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Hidden Film Restored- “Let There Be Light” ; John Huston Directed May 25, 2012

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I just read this story and had to pass on.  In 1947 John Huston (director of Maltese Falcon, among others) directed a short film on solders returning from WWII and suffering from what was then called ShellShock.  It was a breakthrough in that it showed black and white solders mixing freely in therapy and sports and showed soldiers suffering from what we now call PTSD.  The film can be downloaded for FREE from the National Film Preservation Society:

“John Huston’s World War II documentary Let There Be Light is so legendary for its censorship controversy that its sheer power as a film has been easy to miss. Produced by the U.S. Army in 1945, it pioneered unscripted interview techniques to take an unprecedented look into the psychological wounds of war. However, by the time the film was first allowed a public screening—in December 1980—its remarkable innovations in style and subject, which in the 1940s were at least a decade ahead of their time, could be taken as old hat, especially because of the poor quality of then-available prints. This new restoration finally reveals the film’s full force.”


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