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Marine Sniper’s review of the CAA MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) August 10, 2020

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wp-1597100058286..jpgThese are strange times.  I think we all see that. Applications for firearms have increased 500% in Pennsylvania alone.. I happened to be at a gun range in Conroe Texas that I really like.  Shooters Station in Conroe has very knowledgeable staff…great ranges and a great selection…Many gun ranges have ‘gun dorks’ that are arrogant…aloof and not really helpful.  I have shot at scores of gun ranges.  Most leave me unimpressed.. Shooters Station is verywp-1597100024593..jpg good!  Caleb gave me a few free range passes and was super helpful!

These folks at Shooters Station have a clean store,  amazing range and people willing to help at every step.  I happened to step in and saw they had a CAA MCK.  This is a kit that allows you to put a (in this case) a Glock 19 or 17 pistol) into a platform that turns it into a SBR (if you have the licence) or at least a pistol that is much more stable and allows you to put optics and other fun things on it….

I mounted a Sig Romeo5and did shoulder it at the range.  I wanted to see how it shot.  WOW!  First..the MCK..is LIGHT!  Very light.  Probably about 1 lb…it is made of Polymer and is super light and strong.  I put my Glock 17inside…and zeroed my Sig Romeo5.  That little PWD (Personal Defense Weapon) was amazing!  No recoil…zero flash…it was dinging at 25 yards like nobody’s business!  I did not upgrade to a match barrel and the G17 had not even been broken in! TargetMCK

It has Picatinny rails and collapses down to about 10 inches.  Small enough to keep in a small back pack. Weighed with the Pistol inside and a light, laser and Romeo5?  Less than 3.5 lbs.  Easy to handle.

I can say definitively..if I had to get into a gun fight..I would much rather have a G17 or G17 in the MCKthan go with just the pistol.  As a friend of mine said (wont say where he works)…“Shooting a rifle well is like driving a race car.  Shooting a pistol well is like flying a fighter jet”. Based upon his background…I agree.  Putting good optics on the MCK and the stability makes it a no brainier in my mind.

I have decided my G17 will live in my MCK platform.  It folds up nicely to keep in my Jeep and no need to have a Pistol alone.

At the range, I shot rapid shot at 25 yards.  It was a bit high and left but ammo right now is hard SMallPirto come by so I just wanted to group.  You can see the group I shot.  20 Rounds at 25 yards…off hand all within 2.5 inches using a red dog sight.  WOW!  That is impressive from a 9mm Glock with a stock barrel I was shooting at bout 2 rounds per second!  Needless to say, I am super impressed.  

Construction is SOLID!  Polymer is very strong…it is modular and it does not rust.  The stock moves with ease and keeping the G17 in place is solid.  Keeps zero very well!  Overall,  it is worth the $298 I paid at Shooter’s Station 100x over.  I was a bit concerned as I had never met them that I might be given a ‘tourist rate”…nope…$298.  For that price…amazing.

For anyone looking for a great PDW and that has a Glock 17/19/22/23/43 etc.  Definitely check out CAA MCK!  One thing to consider.  I teach a LOT of people to shoot pistols.  That is hard.  I can put someone behind the MCK with a Glock and they are dead on within 5 minutes!  In today’s world..that is important…..


1. Brian Fish - February 2, 2021

Greetings Chris. I always enjoy reading and following you.
Regarding the CAA MCK… I wish it had worked out. But it falls terribly short in reliability. I used my brand new G4 G17 and after a few mags the (cheap) plastic charging handle stripped out. I went through 3 different handles from CAA. Now they won’t even return my messages.
When the charging handle strips off the Glocks serrations the firearm would jam in the MCK. I had to use hand tools to remove the firearm from the unit twice. Once there was a live round in the Glock, very dangerous.
So now it just sits in it’s original box in my closet. If I don’t hear from CAA soon they will hear from a lawyer. It is defective. It is unsafe.
Like I said I wish it would have worked out but I have to be honest to everyone considering the MCK. If you are in the market I have a rarely used one for sale… cheap. But you must sign a waiver to not hold me responsible for any defects or negligent discharges.

Logan A Stepp - February 25, 2021

I have one for my S&W M&P 2.0 and have had zero malfunctions and i even ran steel cased russian ammo too. I agree the charging handle could use a hardened frame and maybe a poly coating on all models. I have noticed slight wear on the front of my slide but it is only aesthetic. It is troubling that they have ghosted you but maybe consider revisiting the installation instructions or it may be that your glock needs to have deeper cuts made.

Brian Fish - February 25, 2021

Hey Logan! Fair enough. I have heard from others that they have had no issues either. To tell you the honest truth I think the MCK is way cool and I really wish it had worked out. I was downright fun! Though I ran less than 100 rounds in total.
My gunsmith looked everything over and strongly advised to not modify my Glock or the MCK for reliability and liability concerns.
I am just frustrated about the CAA lack of ownership on this issue. And no, I am not going to get a lawyer. That was my pride talkin’. Lol.
Enjoy the day!

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