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“RSA Doesn’t Dine Alone” – China Suspected In Pipeline Attack May 13, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in cybersecurity, InfoSec & Privacy, terrorism.
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For background on this story, please read the previous post, as well as an earlier post titled: “Cyberattack underway against US Pipelines”. While the timing of this story is fortuitous for this author, the event is frightening.  According to the Christian Science Monitor “Those analyzing the cyberspies who are trying to infiltrate natural-gas pipeline companies have found similarities with an attack on a cybersecurity firm a year ago. At least one US government official has blamed China for that earlier attack.”  The referenced security firm is RSA.   Again quoting CSM: “Investigators hot on the trail of cyberspies trying to infiltrate the computer networks of US natural-gas pipeline companies say that the same spies were very likely involved in a major cyberespionage attack a year ago on RSA Inc., a cybersecurity company. And the RSA attack, testified the chief of the National Security Agency (NSA) before Congress recently, is tied to one nation: China.”

Anyone who doubt that the US is under attack by  China should read about the attacks against Dupont, RSA, Lockheed Martin, and more.


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