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US Marine Sgt Major Lovell Relieved after False Claims Verified March 24, 2015

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SgtMajor RelievedIt is both a sad day for the Marine Corps but an important day.  The Marine Times just posted a story stating that “Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Lovell III was removed from his post as the infantry battalion’s sergeant major on Monday due to a loss of confidence, said 1st Lt. Luke Kuper, a spokesman for III Marine Expeditionary Force.”  His claims were first reported on this blog and subsequently investigated by the USMC.  While it is always sad when a distinguished Marine’s career is destroyed, it is an important step for the US Military to take Stolen Valor seriously .  In addition to having falsely claimed a 3rd Combat Action Ribbon and Sniper School Honor Graduate, the USMC also corrected Lovell’s claims of service in Kosovo and with the Israeli Defense Force.


1. Marine Sergeant Major Kenneth Lovell relieved due to false claims : This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here - March 24, 2015

[…] Chris says that the Marine Corps has further corrected Lovell’s records; […]

2. anglia0730 - March 24, 2015

The Truth, most will say hurts,….but my dear God the burden lifted off his shoulders and heart with the Truth is what really counts. Truth comes sometimes with consequences but as in all instances where mistakes are made such this subject….Those making the determination as what the consequences should be needs to look in their mirror before they throw stones.

Thank you…

3. Filipe M. Carmichael - March 24, 2015

It frustrates me when I hear people make false claims of being a Marine Scout Sniper. It’s sickening to learn a SgtMaj made claims about being a Scout Sniper and having earned a 3rd CAR.
I graduated Scout Sniper School in ’93, followed by Urban Sniper School and Reconnaissance & Surveillance School. I deployed with the 11th MEUSOC, STA Plt, 2/5. I participated in Operation Quick Draw/Continue Hope & Distant Runner.
Throughout all of those things, I was not awarded a CAR.
I was never awarded a CAR and I sure in the hell did not even come close to top shooter. I did earn my HOG’s tooth.
I’m proud of my time in and my accomplishments while serving in the Corps and for those reasons, there is no reason to embellish.

That SgtMaj has obviously done more than I have and yet his insecurities got the better of him.
When I meet a SgtMaj, I don’t ask what he’s done or where he’s been. The rank of “SgtMaj” says enough.
What a dirt bag.

matthew - March 21, 2016

he was a scout sniper. only his claim of honor grad was false

Chris Mark - March 21, 2016

He also claimed to have a 3rd Combat Action Ribbon which was proven false. He claim of honor grad was the theft of an honor that belongs to a Marine who has since passed. His being a Scout/Sniper does not excuse his other actions.

4. anglia0730 - March 24, 2015

Always remember, although we may not be happy with others` mistakes, not to point fingers… you have more pointing back at you. I DON’T know this individual… dont need to know him….but my thoughts for those who have to dish out consequences is to remember you have to look at yourself in the mirror before you cast stones….most have dark secrets in those closets…..the majority never come clean……so which are you! I stand and applaud people who make confessions in front of God, Country. And Those that look up to them. It’s takes a lot of heart and courage to make things right….cleanse the soul and mind…..removal for Loss of Confidence was a low blow cheap shot…… This man has given so much to his Country….. just look in that mirror before consequences must be passed. Amen

Markie - March 24, 2015

I have a different attitude- lies are like secrets. For every one lie he has told, there are 10 others that have not come out. Just my opinion, but this does not happen over night. He did not wake up one morning and say “Think I will lie today”.
Integrity and Trust are a vital part of the Marine Corps and THIS is the legacy he is leaving for himself. He tarnished everything good by embellishing his bio and taking the honor grad recognition of Sgt Aaron Pine.
This is not about anyone pointing the finger, this is a fact based article and he has suffered consequences of his actions.
He is an embarrassment to the Marine Corps and himself.

Markie - March 24, 2015

He did not confess to anything that I see here – it clearly states he was confronted and failed to acknowledge or correct his bio and claims.
He deserves to be removed and charges file for loss of confidence. He is a senior ranking Marine and knows better. His “good deeds” will be acknowledged if he is allowed to retire.
Here is another “Good deed” mysteriously removed according to MCT:
“Also removed was Lovell’s claim to have deployed to Kosovo in support of Operation Joint Guardian and to Lebanon in support of the Israeli Defense Forces.”
Time will tell if that part was “embellished” as well.

5. Kristoffer - March 24, 2015

Are you serious Anglia? Every time I point a finger at someone, 3 of my fingers curl up in my hand, not point back at me. Stop defending this trash.

6. Karma - March 25, 2015

I am not surprised.. I had an opportunity to work with this “Leader of Marines” at 2d Tank Battalion prior to his selection to SgtMaj. Falsifying statements and integrity violations were common throughout our assignment. I was unaware of this blog however contacted by SNCOs still receiving legal representation for false statements made during this assignment. Character flaws can only be concealed for soo long.
KARMA -it’s your turn

7. HMLA-367 - March 25, 2015

Anglia; I commend you on your Godly attitude, but Lovell did not come clean; he was caught. Also, one must remember that as a US Marine, Lovell is free to give his heart to Jesus, or whomever he chooses, but his butt belongs to the Corps-and we have rules. If found to be true that he knowingly falsified his records, I hope Lovell is demoted to rank of Pvt, sentenced to brig time, and Dishonorably discharged from my beloved Corps. He will have been shown to be a disgrace to himself, the Corps, and the entire Naval service.

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