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“Pot…Meet Kettle”…Syria Urges UN to Stop Terrorism in Damascus (cough, cough) May 10, 2012

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I had to comment on an article I just read on MSNBC.com titled: “Syria Urges UN to Stop ‘Terrorism’ Following Damascus Blasts”.  The basis of the article is that Assad’ government is claiming that the two bombs that went off in Damascus yesterday (35 killed and over 300 wounded) is evidence of “foreign terrorism”.  According to the article: “Syria’s foreign ministry said the bombing was a sign the country is facing foreign-backed terrorism and called on the United Nations Security Council to take measures against countries or groups supporting violence in the revolt against President Bashar Assad.”  While I try to keep this blog professional and on the up and up, I do have to say that Syria sure has some…(ahem)…cajones to make a plea like that. “Syria stresses the importance of the UNSC taking measures against countries, groups and news agencies that are practicing and encouraging terrorism,” the state news agency SANA quoted the ministry as saying in a letter addressed to the Security Council.  Lets take a spin over to the Council on Foreign Relations website to investigate our friends in Syria. (not the citizens but the government). 

Does Syria support terrorism? (from the CFR website)

“Yes. Syria, a secular dictatorship accused of committing serious human rights violations by the Human Rights Watch, has been on the State Department list of countries sponsoring terrorism since the list’s inception in 1979. However, Syria has not been directly involved in terrorist operations since 1986, according to the State Department, and the country bars Syria-based groups from launching attacks from Syria or targeting Westerners. Some experts characterize Syria’s involvement in terrorism as “passive support.” Historically, Syria has been involved in numerous past terrorist acts and still supports several terrorist groups. The 2006 Country Report by the state department says the ongoing investigation by the United Nations into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri indicates that Syrian officials were likely involved.”

Does Syria Cooperate with other State Sponsors of Terrorism?

“Yes. Syria and Iran work together over issues related to Hezbollah. The 2007 Congressional Research Service report calls the relationship between the two countries “a marriage of convenience” that stems from geopolitical necessity. In 2004, Syria and Iran signed a mutual defense agreement. The July 2006 Hezbollah strikes on Israel prompted allegations that Syria and Iran were using the group to deflect international attention from other issues, such as Iran’s contentious nuclear program. This Backgrounder takes an in-depth look at the Syria-Iran relationship.”

How do those sayings go?  “What’s good for the goose…” and…”he who lives by the sword…”

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