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Nicholas Kernechel – Rips teeth from 4 year old Autisic boy’s mouth…. October 3, 2015

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MontgomeryCountyDistrictAttysOfficeI read this today and I wanted to cry and then my blood began to boil.  We continue to hear stories about people preying upon the most vulnerable of our society. Those who are not just children but don’t have the ability to tell the story about how they were injured because they are Autistic.  These people are the most deplorable of all human beings.  Nicholas Kernechel from Pennsylvania actually took a tool and pulled 3 teeth out of a little Autistic boy’s mouth leaving him crying and bleeding.  Do a quick Google search and you will find one example after another of an Autistic child being abused by a teacher, caregiver, or someone else.  Many of these children (including my own son) cannot speak and it is often long after the abuse or negligence before the “real story” is told or proven.  “My son is trying to tell me something and he’s not able to,” Caldwell said. His son does not speak.  It is easy to prey upon these vulnerable kids knowing that they cannot defend themselves or tell the story of how they were hurt.  People who prey on the most vulnerable children are less than sub-humans.  They deserve our absolute contempt and even our hate. They are less than human do not deserve to even live in our society.  Forgive my rant but this hits very close to home….


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