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RHIP- Sgt. Major of Marines (3/2) Embellishes his Record.. SgtMaj. Kenneth C. Lovell III March 19, 2015

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Lovell2UPDATED:  The USMC has changed the bio and the original BIO has been cleansed from the Google Cache.  I have updated the post with a link to the original Bio.. In the Marine Corps the phrase “RHIP” or “Rank Has Its Privileges” is common. Along with privileges comes responsibilities…This post is one of the most difficult I have ever had to write.  I had reflect on whether to write this post but I have written similar posts on civilians and veterans who have Stolen Valor and felt it only fair to address one of ‘our own’ brothers (a sniper) who, in my opinion, has stolen the valor of other brave Marines. I don’t feel it is equitable to take civilians to task for something I am unwilling to take my own brother to task for…

In this case a Marine Corps Sgt Major Kenneth C. Lovell III (the HIGHEST enlisted rank in the Military) has embellished his record for reasons that he will not or cannot explain.  It is frustrating, infuriating and tragic.  When we consider why the Lance Corporal at the neighborhood watering hole feels compelled to embellish his record to pick up girls, we need look no further than this Sgt Major’s actions.  Shameful is too polite a word to use for his actions.  As the senior Enlisted Marine in the Battalion and one of less than 2,000 E9s in the entire Marine Corps, it is his job to carry the standard for enlisted actions.  Sgt Major Lovell was not just a Scout Sniper but was also a Drill Instructor and on the President’s Detail at 8/I.  This Marine, more than any, knows the regulations and responsibilities associated with being a leader.  His actions are inexcusable.

Sgt. Major Kenneth C. Lovell III came to my attention quite by accident.  His original biography was posted when he was assigned as the (not promoted…thank you Msgt. Miller for the correction) Battalion Sgt Major (THE senior Enlisted Marine in the entire Battalion) of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines (3/2).  Some Snipers noticed his claims of being a Scout Sniper PineSchool Honor Graduate. His original bio stated he: “…attended the Scout Sniper Basic Course in which he was an Honor Graduate.” You can read his bio (the original) here.  Not only was Sgt Major Lovell NOT the honor graduate of his class, but the actual honor graduate, Sgt. Aaron Pine (picture to left) is a Marine Sniper who passed away after his service in the USMC.  It is disturbing that a Sgt. Major Lovell would steal the honor from such a valiant Marine.  It is shameful and disgraceful on many levels.  Sgt Major Lovell has since changed his bio to read “Distinguished graduate”.  Let me be clear for those who are not familiar with Marine Corps Scout Sniper School.  For those few Marines who manage to graduate from Scout Sniper School and transition from PIG to HOG there are only two types of honors in the course….there is THE Class Honor Graduate (I finished about 12 out of 15..so not me) and the Class High Shooter …everyone else is simply a HOG and honored to have passed such a rigorous training course.  There is NO ‘distinguished’ graduate…that is, to be polite, complete bullshit and the Sgt Major knows this. Even his ‘distinguished’ graduate description is still wrong and disingenuous, at best.

Sgt. Major Lovell also claimed to have 3 Combat Action Ribbons (CAR) (see pic to left).  His original bio stated that he had : “…CAR3the Combat Action Ribbon with two gold stars in lieu of third award.” For those who are no in the Navy or Marine Corps, the CAR is a defining decoration. It is a ‘by name’ award that indicates that a Marine has been in combat.  Only 1 CAR per theater can be earned.  For any Marine, having 3 CARS would be an accomplishment.  This raised some flags.  When confronted, Sgt. Major Lovell amended his bio to include only 2 Combat Action Ribbon awards yet his picture shows him wearing 3.  This is not a simple oversight or mistake.  A CAR is a personal decoration and is coveted by Marines.  This was clearly an attempt to assume an honor that was not awarded.

I work with various groups that see stolen valor on a daily basis.  Often it is a coach telling his young players he was a “Green Beret” etc.  Often it is some young veteran who is telling his girlfriend he was a SEAL.  These are unfortunate and frustrating but relatively harmless.  When we have a senior enlisted Marine embellishing his record, it not only hurts other Marines who may be competing for promotions but it sends a very dangerous message that lying about military service is acceptable.  Sgt Major Lovell has disgraced not only the Marine Corps but the rank of Sergeant Major.  He should be ashamed yet something tells me he is not.   Sgt. Major…in the words of a Master Gunnery Sergeant that I highly respect…..”Square yourself away!”


1. Michael LoGiudice - March 19, 2015

WTF SgtMaj, you know the regulations…stand up and fix your discrepancies. Be the SNCO that USMC requires you to be and lead by example.

Anon - November 18, 2015

I was in the SS platoon just before he left it as a SSgt. He got in trouble for going down to another state (Fl, Ga, Sc?) and giving training to police officers. He took several of the other snipers down with him and they got paid. It all went well until one of them got hit in the chest with a ricochet. It got dealt with pretty quietly, but he was already doing questionable things.

kaleena rivera - February 13, 2019

I severed with this man in drill instructor school in 2006. We always knew there was something off about him and his big stories. And wow to read this is very disheartening.

2. Duggernaut - March 19, 2015

This is a very disconcerting story, so I just have to ask how solid all of the source intel is on this, and if it was all confirmed independently. I’m really on the fence right now, but if it’s true then he’s going to have a rough Friday.

Chris Mark - March 19, 2015

I agree. I truly struggled with posting this as it reflects poorly on our USMC..that being said, I think the best evidence can be seen in the SgtMajors own correction of his bio…he changed “sniper school HONOR graduate” to “distinguished graduate” (no such thing) and changed his 3 CARS to 2 CARS…That alone is enough to create a problem. If we were talking about some Cpl with a screwed up SRB or 214 this would not be an issue. We are talking about a Sgt Major of Marines who was a DI, and 8th and I..there is ZERO excuse to have a bad SRB etc. I am sorry but my facts are accurate. I would invite the Sgt Major or even his command to contact me and dispute my research…I am easy to find…

Bulhgr23 - March 19, 2015

I have known SgtMaj Lovell for about five years and have looked to him both as a Marine Leader and a Spiritual mentor. I would questions all of these statements (allegation) that have been made in the blog. I understand that while stolen valor is a disgrace, but when it is about a man that values is spiritual life over his Marine Corps life anyday of the week I would say please take the post down and double check your sources…

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

My sources were more than double checked. Believe me this was difficult to post but we have called out CEOs, Charity owners and others for the same thing. it is not equitable to give someone a ‘pass’ simply because they are otherwise a ‘good person’.

Dustin - March 19, 2015

Hard to believe. If there’s any truth to this, his retirement is in order. No room for integrity violations of this magnitude and rank.

guardian - March 19, 2015

I have to ask what SV people you run with? I know most of them and have never heard of you until this blog was brought to my attention due to this story. Also, you claim he did this and that, but all we have is your word to go on. With a Sgt Maj of his caliber it seems this, if true, would be all over other Marine pages. I have searched and found nothing pertaining to this except this one article.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

My own DD214 (last one) is posted on this very blog. Use the search function. Maybe nobody has asked any of the questions of the Sgt Major before. I don’t ‘run’ with any SV people but I do support their efforts with research and other aspects.

Adam Hostetler - March 20, 2015

I would think everyone who graduates from sniper school is a ‘distinguished graduate’. I see no problem with that line. But why was the change needed in the first place? That’s the question.

afghanimarine - March 21, 2015

The term “distinguished” graduate actually has meaning, so you cannot say that every person graduating from Sniper School is “distinguished”. It is used in the Army to call out graduates of a course that graduate with above a certain GPA, but are not the honor grad. When I was a PFC in the Army’s bulk fuel supply school I graduated as a “distinguished graduate”. I guess I need to update my bio.

Jeffrey - March 24, 2015

Wish you had been around when CMC Amos took over and misled, misdirected and deceived all about his qualifications and service record.

3. afasf - March 19, 2015

Don’t worry. All of this is very easy info to check on. We can get on OWA and pull all his Fitreps and get on 3270 and check his awards and chronological record. His whole bio sounds like bullshit to me.

Steven Beck - March 20, 2015

OWA and 3270? I’m not familiar with them, but would like to know more. It would be nice to have some 3rd party resource I can direct people to regarding my service (Force Recon).

4. Jonathan Pine - March 19, 2015

From the family of SGT Aaron Pine we thank the author for bringing this to light. Ken actually spoke at Aaron’s memorial service…so this is very confusing for us and disheartening if true.

5. rickyrecon - March 19, 2015

Hey you should ask the youtube shooting sensation Travis Haley where his Sniper school cert is… oh wait it was made with photo shop. What about his self shot video on a roof in Iraq… There are quite a few Force, MARSOC, and SF guys who know his lies. Also tell Travis I want my AR upper back.

6. AJ Smith - March 19, 2015

Your basis “Stolen …” is on a bio error?

Chris Mark - March 19, 2015

I am unsure as to your question but it appears as if you are asking if my ‘stolen valor’ claim is based upon an inaccurate bio? The answer would e ‘yes’ this is not a lance corporal..this is a Sgt Major who has full control of his bio and has updated to reflect that he did not have 3 Combat Action Ribbons and was NOT the honor grad out of Sniper School. So…YES…I wrote this on discrepancies in his bio…IF he had ensured his bio was accurate it would not have created such an issue. Do you have another point to make?

CJ - March 19, 2015

Why would he be wearing 2 stars on his combat action ribbon when he knows he only rates 2 total awards. Lance Corporal excuses don’t work when you are a Sergeant Major.

Mark A. Taylor (@elvnsword) - March 20, 2015

Given that this is a Sgt Maj. Who has full control of what is an d is not on his biography, anything said on it is effectively his on the record statement as to his history. Claiming and wearing 3 CARS without merit is something that would get a younger Marine, who he for example, inspected in formation and called out on it, potentially Court Martialed for! This is effectively lying under oath, when he turns that biography into inspection boards and promotion boards, as well as when he wears that uniform to official events with that 3rd CARS in place.

As for the Sniper School designation, I don’t know enough about Marine Sniper School to call that out but trust the author’s knowledge on the subject.

7. Rob - March 19, 2015

if he was a cpl he would have been busted

8. Liam - March 19, 2015

I was and am a friend of Aaron and his family. I was honored to speak at his furneral, and have had the privilege to remain close with his family in the years since his death.

Seeing this makes me feel disgusted. It’s a shame that warriors can’t rest easy without worry of life and legacy being stolen.

I am proud of my friend and ashamed of those who would poach his honor.

9. jo - March 19, 2015

The Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) is not only a personal citation but a unit citation. His bio would not effect any promotion. Though his pic and his service record would have hurt him if they don’t match.
Shame on him for the embellished bio

jo - March 19, 2015

Not to mention Admin types his bio. Clerical errors. Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan those are 3 campaigns so it’s possible…right?

10. Steve Trubilla (@SteveTrubilla) - March 19, 2015

I do hope that allegations are not true.If they are, he may wear the rank, but he is no SgtMaj. If I had to pick one thing most rewarding to me in the Corps it would be the genuine esteem young Marines shared with me over my many years as an NCO & SNCO. It’s not the medals, or this or that award. It was LCpl X or, Cpl Y seeking me out, that looking back, fills my heart. Rank has it privilege, to a point I guess.But not at the expense of right and wrong. The Sgt Maj & 1st Sgt are the example of good order and discipline. The rules apply to everyone. It this Marine falsified his record how can any commander hold him up an example of what Marines should aspire to become.? How could any junior Marine look up to him? If you do not have the respect of the troops and officers, as a Sgt Maj you have failed.

11. Colin keevers - March 19, 2015

As a USMC veteran (with an 03 MOS) I am appalled that someone would try and discredit one of our own. Especially an E-9. Who has risen through the ranks. We are taking stolen valor too far. This is the “mafia equivelant” to ratting on one of our own.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

“…especially an E9”? Does the fact that he is a Sgt Major give him a ‘pass’ for lying about his background? Read my 214..I too am an 0311 as well as an 8541 and an 8654 plus whatever nonsensical MOS Security Forces gets..

12. Gregory Samson - March 19, 2015

Sniper Shcool also does High Stalker.

Chris Mark - March 22, 2015

Thank you for the correction. I was unaware.

13. MarineGunner0306 - March 19, 2015

Okay hold the phone…I have known the Sergeant Major for many years. I am quite certain that he does indeed have three (3) Combat Action Ribbons. It is actually not that much of a feet if we were say on the east coast in an infantry battalion in the mid 90s and earned a CAR for Bosnia or say even down in the Caribean. As for the ‘disquinguished’ graduate…perhaps he was or perhaps this was a type-O from another accomplishment or school. I have been witness to many of his accolades. Sergeant Major Lovell is a stand up Marine and has the best interest of the Marines; as he is and always will be a Marine’s Marine.

Semper Fi,
Mack (Active Duty, Marine Gunner (0306)

Dan 0321 - March 20, 2015

I’ve had the.. lets say regret of deploying with this piece of shit, he was only out for himself and made our lives hell for no reason. He’s made numerous claims to us..” Shooter was a movie based on my life” so if this is the person you defend then you GUNNER are what’s wrong with the marine corps, you and Lovell are should of the rest of the Marine corps a favor and retire!! If you want to hear more true stories of this fucking worthless human being email me.. Drivera1984@hotmail.com

MarineGunner0306 - March 22, 2015

Watch your mouth Dan Rivera.

MarineGunner0306 - March 22, 2015

Let’s just talk like adults here. I am going to stay out of this. There is a lot going on here; more than I care to maintain involvement. If he is guilty let him face the penalty. Semper Fi.

Chris Mark - March 22, 2015

I will say that my research is solid and I believe the best evidence can be seen by the changed BIOS. I have asked that the Sgt. Major, the USMC, or anyone of authority contact me to challenge the research and findings. There is significantly more information that I have not posted that confirms what I did write. I do not know Sgt. Major Lovell and my post was based upon two specific points. I will let others who have served with him speak to his other characteristics. Again, I have asked anyone that can to dispute my information. To date, nothing.

14. David R Pine - March 19, 2015

I am Aaron Pine’s dad. I am looking at the framed, matted print Aaron was awarded as honor graduate upon graduating Scout Sniper School Course 3-98. Ken Lovell, you ate at my table. For Shame!

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

Thank you sir, and I am truly sorry for your lose. Your son was known by many people in our group and he is respected and well loved.

David R Pine - March 20, 2015

Thank you sir, for your kind words.

15. MarineGunner0306 - March 19, 2015

Chris Mark,

I would take this post down and do more thorough research. I know the fella. Just give him a call and ask him or shoot him an email.

Chris Mark - March 19, 2015

I will not take this post down and have done research on “this fella”…His bio (and corrected bio) speak volumes…I am happy to talk to anyone that may think my information is incorrect but I am confident that it is accurate. Please ask the SgtMajor to contact me if he believes my comments are incorrect….if you have a particular point you wish to dispute, I would invite you to do so…

16. MarineGunner0306 - March 19, 2015

God Bless you David Pine. I probably know some folks that can help you out.

17. MarineGunner0306 - March 19, 2015

Chris Mark,

if you would; please send me an email or message on facebook (Jango Fett)


I am not saying that you have not researched this and do not doubt your efforts.

I just know the Sergeant Major and have chewed mud with him and this seems out of character.

18. The Grunt - March 19, 2015

stand your ground Marine. It is not up to you to prove innocence or guilt. You merely posted what you saw based upon an OFFICIAL record. It is the responsibility of the SNCO to ensure his military bio is correct as one mistake can mean the difference between being promoted or being denied that promotion. If the Sergeant Major has any issues it is up to him to come to you and correct the errors in question.

It is apparent the Sergeant Major knows that there are issues with his official bio otherwise he would not be scrambling to correct it. The proper thing for him to do is to step down and resign. You lead by example and if this is the example I am expected to follow I’d be questioning the Sergeant Major’s motives.

As for the rest of you who say he should remove this post that is not what we gave our blood,sweat and tears for. CM has done nothing that requires removal of this post.

Sashko Zlatanov - March 20, 2015

The grunt, that was well said.

19. MarineGunner0306 - March 19, 2015

Chris Mark,

disregard. I just read a couple of emails from friends. If they are legitimate this is not good for the Sergeant Major.

20. Scout Sniiper - March 19, 2015

The facts:
-One does not get rid of a CAR, when called out, unless they actually don’t rate it.
-The men researching this claim served with this SgtMaj during the operations he claimed played a role in.
-He isn’t an Honor Graduate of SSBC

= Claiming awards/honors he has not earned = Stolen Valor

21. Scout Sniper - March 19, 2015

Did not earn these awards but makes a conscious decision to wear/flaunt them…..stolen valor

22. Guy - March 20, 2015

You have stated in several replies that you stand by your evidence and invite anyone to rebut what you have accused the SgtMaj of doing. Is your only evidence that, when confronted, his official bio on marines.mil changed? If that’s all you have to launch accusations, you’re wrong and libelous. A persons reaction to an accusation is not evidence that the original accusation is factual.

Show you have more than a reaction as evidence, or remove this post. I understand the anger towards people who steal valor, but I question your judgment.

Steve - March 20, 2015

How bout you use your name as well when questioning this post.. how bout the SGM just comment on it himself.. end the BS

Chris Mark - March 22, 2015

Guy.I did not merely invite ‘anyone’ to refute my claims, I specifically asked that the Sgt Major or the USMC contact me if they felt I was incorrect. I stand by my research and will say that I have more than I have chosen to post.

23. Brennan Mai - March 20, 2015

Whether or not this may be true, he’s still one hell of a Sergeant Major and I’m glad to have him. I mean let’s say that all of these allegations are true, let’s not take away from the fact that:

-He was a Scout Sniper
-Made it to HOG status
-Earned two CARs
-Is a great leader, the morale of 3/2 is strangely quite high, and we do great in every training op with minimal libo incidents

What I am shocked about is that someone would completely disregard all of his achievements and try to shame him.

MTKeeven - March 20, 2015

So it’s ok to lie because he kinda sorta had those accomplishments? In that case, an ammo can was dropped on my foot. Where’s my Purple Heart?

Brennan Mai - March 20, 2015

Of course not, but can you say you have two cars or made it to Hog status? I mean if any of this is true at all (and I’ve met him, he doesn’t seem like the type to lie about such things) he should at least be given the decency to fix it before putting him on blast. Could this be a chargeable offense? Sure thing, but so is Sodomy. It’s easy to demonize someone without knowing them, have YOU met him?

MTKeeven - March 20, 2015

Have I met him? If you only knew..

RedmanSS - March 20, 2015

Brennan, I admire your loyalty to your SgtMaj but refute your stance on looking past these transgressions. We’re all human and all have failings in life, but a US Marine SgtMaj does not fail in honor with the goal of advancing their own self. Not to a brother HOG, not to his Marines under his charge, not to his officers.

US Marines are held to a higher moral standard than Brian Williams and Bill Cosby. The SgtMaj deserves to be standing “Six and Center” and his command will pass deserved judgement as they see fit. I have my own views on the subject and have expressed those to the SgtMaj myself.

And yes, I have two CARs, HOG status and was the Chief Scout of that platoon (3/6 SSP) who knows the details first hand.

To answer those saying “maybe it was from Kosovo”, we didn’t go into Kosovo, instead sat off coast on TRAP alert only. Nor did we go into Lebanon. I know the story first hand to that one as well, another embellishment.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

I have never met him but there is no dispute that he has a distinguished career. This makes it so much more sad and frustrating that he would feel the need to embellish.

24. Sashko Zlatanov - March 20, 2015

Ha ha ha! Doesn’t surprise me. I served with Sgt. Major of the Marines when he was a Ssgt. in 3/2 and I’m pretty sure he got his 1st CAR the same time I got mine in March 03 but I could be wrong. I’m glad to see he’s Sgt. Major but he’s done a lot of stupid shit to get there.

25. Larry Long - March 20, 2015

This is very interesting Chris, disappointing… something I had not thought much of until now but I attended Advance Course with Lovell and recall vividly some controversial PFT scores recorded. There has always been a rivalry between Drill Instructors and Recruiting Duty, personally I don’t give a shit… I didn’t want to do either job I was very content being at 1st SRIG.. and recruiting school took away my dive school seat but I put my big boy pants on and did what the Marine Corps asked of me and accomplished my mission in true Grunt fashion… truth be told I have resentment from the duty because I lost my school seat to dive so yea I get a bit bent out of shape with Drill Instructors who think they are better than everyone else… Both jobs are demanding but that is off topic. While we were in Advance Course there was the same crap… we Grunts hung together DI’s.. had their own click and so on. I have been taped out for body fat since I was a Sgt. But don’t let my size fool I can run… so on our final PFT. .. I enjoyed passing the Drill Instructors the loud formation running look at me screaming DI’s… I enjoyed passing them on an individual effort PFT… I passed Lovell just beyond the halfway point I recall seeing the back of his head and knowing I was not letting him beat me. I continued and made a point to pass others along the way, a particular Air Force guy… good guy but come on I am a proud Marine Grunt how can I let an Air Force guy beat me right… I ended up with a time of 20:27 not bad for a 37 year old guy. At our professional dinner Lovell was recognized for being a 285 and above PFT’er… it never crossed my mind because I didn’t care but other students who had finished ahead of me asked me what my run time was… then asked if Lovell had beaten me, Lovell never beat me was nearly a minute behind me which would have made it impossible to get a 285 unless your under the 20:30 mark… I remember racing a Air Force E-7 to the finish line at a dead sprint but nowhere was Lovell…

Larry Long - March 20, 2015

Like I said in the Advance Course… that is on him let him fix it if there is a mistake but a handful of students were up in arms and if memory serves me Lovell corrected the error…….

Lovell took over a Battalion from one of the worst SgtMaj MoRON… yes I am referring to you… I have heard good things from 3/2 and not everyone is going to love the SgtMaj…. true or not we all need to evaluate our six before going on point

26. HMLA-367 (88-93) - March 20, 2015

I look forward to seeing more on this.

27. Ken Cadena - March 20, 2015

This guy is an ass kisser at the finest, that’s why he made Sgt Major everyone knows it…..I saw him destroy many young Marines careers for petty shit…..3rd Recon Bn HQ 1st Sgt was his billet….CARMA is a BITCH……

28. errrv - March 20, 2015

Stolen Valor is Disgraceful.
Give em the axe, bust em to E1, dishonorable discharge, and 10 years in the brig. THAT is honorable.

Steven Beck - March 20, 2015

LOL – the punishment must fit the crime. Parade him out in front of the largest assembly he has ever exercised authority over, tar and feather him, then post that on his bio.

29. DevilDeputyDawg - March 20, 2015

You should have contacted him directly of the decrepancies and had him changed them and make him aware they were respectfully possibly not correct. Put this out to everyone for something very trivial is not very “” Semper FI “”

You could have gone about this a lot more tactfully, nobody is perfect and mistakes happen and I wouldn’t put him in the stolen valor category with all these other pond scum who have never even been in the service! This new breed of serviceman is out of control and feel they must investigate everything just to find fault! The bios are usually given by the servicemen and then given to admin and so and its like telling a story and passing it down the line!! At the end it’s not right! Stop this insanity and worry about yourself! I have a feeling you got crossways with a SgtMaj once or more And are vicariously using this SgtMaj to get back at him!

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

He was contacted by others prior to this post. I politely disagree that it was a ‘trivial’ mistake. One does not wear a Gold Star in liu of a 3rd CAR award by accident….certainly a Sgt Major would be expected to have his awards in order…

Steven Beck - March 20, 2015

There are mistakes, and there are character flaws. ANY embellishment is a character flaw. Are we so desperate to receive respect that we stoop to such lows? That’s personal/emotional weakness.

Sam - March 20, 2015

DevilDeputyDawg……”Put this out to everyone for something very trivial is not very Semper Fi”? Semper Fi (Always Faithful) Be faithful to the Corps, The Institution but not to an individual if he lies.

Fro0321 - March 21, 2015

To all who say he should have been addressed directly, well he was. And his response was yet another back peddling rope-a-dope to do his best and not admit fault for anything and claim administration mistakes.

Administration mistakes do not account for wearing an extra star you don’t rate. You know if you rate said award or not. That is simply how it goes for the CAR. Administration gave me two on my SRB when I should have only had 1. But you know what, I didn’t wear that star in my CAR because I KNEW I DIDN’T EARN OR RATE IT.
I had administration change the clerical error, then I earned my second CAR and proudly displayed it.
I know what day I reported to and graduated BRC, I know who the honor grad was, he was not me, I know their is no such thing as “distinguished grads” at BRC. Just like every other proud man of a small specialized team knows what awards are and are not given at said school.
The BS I have personally heard spew from his mouth was astounding, and the level of deceit used to further himself while trampling his men is mind numbing. It is no surprise his higher ups and many peers think he was upstanding, he is a great used car salesman and did a great job of parading himself.

We eat our own, that is how we stay strong.

Chris Mark - March 22, 2015

I should also reply that I am not a ‘new breed of serviceman’. My own service predates the Sgt Major.

30. JLC - March 20, 2015

Can’t say I’m not happy to hear about this. I knew this Marine when I was serving aboard Parris Island and he was definitely not my favorite guy. He voiced an untruthful, embarrassing, and untrue rumor about an officer (who happened to be me) and was frequently in conflict with other Marines as well. I know he rocked 2 stars on his CAR on the Drill Field and I know a lot of people sucked him off as some God unto Scout Snipers, but he never struck me as “one of the good ones”. This is shameful and it warms the cockles of my heart to see he got called out and rightly so!

Joey Lowe - March 24, 2015

I know JLC’s comments to be true. He was wrong for what he did to you and he lost my respect and the respect of a shit load of Marines for that. My cockles are warmed too. Semper Fi.

31. ReC0de - March 20, 2015

I worked under this man, I was his paper pusher. Now give me a medal.

32. CW2 Covellone - March 20, 2015

2 questions about your article….
1: is a SGT. MAJ. Really “the HIGHEST rank in the MILITARY”?
2: doesn’t the USMC have Command SGT. MAJ’S?
Other than that I agree 100%

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

Agreed. I should update that part. thanks for the correction..

josh - March 20, 2015

Wtf no there is not a command sgtmaj in the Marine Corps. Only SgtMaj of the Marine Corps but he is still an e-9. So sgtmaj is the highest enlisted rank.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

Seriously? People who are picking this stuff apart need to get a life..OK..fair enough..there is a command Sgt Major, there is a BN Sgt Major..the RANK of E9 is the highest enlisted RANK in the USMC..Is there position or seniority? Sure..leave it alone man..

DevilDeputyDawg - March 21, 2015

Holy shit! Chris Mark, You made Mistake!?!? Say it isn’t so! You have no dog in this fight anymore! You deliberately gave false information, which we all had read, whether knowingly or unknowningly! Fact is your story has false and/or inaccurate information and now holds no water!

My point is, exactly what we ALL have being saying all along, you and everyone else makes mistakes, oversights and you don’t need to try and make a public forum about it and compare this Marine in a stolen valor category! Have you even read what the laws says is stolen valor and what criteria it takes for prosecution????? Obviously NOT or you wouldn’t have posted such delusional accusations!!

Your a disgrace CHRIS MARK to have worn our uniform!!! You clueless to the meaning of Semper Fidelis !!!

Chris Mark - March 21, 2015

My story was and is accurate. Someone lies about their service and the person who calls them out is the disgrace? Maybe you should not hide behind a pseudonym when you post on forums. I am quite certainly I am more well read on the law than you are. Have a nice day.

Fro0321 - March 21, 2015

No, we do not have command Sgt majors. Bullets differentiate SgtMaj, that is all.

Fro0321 - March 21, 2015

Billets not bullet

33. 1SG Gregory W Ruff (Ret) - March 20, 2015

I was not a Marine, but I was an Army Soldier, and this story does not surprise me at all, and one of the reasons I retired earlier than I planned to… When I was in Iraq in 2005, I was the acting detachment commander for my detachment, we did not have enough officers to go around at the time. My det. was 1 of 5 that fell under a company in Tallil (located in southern Iraq), which fell under a Battalion in Tallil. After 3 months in country, our 1SG was canned for assaulting another enlisted, and I was tasked as the 1SG for the rest of the deployment. I would spend 2 weeks in Tallil doing my 1SG duties, Then travel north and spend a week with my Det. Then travel for a week seeing the other 4 Detachments. At the end of the deployment, I was put in for a Bronze Star…. But all the Bronze Stars allotted for the Battalion went to the Battalion Commander, Battalion CSM, S1, S2, S3, and S4…. All of them NEVER left the gates of Tallil… All the Soldiers in the Detachments who were put in for Bronze Stars received Meritorious Service Medals (equivalent to the Bronze Star, but meant as a peace time medal, where the Bronze Star is for combat zones). All the Soldiers in my company who did the work under fire, did not receive the proper medals, because the Battalion who were to scared to even leave the gates received them all…. Watching things like this for 28 years left a bad enough taste in my mouth I retired and refused to go to The Sergeant Major Academy…. Look at any Full Birds picture before they made General… They may have 5 or 6 ribbons on their chest, then after they make General, they have so many ribbons they go up to their neck. Everyone knows it’s impossible to have earned so many medals in a Soldiers career. I would see so many Full Birds and Generals come into theater, spend 3 months in a cushy office in Tallil, never leaving the gates, just to get a Combat Strip, COB, and another fancy medal…. And people ask me why I refused SGM and retired 2 years before my 30……

34. David R Pine - March 20, 2015

As far as I am concerned, this issue is settled. Sgt Major Lovell’s bio no longer claims the title of Honor Graduate. He made it right, and that is good. It is not my desire to feed the flames of a vindictive internet mob, nor to speculate as to motives for errors, whether they be of judgement or transcription. Thanks to ALL who serve, or have served in the USMC. You have my highest respect.

35. waterborne - March 20, 2015

To the one who said that the OP is Libelous… You are incorrect. If there is sufficient reason to question the words of another and call them out it is free speech. It is only libelous if the accusation has no merit or reasonableness and the other person has no opportunity to defend the accusation. Yes clerks make mistakes BUT I have always heard Marines say how perfect they are and at a SNCO level “mistakes” are unacceptable. This man knows what the bio says and should stand corrected. If he originally claimed his Sniper School honors that belonged to another I have a huge problem with that.

waterborne - March 20, 2015

I forgot to mention that if it is true he could face a Art 32 hearing (grand jury type procedure) he would not be charged with stolen valor because he is active duty.

36. Mike - March 20, 2015

I know this SgtMaj. The issues I’m having is some of the wording on here; therefore I question this so called source. WTF is “promoted to the Battalion Sgt Major”? No former Marine of any sense would word that how it’s worded. No Marine is promoted to “Battalion Sgt Maj”. They may be promoted to “SgtMaj” and receive orders to a Battalion or Squadron, but there is no such thing as promoted to “Battalion Sgt Maj”. So I question the source and who wrote this piece. Plus if it is true, it would be out there for all to see, not just on here.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

I wrote this piece and I am a former Marine. You can read my articles on National Review, Counter Terrorist, SC Magazine and numerous others. You can also listen to my interviews on NPR and NewsMax, as well as other outlets. I am quite sure that people would agree I have ‘sense’. Please forgive the egregious violation of the use of the word ‘promoted’ I am forever sorry. (that is called sarcasm) I provided the sources in the document. Any Marine of any sense can read the damn bio.

Jordan - March 20, 2015

I worked for this guy.

37. SteveF - March 20, 2015

A couple of notes: The original Bio is gone (or not at that link) and as a former 1st Sgt I can assure all concerned that there is no way possible that such claims could be a “typo” or made “accidentally” by ANY senior SNCO. The lies speak for themselves, unfortunately.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

HAHA! I have the original bio. I will update with a new link..thanks for letting me know. Very good comment.

38. Brian - March 20, 2015

I personally think you should leave yourself out of this.. Let the USMC handle the issue.. Stolen valors is theyre concern NOT YOURS! i personally think this whole thing is bs and you trying to get attention from the media.. If hes actually doin these thing i think he deserves dishonorable discharge.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

Brian..umm..I am “the media”…why did the US MC allow his bio to be posted? Media and protest ate hallmarks of out great nation…

39. Joel - March 20, 2015

I hate to say it, but I know plenty of Marines with 3 CARS. Kosovo, Iraq, and Afganistan are the three major AORs. I also have Marines that received one in the Phillipines, so I wouldn’t be so quick to judge based on CARs.

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

There is no judgment based upon the number of CARS any Marine may or may not have. The post was related to the ‘claim’ of 3 CARS when, in fact, that is not true.

40. Thomas a Bowlin jt - March 20, 2015

Maybe he’s related to Brian Williams?!!!

41. matt - March 20, 2015

Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder to me. I’m not sure if this is true, I hope it isnt. I do know this Sgtmaj and would need more than this story posted on the Internet to believe it what so ever!

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

did you read the article? did you read his bio? If you know the Sgt Major then ASK HIM…hell..have him contact me directly if he feels this is inaccurate. “This story” is supported by the Bios posted by the USMC..why would I have a ‘chip on my shoulder’? I don’t know the guy. My only concern is that he was 1) claiming a CAR that he did not earn and 2) was claiming honor grad status from SSBC…the actual honor grad is deceased….

42. jacunn2000 - March 20, 2015

SgtMaj should know about this post by now. I hate to see this, but this Marine needs to put out an explanation. Typographical error is not one.

43. Reed A Michalk - March 20, 2015

I am a HOG as well I spent 11 years in our beloved Corps. I just recently seperated in February. I actually attended ITX with your battalion at the same times past Oct-Nov. i was serving as the Cheif Scout in V3/7. Having had some time to sit down and talk with some of you Marines in the SS Plt, they spoke quite highly of you. I will say I enjoyed every experience I gained from the Corps for I would not be the man I am today, but at the sametime Im glad I left because of the unprofessional dirtbags like you! Signing off now..
Hog for life!!

Ronnie P - March 20, 2015

Well said my brother for life.

44. Marine By Choice - March 20, 2015

Being a Marine from the Vietnam era I know of many, many who NOW state untruthfully they are Vietnam veterans. Many I know were draft dodgers. I recently heard a Vietnam Marine state “Yes, I was a Vietnam veteran before it became popular”.

There have been those who embellish (aka lie) about their awards, promotions, service area, etc since time began. With today’s modern communication devices it is harder to hide those lies.

In my humble opinion he should be reduced in rank and given a less than honorable discharge. But, as the military branches of today are soooooo political, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is glossed over.

Time will tell.
Semper Fi, Brothers and Sisters.

45. Steven Beck - March 20, 2015

I spent roughly 3 years with 2nd Force and we had a few snipers among us, but I don’t recall hearing about PIGs and HOGs.
What are they?

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

PIG is a “professionally instructed gunman”…anyone who is a soldier/Marine NOT a sniper..a HOG is a “hunter of gunmen” Anyone who has graduated from Scout Sniper School. A “Boss HOG” is someone who has been through all 5 schools. (I have only hit 2 of them)

46. Steve-EOD - March 20, 2015

His whole Bio was updated, operations he was “involved” removed he “distinguished” was removed re selected for duty at Camp David Removed, NCO of the Year removed, DI school honor graduate removed, leadership award from peers removed, “hand selected” (as 4th Marines SgtMaj) removed, ALL personal awards removed. Kind of makes you wonder what was real in his bio and what wasn’t. Was the CAR and Sniper Honor Grad the only things he lied about?

Chris Mark - March 20, 2015

Wow..great catch…I guess we will find out…

47. Matt - March 20, 2015

In addition to the updated bio profile. The font on his bio is different now than all the others under the 2nd Marine regiment. Someones trying to quickly do damage control.

48. Allison - March 21, 2015

One comment. At the Sgt Major’s level, someone else writes his bio. And it is quite possibly not a fellow Marine, but could be a civilian (even contractor) who is not very familiar with the Marine Corps. Is it possible the error is due to the fact he did not review/approve his bio before it was posted?

Chris Mark - March 21, 2015

Allison, good point. Two responses I want to make. In the USMC, a Sgt Major is responsible for what goes into his bio and has ultimate approval. If he is allowing his bio to be published without his knowledge..that is a problem. 2nd Point, before this blog post was written, the Sgt Major was specifically asked about his bio. He never identified this as a cause…

DC - March 21, 2015

Nope. You write your own bio, period.

49. Terry - March 21, 2015

Chris Mark I commend you for taking a stance and having the courage to write about this. Based on a few comments, there seems to be an invisible code that some Marines have chosen to follow. Having served honorably for 8 years myself, I prefer honesty over an unwritten code of covering up the dishonesty of a respected Marine.

SgtMaj Lovell embellished his bio. Embellishment is a fictitious addition, as to a factual statement. In other words- he lied.

Was it an error? One embellishment could certainly be an error. Two “embellishments”, one clearly intentional, that is questionable at best.

The revised bio. If the bio could stand on its own merit, the error could have been corrected with a statement issued and that would have been the end. There seems to be more questions regarding the bio at this point.

The most disturbing and saddening part of this embellished bio is concerning the Honor Graduate claim. The Honor Graduate when in fact it was Sgt Aaron Pine. Sgt Pine is one of our Marine brothers who sadly is no longer with us. If there is any unwritten code, it is to PROTECT our brothers memory, certainly not steal the honor of a valiant Marine. Inexcusable.

SgtMaj Lovell embellished items on his bio that are now removed.
As a result of one of the embellishments he took the honor of a valiant Marine who sadly is not here to defend himself. No matter what good deeds he has done, he has tarnished his own legacy.

Semper Fi.

50. Don - March 21, 2015

While your at it you may wanna check out Sergeant Major Everett Gilliam.

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