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Robin Paul- Indianapolis VA Program Manager Mocks Veteran Suicides March 9, 2015

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Robin_Paul_smCORRECTION.  I received a very polite email today from the folks who own Elf on a Shelf.  They corrected my post and clarified that the ‘elves’ that Ms. Paul used in her post were not the Elf on a Shelf. The email contained the following.  “The Elf on the Shelf is in no way affiliated with these emails, nor does it condone judgment or mockery of the men and women of our military, or anyone for that matter. We hope you understand our concern that The Elf on the Shelf brand, which is built around creating family moments and joy at the holidays, would be incorrectly linked to this story.”  My apologies to the folks at Elf on a Shelf for incorrectly identifying the character.

On the heels of the VA Secretary lying about his services as a “Special Forces” soldier, we now have a program manager from the VA in Indianapolis apparently mocking veteran suicides.  Maybe Ms. Paul needs a reminder that 22 Veterans per DAY commit suicide in this country.  Many of these veterans are scarred from their time in combat while in service to their nation.  They do not deserve derision and mockery rather they need and deserve our support.  This wonderful representative of the Indianapolis Veterans Administration (yes that is sarcasm) wrote an email with a series of off color Christmas Jokes. In the email below, Ms. Paul jokes that the elf was: “…caught in the act of suicidal behavior (trying to hang himself with an electrical cord)”  The picture has a note that says “Out of Xanax, please help!”.  While Ms. Paul may think this is amusing, to those of us who are in the community of combat arms veterans, it is no laughing matter.  In one of the Facebook groups of which I am a member, I can name two veterans who have committed suicide since the start of 2015.  If the VA wants to know why there is a problem with veteran suicides maybe they should look no farther than their own incompetent, indifferent program manager who believes it is funny to mock veterans who are suicidal over Christmas.   It should be noted that the statement on the Indianapolis VAs website says: “Honoring America’s Veterans with quality health care services, part of the largest integrated health care system in the U.S.”  Mocking America’s Veterans is not ‘Honoring” them. While I cannot find a direct email for Mr. Richard Roudebush, you can contact him via Facebook message here.  He is Ms. Pauls supervisor.

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