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Pirates new tactics! July 26, 2011

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On July 25, 2011 MSC(HOA) reported that a merchant vessel was under attack at 2109Z (a night time attack) again in the southern Red Sea, 55 nm NW of Bab-el-Mandeb and 20 nm east of the attacks on the F Blue and Front Pride.

The vessel was attacked by no less than four skiffs who were firing at the vessel from all directions.

The industry needs to understand that attacks at night will now become normal as ransoms afford pirates better equipment such as night vision technology, easily purchased on the black market.  This year alone we’ve seen attacks in the Red Sea and vessels being hijacked during monsoon season;  all first time occurrences.

Shipping companies should carefully consider hiring companies that purport less numbers of security team members can do more, or a few weapons of any sort will scare the pirates away.   Their attacks will become more brazen and sophisticated over time.


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