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6 Sailors Trapped on MV Iceberg; Indian Government Refuses Ransom Demand July 24, 2011

Posted by Chris Mark in Piracy & Maritime Security.
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Six Indian sailors are trapped aboard the MV Iceberg after the Indian government has refused to pay ransom to the Somali pirates.  Third Officer Jaswinder, who has called his family 8 times in an attempt to get Ransom, described how he and 2 other sailers were tortured by the pirates and one crew member had been killed.  The MV Iceberg was hijacked in March, 2010 by a reported 50 pirates.  Nearly 500 days later, she and her crew are still held captive.  Prior to the ransom demand being rejected by the Indian Government, the demand was rejected by the ship’s owners.  The crew is in desperate need of help.  This should be a wake up call for those companies willing to roll the proverbial dice with their security.  While stories of ransoms being paid and sailors returning home warm the heart, there are still dozens of ships and hundreds of sailors enduring terrible conditions, and brutal treatment at the hands of pirates.  Once a ship is captured the pirates have the negotiating power.  Professionally trained, and experienced armed guards are the best defense against piracy.


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