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“Experts Around Every Corner; Part Deux” -Safes, Security, Expertise and Ignorance July 16, 2012

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“There is nothing so stupid as an educated man. If you get him off the thing he was educated in.” – Will Rogers

This weekend I was reading a major news source and I was struck by an article on Safes.  As I have a gun safe, and other safes, I thought it would be interesting to read. I have written posts before on expertise (Experts in every room).  Various ‘expert’s are interviewed in the article.  One in particular stood out.  He said: People need to wake up. They think they are protecting themselves, but they may actually be putting themselves at more risk,”  As this was a very pointed statement (People need to wake up!)…I immediately thought that my own strategy of securing my valuables was mis directed.  I continued reading to see who this expert was…He then said: “Sure you want to have some cash at home, but more than a little feels unsafe,” (I have added the bold)…the expert was a man named Michael Cresh…what is his job?  You are probably thinking police officer, security expert, safe expert, or something similar.  You would be mistaken.  He is a Certified Financial Planner.  If I were asking for financial planning, this is the person that I would turn to. If I am considering the purchase of a safe, I can safely say (pun intended) I could not care less what a CFP has to say unless he has some other level of expertise.  His statement belie his ‘expertise’ and demonstrate he has little understanding of physical security or risk analysis as it pertains to physical security. (…feels unsafe).

When considering a security professional that proclaims expertise, take a very close look.  Whether maritime security, information security, personal security, or any other area of security there are more than a few self proclaimed experts walking the halls.

Last year I wrote a paper for companies to use when evaluating expertise in the maritime security industry.  While focused on maritime security it is relevant to all areas of expertise.  You can read the article here.


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