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BREAK! BREAK! Please Donate to help the 7 MARSOC Marines’ families! March 11, 2015

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MARSOCRIPIf you have not heard a Helo crash claimed the lives of 7 MARSOC Marines and 4 Army Soldiers last night.  I received the message below today in a private FB group.  Many of our members are/were MARSOC members and we are all brothers in arms….I know John (PayPal administrator) and can assure all of the funds will go directly to our Brother’s family to help them through this time of need.  If you can give anything (even $1), please think about helping.  Thank you in advance!!

“As many of you already know, we have just lost 7 MARSOC operators in a helo crash off the coast of Eglin AFB in Florida. Names are not being released until all next of kin have been notified. I’m told by one of the operators that was on the adjacent helo that most of the team members had wives and kids. I’m setting this hasty post up so we can quickly start generating funds to help support the families in any way we possibly can. I would do a gofundme but they get a 10% cut and I want every penny to go to our Brother’s loved ones who needless to say will be very devastated. Please give whatever you can and just remember, no matter how large or small the donation is, every penny helps. The funds will be going to JJ Brown‘s paypal which is johnbrown691@gmail.com and every cent of the donations will be dispersed to the families on behalf of BDC in a to be determined method.”

Fair Winds and Following Seas Brothers. Always Beside You”


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