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“We Can’t Live in Castles” – FBI Official Concedes; CyberSecurity Policy is a Failure March 28, 2012

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In my Google alerts  today was an article from Foxnews titled: “Retiring FBI Official Says Current US CyberSecurity Strategy ‘Unsustainable'”  Shawn Henry, the FBI’s Assistant Director for CyberSecurity refers to the increasing cyber attacks on government and corporate targets and says: “We are not winning”.  All I can say at this point is…WOW..again we are beating a dead horse!  In 2010, I said the same thing at an InfraGard event in Salt Lake City, and RSA has said the same thing.  We sound like broken records at this point.  This post will likely be a bit more pointed and blunt than most but my frustration is mounting on the subject. For a shameless plug on my own research brief, please read: “A Failed State of Security” now published by IDGA.

CyberAttacks against corporates, committed by individuals are crimes.  Crimes are human acts undertaking by living, breathing, thinking human beings.  CyberSecurity, at its core, is about more than building castles to keep the princess protected.  It is also about changing human behavior to deter the criminal behavior.

“deterrence is ultimately about decisively influencing decision making.  Achieving such decisive influence requires altering or reinforcing decision makers’ perceptions of key factors they must weigh in deciding whether to act counter to (our interests) or to exercise restraint.”[1] (more…)

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