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“Liberty must at all hazards be supported.”- Thomas Jefferson, 1765 June 28, 2012

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With the coming US presidential elections, I am going to intermix the normal blog posts with some US history and political thoughts.  The 4th of July in Park City, Utah (where we live) is a time of parties, fun and parades.  I am always a bit dismayed when I casually ask people what the 4th is celebrating.  While it is called ‘Independence Day’ there are a number of people who don’t appear to recognize the origins or the purpose of the 4th of July. Wow!..In a nutshell, Independence Day is a celebration of “our violently breaking free from the bonds of the shackles of our imperialistic British oppressors”…OK..that may simply be colorful way I describe it to my British friends to get them riled up but it is indeed a celebration of our ‘independence’ from British rule.

The revolution had been brewing for years with King George imposing oppressive taxes and other laws.  “No Taxation without Representation” (an Irish phrase) was adopted by the colonists and adapted in 1765 when local politician James Otis famously said: “Taxation without representation is tyranny”.   (more…)

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