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“Failed State of Security”- Published by IDGA March 21, 2012

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The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) has published the whitepaper “Failed State of Security”; A Rational Analysis of Deterrence Theory & Its Effect on Cybercrime. Check it out!

Abstract  “In reviewing the literature on criminology and information security it appears that, while they share many common themes, there is a disconnect between the criminological theory and its application in information security.  Information security, as a field, is focused on the protection of information assets.  Criminology is focused on the prevention of criminal behavior.  As most information security practitioners will likely attest, there is little overlap between the two fields and there has been little research or focus on the use of crime theories on the prevention of cybercrimes.   This paper attempts to bridge the gap between the fields and highlight the deficiencies in the current approach of compelling victims to prevent cybercrime as opposed to deterring the criminals from committing cybercrimes.” 

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