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“Use of Force” Webcast – Nexus Consulting Group May 16, 2012

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Nexus Consulting Group is scheduling a webcast for the week of May 21- 25 on the topic of the Use of Force in Maritime Security.  Recently, a video surfaced of a maritime security company firing on Somali Pirates.  While the topic has been debated, Nexus was mistakenly identified as the company that took action.  If you are interested in learning about Use of Force and the legal issues, then contact Nexus at info@ncga.us and note your interest in attending the webcast and we will advise which sessions are available.  You can download the Use of Force Primer and follow along document here.

Having previously worked for a maritime security company,  I felt pretty informed on the Use of Force and Maritime issues.  After speaking to Kevin on numerous occasions, it was apparent that Kevin is an expert on Maritime Security and the industry at large.  I always come away from a discussion with Kevin impressed and having learned something new about maritime security.  Any knuckle-dragger can carry a gun and use it indiscriminately.  It is appropriate, disciplined use of a weapon that separates professional security from amateurs.  There are few security companies that I would recommend and that have the expertise to protect  ships while minimizing risk to ship owners. Use of force is an critical yet complex subject.  I recommend you take the opportunity to listen to an expert on maritime security and definitely take the opportunity to ask questions.

Armed Guards Kill Two Indian Fisherman- “…suspected to be pirates” February 21, 2012

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According to the Times of India, armed guard aboard an Italian merchant (Enrica Lexie) vessel shot and killed two Indian fisherman last night that they “…suspected to be pirates.”  According to the Italian government, the vessel did not respond to warning lights.  According to the Indian fisherman, no prior warning was given.  Here is where it gets somewhat questionable: “Two fishermen in a boat were killed after guards onboard the Italian merchant vessel fired at them off Alapuzha coast last evening, suspecting them to be pirates.”  While the facts are not yet public on what exactly happened, my personal view is that this particular episode is has serious issues. Based on other reports, the guards were members of the Italian navy and NOT private security. (more…)

Vetting Armed Security Providers February 13, 2012

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Nexus Consulting’s CEO, Kevin Doherty was kind enough to let me post a questionnaire his company developed specifically for companies considering the use of armed security on ships.  Nexus has conducted hundreds of transits through the Gulf of Aden and is one of the original maritime security companies and currently one of only 3 companies in the US that work with US Flagged vessels.  Please download the document here.

Foriegn Security Team to Face Trial in Somalia February 6, 2012

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SomaliaReport published a story today which said that six men arrested in May, 2010 for bringing $3.6 Million into Somalia as a ransom payment for a hijacked vessel will be in Banadir Court on Thursday to face charges.  The six, one American, three Britons, and two Kenyans have been held at the airport since their arrest 9 months ago.  According to the story, the money was to be used for the release of two vessels, the MV Suez and MV Yuan Xiang.

UK House of Commons Report: “Piracy off the coast of Somalia” January 7, 2012

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The UK’s House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) published a report this week titled “Piracy off the coast of Somalia”.  You can read the report here. The 72-page report set out the findings of the FAC enquiry into the efforts of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the UK Government to combat the increasing levels of piracy off Somalia.

Tackling the use PASGs, the report concluded that “the evidence in support of the use of armed guards is compelling” (emphasis added) but that the “Government must provide clearer direction on what is permissible and what is not”.

The report also said that the risk to pirates of encountering serious consequences is still too low to outweigh the lucrative rewards, and simply returning suspected pirates to their boats or their land provides little long-term deterrence.

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