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UPDATE – The Story of McBean Elementary School has More than One Shade… November 10, 2013

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TaynyaMountUPDATE – it appears as if Ms. Mount has filed a lawsuit against the school, the district police AND  the principal Janina Dallas. You can read more here.

In doing some research, there are some interesting points to consider about the article posted on McBean Elementary School.  Read and decide for yourself.  If Ms. Mount was a concealed weapons permit holder in Richmond county, she would have had a background check and been fingerprinted.  You can read the requirements here.

Next, it should be noted that on August 9th, 2013 McBean Elementary School was identified as a school to receive Title I federal assistance.  This means the school receives federal money to “assist students in meeting state achievement standards”.  If one looks at the demographics of the town in which McBean is located and the school there are some interesting trends.  According to City-Data.com, in 2011, there were 39,640 people listed as living in the city.  Of those, 23,137 were black and 13,219 were white.  This related to 58.3% black and 33.3% white, repsectively.  this means there is a 2/1 ratio of blacks to whites.  If one looks at the demographics of McBean elementary school, the statistics are shocking.  It is about 21% black and almost 68% white.  This means there is only 1 black student to every 3.23 white students.  It should be noted that I am making assumptions but Ms. Mount, who was banned from McBean Elementary school appears to be black and I am making another assumption that her daughter is black, as well.  If one looks at Goshen Elementary School, which is 3.9 miles from McBean, the ratios begin to change.  They are roughly 29% black and 60% white.  If one goes another 2.3 miles to Gracewood elementary, the ratios continue in the trend.  Now we are at 53.6% black and 41.3% white, respectively.  Finally, we move another 1.8 miles to Tobacco Road Elementary School and we are at 95% black and 1.4% white.  Tocacco Road is only about 13 miles from McBean.  In zip code 30906 there are 57,748 residents of which 61% are black and 32% are white…yet the elementary school in this zip code is 95% black? Lets look closer to home.  Hephzibah middle school and Hphzibah High school are both located in the same small town as McBean Elementary and they are both roughly 50% black adn 50% white.

Considering that Ms. Mount would have had a background check, it seems prudent that she would have been a lower risk than a person without a backgruond check.  In fact, those wtih a CCW are 17 times less likely to commit a crime than the general population and veterans are no more liklely to commit crime than the general population.  The question that comes to my mind is this: “What was Dr. Dallas really so afraid of that she would get an order or protection against Ms. MountWas Dr. Dallas really ‘scared’ of Ms. Mount because she was an Army Veteran and had a CCW permit or was it because her daughter was the wrong color for McBean Elementary School and would impact their Federal Funding?”.…the answer to me is clear.


1. Jude Schexnyder - November 6, 2013

Sounds like you are the one jumping to conclusions. In your research did you bother to check if any white volunteer parents were banned? If there are white parents that do have a CCW permit and they have not been banned then maybe there is some validity to your assertions.

Chris Mark - November 6, 2013

Jumping to conclusions would be making a statement without any supporting facts. I posted a number of different points to support my own position. .I call it like I see it. This smacks of racism.

2. Stephen Taylor - November 7, 2013

Whether this principal is racist or not, she is ignorant and un-american on the grounds alone of discriminating against veterans and law abiding CCW permit holders. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, those who would sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither and will lose both. Dr. Dallas is completely obtuse.

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