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Nicholas Kernechel – Rips teeth from 4 year old Autisic boy’s mouth…. October 3, 2015

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MontgomeryCountyDistrictAttysOfficeI read this today and I wanted to cry and then my blood began to boil.  We continue to hear stories about people preying upon the most vulnerable of our society. Those who are not just children but don’t have the ability to tell the story about how they were injured because they are Autistic.  These people are the most deplorable of all human beings.  Nicholas Kernechel from Pennsylvania actually took a tool and pulled 3 teeth out of a little Autistic boy’s mouth leaving him crying and bleeding.  Do a quick Google search and you will find one example after another of an Autistic child being abused by a teacher, caregiver, or someone else.  Many of these children (including my own son) cannot speak and it is often long after the abuse or negligence before the “real story” is told or proven.  “My son is trying to tell me something and he’s not able to,” Caldwell said. His son does not speak.  It is easy to prey upon these vulnerable kids knowing that they cannot defend themselves or tell the story of how they were hurt.  People who prey on the most vulnerable children are less than sub-humans.  They deserve our absolute contempt and even our hate. They are less than human do not deserve to even live in our society.  Forgive my rant but this hits very close to home….

Ideas to Help Autistic Kids Who Wander- For Caregivers August 4, 2015

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LocatorI read this morning about another beautiful little boy who had drowned after wandering (called Elopement in the Autism community) away from his grandparents house and drowning. As the parent of an awesome little Autistic boy I am heartbroken for the family and realize just how easily this can happen to families.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of little Sidney Heidrick.

Below are some quick stats on Autistic kids and elopement.

  • Roughly half, or 48%, of children with an ASD attempt to elope from a safe environment, a rate nearly four times higher than their unaffected siblings
  • In 2009, 2010, and 2011, accidental drowning accounted for 91% total U.S. deaths reported in children with an ASD ages 14 and younger subsequent to wandering/elopement.
  • More than one third of ASD children who wander/elope are never or rarely able to communicate their name, address, or phone number
  • Two in three parents of elopers reported their missing children had a “close call” with a traffic injury
    32% of parents reported a “close call” with a possible drowning
  • Wandering was ranked among the most stressful ASD behaviors by 58% of parents of elopers
    62% of families of children who elope were prevented from attending/enjoying activities outside the home due to fear of wandering
  • 40% of parents had suffered sleep disruption due to fear of elopement

While not the answer to every situation, Heather and I have explored a number of technologies.  If you are the care taker of an Autistic child, These may help..(We are not in any way associated with the products.  I don’t want anyone to think I am promoting these for any other reason than to help save lives..)

  • AngelSense GPS Tracker for kids.  We own one.  It is very valuable.  It has a ton of functionality and will alert you via email when the child leaves a certain area (that you define).  Absolutely worth looking at…
  • PetLoc8Tor  Not a GPS but works like the old school James Bond type locators.  It beeps and shows lights as you get closer.  Designed for pets but the actual ‘beacon’ is tiny and can be attached to a belt loop, pocket etc.  $99 and very effective out to 400 yards and works indoors.  I have tested in a large supermarket and it works well!  Just another tool that we use.

It breaks my heart to see these little guys and girls wander and get hurt.  Please pass this on if you think it could be of any value to a family with an Autistic child.

Children with ASD are eight times more likely to elope between the ages of 7 and 10 than their typically-developing siblings

Protected: M*** M*** – Where is your Child Care License in 2014? March 6, 2014

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5th Grade “Teacher” Nicole Mcvey Teases Autistic Boy Stuck in Chair February 26, 2014

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AutisticTeasedAs the parent of an Autistic child this story makes me angry beyond description.  A 5th Grade “Teacher” (Nicole Mcvey) and “principal” (now former principal) Michael Ellis, at Oaktree Elementary School in Goodrich, Michigan RECORDED Themselves teasing an Autistic 10 year old boy who got stuck in a chair.  They did NOT try to help and the principal asked the child if he wanted to be “tasered”?    Shamefully, community members came to the board of education meeting to speak in support of the teacher..Really?  I guess she only hurt and taunted one child so that is OK?  Not only did they record over 10 minutes of video of this child trapped in the chair and being teased, they shared it with faculty and friends.

I would like to invite Mr. Michael Ellis to contact me about being ‘tasered’.  I will gladly go into a room with him and his ‘taser’ if I can record what happens and distribute.  I suspect he doesn’t have much interest in my own offer because I can tell you he will think it is a hell of a lot less funny than what happened to that poor child.

Here is the school’s address and phone number.  You can contact the current principal Mr. Jason Wilcox and explain your feelings jwilcox@goodrichschools.org  Given the format of their email, you can likely contact Ms. Mcvey: nmcvey@goodrichschools.org.

7500 S. Gale Rd.
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Attendance: (810) 591-5252
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