhere where they will give us our own land to build our own nation.”

I find it curious is how he actually ran as an independent candidate and now, as the leader of the NFAC, has not (to my knowledge ever disclosed his JJF2018true identity while heading the NFAC.  He even refuses to state when the group was formed.What we can surmise is that it was formed after January 26th, 2018 as he updated his presidential Facebook platform’s profile picture on that date.  It could be that he was both attempting to run again in 2020 and founded the NFAC during that time.  Only Mr. Fitzgerald can answer that question.


More curious is the radical transformation from when he posted a video (Sept 16, 2016) what said, in part: “We are born Americans.  Our Diversity is our strength.”.  He claims to be both a veteran and a combat veteran.  How now trains armed militias and is very clear in his desire for a black “ethnostate” (he wants Texas…good luck on that one.)

After recognizing this person I took time to watch his Youtube channel.  I have to admit, he is certainly charismatic and confident as were Hitler, and Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy.  I would encourage people to read the book the Psychopath Test by John Ronson.  While I am no expert at the Hare Psychopathy test Grandmaster’s Jay’s unbridled delusions of grandeur, and seeming narcissism  resonate with what I read in the book.  To those who are his followers, I would remind them of a great song from the 1980’s from Living Color called The Cult of Personality.

UPDATE…I just had this video sent to me.  WOW! All I can say is WOW!  This guy is over the top. BTW.  John Jay…I am more than a ‘gun enthusiast’ and yes, I will say you have ZERO idea what you are doing.  Your skills are not even marginal.  No wonder three of your people were shot by your own people and you had a negligent discharge.

So…a question to the major media outlets.  How come this information has not been on your  networks yet?  We have a person advocating for the overthrow of the US Government and leading armed militias who are shooting people (granted…only themselves 😉 yet, crickets.



1. Curtis E Reynolds - August 5, 2020

Heh… “if you came out of the quarantine and you aren’t changed…” yeah… HE came out of quarantine changed … he went insane in quarantine. lol

2. Nicky - September 17, 2020

I mean its been “crickets” for years with the KKK. Why do they need to make noise now? Did you write an article like this about the KKK…I can almost bet you didn’t, and they actually killed people.

Chris Mark - October 8, 2020

“They actually killed people” Yes they did. They are terrible people with horrible views. Grand MasterFlash is an idiot, as well.

3. bjmak69 - September 21, 2020

This guy is a dipshit racist whose biggest accomplishment is organizing more racist Black Nationalists and March around trying to intimidate people when in reality the only thing that your group can do is accidentally shoot your own members!!!

4. MarcRiquez - October 25, 2020

I’ve been trying to find any record of this angry, idiot, betamale John Fitzgerald Johnson actually serving in the United States Army. I have a gut feeling he’s not only guilty of being a complete fuckhead, but also guilty of stolen valor, which has been a federal misdemeanor
since 2005.

5. MarcRiquez - October 25, 2020

To the person moderating the comments, YOU are soft, ever so soft.. soft like cream. My original comment about this sad excuse for a man, who calls himself JohnFitzgeraldJohnson, was deleted. I was simply trying to inquire as to whether he actually served in the United States Army, because it is clear to me he is giant FRAUD, and likely is committing the crime of Stolen VALOR.

see for yourself,https://youtu.be/3wjacmmSjJQ

winner winner chicken dinner!

he’s a con artist who will likely end up dead if he keeps playing G.i. Joke with his buddies.

Chris Mark - October 25, 2020

Nothing soft. I thought I had approved your.comment. let me check and see.

Chris Mark - October 25, 2020

Your comment was approved. Dont know why it os not showing

JYuna - October 26, 2020

As a retired military officer, if I discover he is not I will see that federal officers drag his butt into court fur impersonating one of us real Americans. He and his followers prove why our inner cities suffer under their tribalistic culture and the big lie of racism.

No wonder police shoot first – now they have a real excuse.

This is the change that anarchist Obama promised you – a nation divided not by race, but by values.

6. JYuna - October 26, 2020

Another reason why they’re ignoble is a failed culture and nor racism. As a retired Mustang military officer, this anarchists better stand down along with his band of fools.
But this vet is an egocentric animal typical of his violent culture plaguing our cities. This act of armed insurrection demands more than his arrest, but deportation from a nation he no longer serves but his ego abd the big lie of racism. No wonder cops beat and shoot without regard – now they have a real excuse as real Americans do.
Animals all … let’s arm and march on Chicago and start cleaning up the mess that these losers have made hiding behind slavery they have never known.

7. Rm - December 3, 2020

Well I think the government finally heard you..he was arrested today. Think the charges will stick?

Chris Mark - December 5, 2020

Good luck on that…he is an idiot either way 😉

8. A.t. overton - December 6, 2020

This guy is a total ass-clown…after seeing the video in which he refers to an AR rifle as a bullpup, come on….and then, he stated that his group wants texas? Yeah, ok…
He and his followers are part of the reason there’s warning labels everywhere.
As for his little club being comprised of “shooters”….I did some searching….seems the good grandmaster (laughing as I can’t say it with a straight face) was in the virginia national guard for a few years, as a supply clerk. He left the organization as a PFC….YES, a long, glorious career to achieve the rank of private first class.
He wants his own place to do his own thing? He says he’s being held in this country by the government? I’ll gladly buy him a one way ticket to Africa….he thinks he’s got it bad here? I give him about 10 minutes there.

Chris Mark - December 6, 2020

Your comment made my day! You are 100% right!

9. Betty Johnson - February 25, 2021

This blog site is laughably clout chasing! People of your mental capacity are the co-conspirators who caused a lot of great leaders to be killed. The US doesn’t want the rise of a Black Messiah! Times are changing and the killing of the Indigenous will no longer be accepted or tolerated!

Chris Mark - February 25, 2021

Your Dunning-Kruger is showing. “Clout Chasing”? Seriously? This is a blog…maybe view me on CNN or FoxNews or read some of my articles. Go home. You have been weighed, measured and found wanting.

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